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It appears that because I had a sixth -sense connected to spirit guides and psychic abilities on a spiritual level I have had to go through various training on my own to figure it all out. All while not doing so well succeeding at my greater ambitions socially for a successful outcome due to the great division of what is allowed to prosper that is acceptable to the others mainstream. I find an incredible elimination hazardous against my life work and that is very concerning to me.


Since 1996 I received an incredible download ongoing of psychic abilities connections to advanced entities coming on through from various timeline periods preparing me for something else that was to occur on the lands. All along for all those years up until current position I have been advancing with my psychic abilities to combat a disability while always seeking to succeed on all levels. For whatever reasons they have for terrorizing and detroying through mockery humilation, terrorism and crimes against me as a person for even speaking as I do is a disgrace about intelligence and unfairness discrimination at the highest level.


No one from the churches were able to properly help me. If I spoke my truth about any of my experiences to ask for questions I was eliminated by negative people discriminating for whatever reason. As soon as I started talking about a spiritual phenomenon I was happening the discrimination that would drive me away would service.


I was marginalized for speaking about angels and a Prophet Muhammad that came to tell me things. Everything about anything I said that would have helped in a healing way or to ask for help for the spiritual supernatural situations I was experienced was mocked as a human possession. Or discriminated against on another level. They had no knowledge about the level of subject matter I was truly working on that was real and not just an evil woman doing evil things with socery as they betrayed it at best. A  human possession to disgrace in a social setting was emotionally crippling to me. I was turned away and always told not to listen to those devil spirits. That they really aren't who they say they are. That was confusing to my training and spiritual background out of body connections with advanced senses.


 They were WRONG. And threatening by not having the correct proper information for this century. They are going by information and thoughts and a manuscripts even from torn pages from various books with no proof of author added to their Bible. It's a shame that Abraham religion isn't coming up to date for this time period properly to fulfil the teachings instructions for this timeline prophetically to interpret throughout time all about everything from a viewpoint as I have. And those that came before me have spoken to the world of people about what was to come in the vision ahead of time. They had to interpret the visions, the spiritual gifts connected to the prophetic speakers. Whomever they are wherever they are throughout time there is always important spiritual messengers that surface. Especially during or before war.


I spent my whole life being discriminated on one level or another. Or being marginalized or betrayed wrongfully in character over misunderstandings due to my psychic abilities work I do that is apart of my very being consciously, unconsciously, superconsciously and with advanced senses extended out to perceive my world to interpret it logically, realistically in consideration of realism factors to display to learn from. Development and advancements are always a wonderful situation if confirmed to be proven. That's the time of weaving in I do about the information.


I had to spend my whole life trying to figure out all the supernatural ; paranormal connections to my own life and mind. To my own psyche physically in operation as well as spiritually with connections related to seeing and knowing a lot of things that others cannot comprehend enough to perceive to learn to help others properly. It seems like a crime out there in the place of people like me. A switch. The liars and cheats acting as though they are someone like me rise-up higher to gain a fortune by deceiving others pretending to be someone like me. Gaining it all and then saying O yeah it was all fake after taking the fortune and breaking the hearts by deception of evil disgraces done  spiritually in this world going on. Wicked people. Cheaters, robbers, wounders.


Lying and harming and taking by pretend measures of manipulation that harm others to get over on them through acting roles by wanting to outsmart people to gain off them. Impostors seem to be prospering while setting up legal traps to snare people like me up to disgrace as early on in life as possible to destroy the real deal seems to be going on.


From 1996 to 2000 I was having tons of psychic abilities surges. The visions were the hardest. I felt extracted from my spiritual body and taken up on a hovercraft above in the sky that was cloaked. I felt that another species more advanced was working with my spirit body for me to consciously recognize the assistance wtih the recognition of the training skills I was to acquire.


I had already been trained to be like a psychic detective back in 1994 after my first born child came to me scared about an angel lady appearing that was in blue before him in his bedroom. And a ghost with no face but light looking in the window at him. He was frightened. I  ended confirming that spirits were coming around. Increases of activity. I would sleep and be drown out of my body by dead spirits I would meet that would take me to a location where they died. They'd even tell me things. I was being trained like a psychic detective working inbetween worlds about homicide cases. 


I thought it odd that in my sleeping time I was going out of my body working with the dead. And also clairvoyantly seeing them at times appear whether they were a residual haunting or intelligent haunting I'd see both all the same. I had to learn the difference from residual haunting to intelligent haunting.


I was prepared for the advancements spiritually with psychic abilities somewhat through learning how to interpret what was going on. As well as recognizing a really strange situation that was going on about my vision, daydreams seem to get hijacked and ghosts and scary things would occur.


I'd be the last person to discriminate against a spirit transluciently coming to me to inform me of something important I must understand to recognize for consideration. I'm not the type of person to betray the spirit world operations while I am alive for a religion of confusion to rise in its place. I am connected psychically, spiritually to the work I do. It's unforunate the insane abuse of discrimination elimination over a system that has taught others since Jesus Christ's and Rome was conquered to rise up a new idea to overrun and overthrow empires on the earth by presenting the Bible. Abraham religion to create laws and ideas of leadership to overthrow tribes worldwide.


That's about the horrific abuse to the tribes by another operation related to a military with their religion overthrowing lands to legally control to remake people or sacrifice them to death. History teaches all about the warfare genocides we need not forget.


Problem from a ton of abuse I gained so much spiritually. No one could help me properly with my psychic abilities from the governing religious establishments. I would eventually learn that money and a president spoke through the minister to the club of people. The gathering of people to go on trips together. To go on outings together. People with money to respect together. Others that were struggling seemed to be created the specticle sinners just for being in poverty or needing some spiritual information personally for them. There seems to be a system that has truly lost the way.


 I'm sorry to say but that's how it appears in this world. Physically we see in our world what is occuring. Lots of lack of love situations. Abuses, bullying down people to control them for whatever reason even through the laws or other misfortunes that leads to even law troubles for those struggling to survive. There seems to be a deliberate harm to those inaquate setup to fail on puropse through a great divide that creates media slogon campaigns to do more damage to people's lives racistly discriminating.


I tried to normalize myself to get a regular job to provide for me and anothers but so much psychic trauma and a situation where my housing rights for me financially weren't working well to support myself single with children. It was the politics going on. Send mama to work to labor in a workforce group training method. And send the children off to the daycares to take care of them was the political laws push movement. I was having trouble adapting to psychic abilities visions and teaching experiences that went supernatural. No one was there to help me. No one seemed to have the answers or skills nor knowledge nor nothing to be respect and considerate about my life and my situation and circumstances. 


They did a complete rejection discrimination to the point of mocking, hunting, terrorizing and committing crimes against me through the laws. As though I was just a stupid person to make fun of to abuse and use through the laws to get away with abusing by breaking laws to harm that person away or to death or to the prison system. Abuse and a system that arm robs you for money seemed to rise up as the laws that physcially tortured me in my mind by what they were doing in constant wrongful ongoing attacks of my character and life while my mind was compromised.


It's been so much hell to be alive. I could bearly manage for three years constantly going the paranormal ; supernatural experiences on all levels imaginable. It was complicated. No one understood what I was going through. I started reading the bible and that would create more visions.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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