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Heaven's Guidance

A True Supernatural Story.


Back in 1999 after three - years long endurance of ongoing audacious struggle  to manage with a psychic abilities surge that I had experienced after many advanced spirits came to enhance my etheric astral awareness work in mind powers to assist me with the psychic, spiritual mediumship, prophetic work I was meant to do at given times while alive. The great awakening was like seeing anew for the first time. As though a screen ; a veil had been lifted from my eyes that enabled me to clear-see like never before.


I was going through some sort of advanced taining with psychic abilities over psychic trauma events that helped trigger it at the right time in life where the Spirits came through to guide and instruct me to understand consciously in-between worlds intelligent haunting events and messages in order for me to prophesy and to report important events back to others related to spiritual work related to the supernatural.


Since the age of five-years -old I have recalled stepping outside of my body astrally and then laying back in the body to rest and get up in this dimension. I am aware all my life about spirit guides and those connections to our world. I was able to astral travel to heaven to try to find out the past in order to change the future. On my return I was given advanced technology informaiton that was light years ahead of time on certain levels and others they showed me advanced technology we would have and said that everything would be okay. They couldn't let me have hold of all the future information because of Heavenly Spiritual incarnated charts that must be carried out that couldn't be allowed to be changed if access codes to that system was revealed. It was like a system like that.


In detail I astral traveled to a place that was the target of heaven. I found myself in a room with some others aligned to the same sort of concerns in a small cluster of people sitting in a room with an instructor guiding about a screen for us to understand our life positions. I wasn't pleased at what material I was uncovering. Afterall my plans were a direct access to Heaven in order to predict the future so I could see ahead to safeguard my life and others by knowing ahead of time what was to come in advance.


Due to the fact that since I was five-years-old I was departed from my physical body on a threat physically that appeared about removal of tonsils. I stepped out of my body to walk around the table to view what that surgeon was doing to my physical body.


I saw something being removed from in my throat. A clap took down my tonsils and the surgeon disgarded the material in the wastebasket under the surgeon's table with tools. I stood there before that man operating on that child as I to observe what was physically occuring to my phyiscal body.


Before this time and during it my mama at somepoint in her life wrote a poem about me that I was a wild Indian child. I would even escape and be instructed how to be free-er since age four. Due to my spirit guides and my desire to explore to reach further past boundaries I'd be attacked physically since age four.


It isn't necessary to go into the description of escaping. A child that is of another kind is a difficult subject matter to navigate through and by if there's no anchor to release to anchor something down. However life playsout so be it. I have a fantastic story to tell you about my trip to Heaven enforced by my sheer spiritual power to conquer.


I decidedin 1999 I had the spiritual power from tons of sacrifice and gains on abilities that I could travel to heaven to find out the future since I was stunned in poverty with no way out on my spiritual quest to ignite a religion of a higher path of consciousness related to a sixth-sense and extended. That relates back throughout time to occuracy in spiritual callings supernaturally in order.


I was a runaway child at five-years-old and  I would have terrorized my mom at a younger year to escape. It all depends on how it was perceived to occur. I do remember my mother offering me the right to venture off to a market at four-years-old that was just on a corner strip outskirt from where we lived on a busy street. Just thinking about crossing the street was a problematic mindset for me at four-years-old. I had spirit guides checking in on me that I recall at four-years-old and five-years-old.


The problem with me was that I had a higherpower working with me with clairvoyance and spiritual mediumship as young as four-years-old. My personality was authority and judgmental, exploration was my quest. When we moved to the ranchhouse I escaped from a woman's domination in the house by here always setting me free to explore.  But mostly due to my mother playing a game with me in cubbards built into a living room that had no walls to separate them from. My mother was in a living room area that had built in cubbards along the wall with my toddler brother that ahe was playing with him allowing him to crawl through a couple.  When I got in theer I crawled all the way through to the last sixth type of cubbard location and back. It was fun. But then I noticed my mother had blocked the doors to the cubbard and wouldn't let me through at all. I became very fearful over the grave and my recall about a coffin and death and being trappped in a coffin grave. 


After that I had the message she chose the male child to be around during the day alone without my interference or else she'd harm me like she did trapping me like if I was in my grave. I was my own soul and that lady was governing over my life. I recognized her as a lady that had married a man and had taken her three daughters to with her when she wedded a man to have a chosen son. I was four-years-older than the fourth child that was the honorable male child finally born. I was born from a mountain man outlaw that was a disgrace to behold over prior lifestyle methods of free hunting, fishing and gains off the lands that was outlawed. Removal of gains in resources came to my life early on.


I am a spirit born from another spirit. My biological father that was a mountain man trained to survive in harsh winters as in the ol' ways of the wild west had no more regular job gains to provide for his family. Not even from the fishing and hunting and explorering over constant harm to enforce an outlaw role on those that were set free.


Before I was born my father had a female child out of wedlock from his bestfriend's girlfriend when his bestfriend had to travel away to another country to work for the military. It was mountain stalk men. the man  asked my father to take care of his wife at the time ; while he was away serving in the war for the USA army. My father did more than that he impregnated her and had a daugher they named Kimberly.


My father and his family had a history of supernatural exploration in levitation and in other area naturally. When his first daughter named Kimberly died at 14 years -old in a sledding accident in the mountains as she was sliding down the cliffside of that mountain. As my father was below she died. And afterwards sometime I was born and he named me Kimberly after her. In my twenties spirit sent me back to my father and mother to relearn life lessons at the roots. My father told me "You and her are one in the same." He recognized me all along as being reborn again as that Kimberly literally to haunt his life all over again.


It was due to complications of many I was born again and again throughout time on earth. I kept reincarnating over and over and over again since the beginning of time and some people were aware of it. Life Nikola Tesla or Prophet Muhammad seeing the angel and the ET powers above in advanced ongoing technology. I also had very similiar life experiences to their messages.





Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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