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Hate Crimes


In recognition of truth facts that can be viewed in a broad picture with many sub-branches to navigate through we recognize words attached to such matters and circumstances, comparisons, resources, opportunities, health, welfare, mental, emotional, and physical concerns in environments about such subject matters. 


We view acts of jealousy and competition, revenge, lust, greed, control issues and how that all sprouts up in life to be created within a system governing over through laws and facilities ; corporations and companies all controlling in buildings space to assist you not to cross the lines to be as that. You have the mental health department and the police forces and lawyers and judges to keep control over people if negative events get to far out of control.


In every city there is education facilities, mental health departments, religious centers ; support groups and yet you still have a major issue that gets out of hand. The peace officers and the mental health support workers still don't cut it to make the world a better place on the job in their roles. Even if they go to your home it is to ease the situation and they have probably high hopes of arresting someone for browniepoints on gains perhaps for their system. It's a heartless world when you are just on the job dealing with conflict 24/7.


Whose in charge really? Whose really guiding and showing and assisting others to safety and propercare and consideration in environments that are overrun by government support buildings and other commoners businesses to help you be in a building to support you and yet that still doesn't work. 


It's the system that was created that is heartless without compassion and consideration for life in environments. It's a bad system that overruns the world and gives you a building to go to in order to solve all your problems, government arranged mostly. That's all your sponsored, paid into resources going to create your world and you in it.


A coldhearted world of people is all figures and money monopoly games.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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