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Gamma Rays 


Time is going by pretty quick. I feel like currently ; presently that something is going on where there's a shift in time. I believe in life time and slow way down on us or speed up depending on currents in time. It reminds me of timing ; it's just that time is all. And / or about astrology connections. The heavens in bodily movements are attached to earth via the moon to the waves at sea. Currents ; elemental forces. 


That said, I will now discuss with you my ideas about gamma rays from my spiritual mediumship background training. Due to the fact that I have always had an unusual connection to life interdimensionally it has created a living hellish nightmare for my very life in an industrialized nation. A Nation that demands you are social equiped for labor from background education training and religious domineering customs that keep all races of people to focus on ethics.


And to think from the churches about modern lifestyles to keep up with the joneses sort of say. Well, I have supernatural spiritual gifts of sight and sound and I am trained about being a spirit guide while alive. I astral project out just like a ghost and I see the future and have been documented prophetically about what I saw and experienced going out of my  body. That's work to me, training.


I recognize gamma rays attached to a message spirit brought to me back during a two - year span in Pueblo, Colorado, USA. I had astral traveled there sometime ahead some odd years to a location from going out of my body. I managed to go through a portal through the sky on a meridian line and traveled to Colorado land location where Mountain View Cemetery is located. 


Once there I was walking towards Safeway where Mountain View Cemetery is and I was heading on through the gate at the cemetery thinking I'd have a great time scary people. Well for whatever reason that was what I remembered. I'm not sure what I thought I was doing really. I waken like it's a dream. Somehow someone brought me through to that land location. It might have been a diseased young man I found out about and tracked him. I don't have proof he was buried at that location but history is so thick in knowledge connected to that grave yard and land location.


I have been known to surprise spirits at times that get surprised to see me. Anyhow, I had suddenly moved to a new land location in a new state where I had never been before physical. Not in this lifetime. I had a de'ja'vu experience. I had been there before! And I was astral traveling. 


Once settled in a spirit that I have recognized traveling in a sheet of light from darkness containing all the spectrum of colors within that black sheet  of light energy field. He stepped  through the wall and spoke directly to my mind from that black sheet like wall aura. The spirit told me " Do not open the door when someone knocks". The next morning I found out it was because of a sinile old land mentally deranged carry a cane on her shoulder to strike at people. Or spray them with Bleach cleaner. I was knew there. I had no idea that particular person was really dangerous and needed to be placed in a nursing home. Spirit warned me.


I believe the spirit is Prophet Muhammad. The same Spirit that has been coming to me since 1996 with many others. That's just my own belief over the messages always coming from that particular spirit from get-go.


I mean I can't think of any other spirit other than the one that spoke about another land and time and that you are suppose to get down and pray on your knees and I saw a vision from that spirit about all these people bowing down from another time. Some other land location. I had no idea it was a religion called Islam at the time. The spirit was telling me how to pray.


I had gained incredible psychic abilities at that time too. It took three long hard years getting psychic abilities information downloaded in me to a level very difficult to cope with ongoing. And no one could help. No one could understand. They were harmful about it more than not overall. Prejudice discriminating and racist even type of troubles would surface. Disagreements over religious viewpoints sent me to burn in hell physical by the lot of the others. Therefore angels and all have come to guide me properly for my life mission.


That same incredible Spirit that has come to me since the late 90s and throughout my life since then... I believe that spirit is Prophet Muhammad over that Islam message. I have lots of Spirit Friends from heaven and inbetween worlds and so forth that have supernatural  powers to physically even operate to do something. Mostly I learn from them quite a lot from those in the spirit world and throughout dimensions in time and space.


I believe it is Prophet Muhammad whom I've seen before by traveling on a target to him for a client that paid me for a reading. I spoke to the man packing down a camel to head to a cliff era and another location to meet with peers for debates. He was like a scientist type of explorer regularly in thoughts about life on the lands in currents ... those layers. With rode, stick in hand to check water currents. Water depth within caves perhaps.


Anyhow that man I was like a spirit guide viewing Prophet Muhammad on a target for an astral travel ; bilocation ; time travel type of viewing. I am a spirit guide viewing. I spoke to the man getting reading before daylight what that scent was on him. I could smell a strong fragrance even as the spirit watching witnessing him in his time. I spoke to the man's unconsious mind to the conscious thereof. He said, "Myrrh. It's Myrrh."


I knew with all my heart, soul and mind I had met Prophet Muhammad by traveling back in time when he was leaving out one morning before sunrise strapping down a camel while wearing a thick type camel coat. I am a spirit also while I am alive. I have ten-senses accesses. I asked him what that fragrance was on him and he told me. I had never heard of such a word.


I learned quite a lot in that short time viewintg my target person to hunt after to track from the ether. I go out on targets. I can track a ghost even. I do that astrally out of body and I have the developed advanced heightened extended senses with astral body recocognition and training to come out of my body to go see things. I do that through time and space changes.


I believe I went and checked on Prophet Muhammad back in time. I also believe he is with me guiding me with many others so I can carry out my life path work as was requested. That's from the Heaven's on the life path mission quest. Anyhow, this man I know that comes to see me through time that told me about a religion I thought was exstinct. He described Islam and showed me in a vision Islamic people praying at mosque time.


The spirit that came to me when I was going through some of the worst luck imaginable. After Barach Obama became USA President. The worst fricken hell unleashed on the streets and our personal lives kicked up a storm in attacks against poverty on the land. I was tossed out to go live under a bridge for my new life role. Band from most resources to be harmed to death on the streets. Well, bumping around from here to there while going deeper in debt to survive I found Prophet Muhammad there telling me pretty things after warning me of danger.


The Spirit said to me one day "You are my Myrtle." And then I learned that was the name of so many beautiful violet bush flower plants everywhere in Pueblo where I journed forth and back around. Spirit is my great teacher and where Spirit is are many spirit guides that come to help as well. I recognize negative and positive in life. I recognize angels come and others when you have been gravely harmed to death. I recognize I have had many guides help me survive this world.


Unfortunately, I ended up going through advanced traiing after that Spirit I believe was Prophet Muhammad showed back up and was instructing me by telling me what NOT to do and that was to not open the door when someone came to the door wanting me to open it and that's did transpire pretty quickly on target of accuracy.


The lady next door that was a senior citizen when I first met her the first few times she was as sweet as ever to me like she'd be my new bestfriend. Her son met me and was very surprise his mother would be kind to me. He claimed her to be someone unlike the person I met. Well, that's why Prophet Muhammad warned me one night as he walked directly through my wall about what not to do. I tried to listen and obey the instructions as best as I could. But it was the Old nice lady from next door, you see. So I ended up eventually opening that door to her to see how dangerous her character in derrangements had became.


She was a threatening in assaults at people physically. That explains why Prophet Muhammad didn't want me answering the door even to the senior citizen lady. Well the instructions were not to open the door. After the lady kept coming to my door eventually I opened it to met her cane on her shoulder type of new role of a person that seemed threatening. I declined her invititations to go he salad with her. I later saw her knocking on doors with a bleach spray body trying to get at people to spray them. I thought that old woman is possessed.


After that Spirit that always seems to be Prophet Muhammad came to protect me in Colorado, city of South Pueblo. He said I was his Myrtle. Before that several months went by before I wanted to know what that pretty flowering bush with the lovely fragrance was and it turned out to be the name the Spirit gave me about the devotion to me in care from an Advanced Protective Spirit.


And then came when Spirit said, "You are my Tabernackle." Soon afterwards I started going out on radar detecting futuristic happenings on the lands where I was located. As well as I felt I was underwater since I got to Pubelo Colorado, USA. I felt half of me in perception was underwater. That I was at a location that was underwater. I researched and found out yes that area was all tropical waters before.


I was having a horrible time trying to just be in this dimension consciously. As well as I'd see spirits and have advanced spirits come speak to me. The Spirit said to me "You are my Tabernackle." I didn't even know what that was. I went through tons of hellish psychic perceptions knowing horrible things going on as well as immediately detecting important precognition ; future experiences beforehand.


I was at a location where I moved too that had fliers of missing people up all over the neighborhoods close to home I traveled down to go to the shopping area on foot to make sure my child and I had supplies. I would go alone and out there were lots of missing people posters all about. And here I was walking alone. Forced to over a corupt legality system governing over with people that are insane predators over our lives to destroy our country customs culture. Barach Obama was the plague I knew about ahead of time. And there he was destroying the country every which way he could. I felt it. I had to try to live through his mass murder of our people reign.  A horrible man ruined my life so easily. That thug man was the USA president Barach Obama. He was good for murdering off our people. And so Spirits came to protect me ahead of time over mobster thug murderers like Bararch Obama.


I am the Tabernackle and people are so insanely stupid about what to do with the Tabernackle. They used the laws to harm me when my mind was going through incredible psychic abilities spiritual mediumship visions prophetically the laws threw the law book at me when I was going through supernatural training. It's not mental illness. I am the real deal. I have to live through the worst crimes done to me through your government ignorant creeps that use the laws to enslave and abuse us to cages for their profits.


They don't know how to treat someone like me. They abuse me for being in poverty always ; punishing me ; hurting me ; breaking laws to harm me ; labeling me inaccurately ; wrong diagnoses and on and on the brutality of their abuses against someone life path mission and psyche spiritually supernaturally. It's a curse to be alive to be preyed on by law predators. Preyed on by others out to harm anyone they can for fun even and get paid to do it.


People have done incredible damage to my life over me having spiritual gifts. They want to abuse me for their fun thrills instead of me being a spiritually gifted person. They want to abuse my poverty to whore me out in the country. Uh- huh. Where's your employment gains?!


I believe I am the tabernackle and that is a connection to gamma rays for sure. Do you wanna test me?? They left me at a land location where I could here a father raping his son at night. I heard the youth saying to his friend one day while they sat outside and I had my living room window open. I heard the boy say to his friend. It's like packing fudge what my dad does to me. And sometimes at night after the bars closed there was that father of a handful of kids going into his son's room at night. I could hear the boy yell out about it all. All the neighbors could hear. It was a bad neighborhood.


That's not the only time the courts of laws forced me down to live through hell over their corruption in ruling over my life. So insane of them. Anyways they'd harm me for being in poverty giving me worst crime labels than they should of. They never took into consideration anything about my immediate terror trauma life perils while having psychic abilities and being homeless in a dangerous way. No they fed off that as weaknesses to abuse me in worst labels to shackle their slave for life.


They preyed on me when I was in the worst predicaments of my life through a court of laws. So insane. Nothing I said meant a damn thing. I didn't have any money and I was labeled a retard in poverty with nothing. So  they harmed me real good for show ongoing. Everytime I went through hell the laws would use it against me to hammer down upon me ten times worst fate for having been going through that type of trouble in the first place type of attitude. I was always suppose to be in the wrong. A disabled person going through psychic abilities surges. My mind was already too occupied with transmissions of signals to comprehend on another level for my spiritual work. And here these people in this time want to abuse me for being abused and they want to use the laws to really fuck up our shit too.


I'll probably be shooting off gamma rays from my body afterdeath. All over you insane stupid fucken people ruined my life always. You spiritually wicked evil predators. You used the laws to abuse me so much more over I was in poverty already hurting. You used documents to prey on those weakened lots of folks that usually don't have anyway of defending themselves from you sickos operating above the laws to create spiritual warfare crimes.




I want you to understand I am also connected to Gamma Rays through the very work I do while alive. Now try to figure that one out with a living body connected to spiritual mediumship and psychic abilities senses extended out. 


One thing is for certain and that is your current timeline scientist seem to be figuring out ways just to destroy to remake life. Do you want to pay others to ruin life and knowledge to recreate it for robots not you living life forms? If you are paid by the country to be this or that are you really helping murder off life from earth for machines in the air to rise faster? That's murdering off life factors. I recognize a system that harms to death the living more than not to topple them over being nothing more than animals to herd together to run to death on the extractions use until they are butchered to death violently even.




Rethink your superior roles, please. Thank -you.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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