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A Cursed Role


Due to a unsupportive illogically constructed system that hasn't a clue about the true methods to leave the body astrally for how that is to be. They use five -senses with inadequacies medically even to deciphere from their superior roles in education degrees to dominate over the Branches of Sciences in order to have a lovely lifestyle to be honored in a group of supporters and encourages to continue on with advanced accesses to a protected, safe, luxury and easy flowing lifestyle that shelters and gives you everything to satisfy your needs. Controlled through laws.


I've been ignored, shunned, isolated, segregated and cast in lots to be criminalized over physically being kept away from a regular society system over no accesses properly to honor someone like myself that has knowledge that would change the Branches of Sciences completely over the prophetic and very accurage information if not tampered with to deceive to control over. We recognize the Great Division for sure. And all the deaths from murders that has decided the Witch must Die to be tortured and criminalizd. That goes back to Jesus Christ and all the others that died like Joan of Arc for having spiritual supernatural mediumship psychic abilities mindsets ; mind powers.


For ten -years day and night around the clock ongoing I kept preaching and teaching always just to be treated like my psychic abilities was a true curse to shun me away created back a deceitful system to withhold knowledge and gains from others in a Great Division created to mock down others knowledge in warfare attacks competively to destroy family trees that aren't approved of by some warlords that own the laws and the lands to dominate over all of life and minds alike. They have all the funds and available accesses to gain and take and control physically anything they want. Now we look at Jesus Christ role as a Supernatural powerful force to recognize He was alive once born they say in a barn to die a death of torture through laws to eliminate his data to control to rule over it to gain for a kingdom to use as their own physical war weapon to conquer all of life on earth.


In this era they say psychic trauma is a mental disorder and they take those two words and put together to mock down to disgrace in a negative elimination tactic to be rid of competition arising from tribal religions surfacing that aren't attached to Abraham religion customs allowed legally. So those that really have the supernatural spiritual gifts live a cursed life over others in that timeline legally preying and hunting after them to disrupt and destroy their lives to remove that system competively to dishonor it. That goes back to you are a Witch for being different. And laws that go after that which to destroy physically legally.


We recognize a system that has always betrayed and protrayed a witch in a broad use word term. When in fact a Witch ; witches to be a real original witch or wizard is about their religion supernaturally and beliefs. I honor everyones religions due to the supernatural. That doesn't mean I am one with that religion as that. I am not a witch. A witch must be apart of that group : Witch Coven realistically  practically physically in order to be a real life witch you are apart of that mindset and rituals whether you use that religion for good or bad in psychic attacks going out from your created manifested attacks upon others. Anyone can produce psychic attack through thought praying. Praying is about your Thoughts.


They wanted me to think of myself and my life role as a 'Dumbass' person that can't talk, spell or read or do anything correctly to achieve. That's a cursed life for someone with mind powers to prophesy for a living naturally that is knowledgable about supernatural technology. Ignoring me reduces life on earth in safety measures over I am knowledgable at a level that can be very blessing and healing for others to receive the information from me they need. And from others from other religions that are dominated over my some sort of supernatural qualities in powers. We can agree with that. The cursed role is when you are harmed and destroyed ; mocked and cage as a criminal for having such fantastic mind powers others want to abuse out of you.


By cursing you in thoughts of mind and legal physical harm to literally go after you to destroy you to curse you like they did to the Beloved Jesus Christ and Saints alike that had supernatural powers. As well as many others that were born that came to help heal and guide a world to freedom to properly be in the garden of paradise heaven on earth in qualities. But no others wanted to do curses and hate attacks to dominate over the whole world through assaults legally that was also warfare terrorism destruction crimes.


Cursing the life role through hate attacks dominates by marginalizing that persons life to wait and prey on them for evenmore gains to surface by controlling that system data information as their own. It's like murdering you off to steal your hat to wear for show.


I want to say something important here because of the legal control of the minds with their degrees about intelligence information to release to the public to benefit and to be honored from revealing. Awarded a great life and honor and funds to those people that are in serious error of truth due to a controlled and murdererous system that wants to curse the life of the person connected to true life supernatural life changing prophetic advanced healing knowledge even to share. We have a problem about reports release for profit gains and honor that is incorrect information.


Let me tell you that when you die that is not something a doctor or specialist investigating as a metaphysic expert or any other paranormal investigator expert ; nor your scientist mental qualifications are able to access past to understand advanced senses properly. The thing is when you die you can go directly out of body to another dimension. You go out of your body equals you are accessing another dimension of laws. You see, you hear, you know.


There's no way you can trap a spirit into a physical dimension to read something for you necessarily. It's absurds to think that when someone dies and comes back to life  ; or anyone else living their body to be in a controlled setting to determine proof of the spirit world and astral phenomenon. You are trying to control the supernatural that way be disclaiming astral travel ; out of body ; afterdeath doesn't really exist because your experiment to have someone see and read something on the wall up very high is suppose to comeback into their body to report to you about what image that is. That's insane control methods that aren't realistic you people are doing.


Everything changes when you step outside your body. The whole dimension and your astral spirit body is under another set of functioning laws about the advanced senses are finally in control. Legally in your customs cursing at me was the psychic attacks that manifested in a mob group that decided to mock my role in undercover surviellence to hunt me down to target me to spy on me to try to trap me in some crime to enforce another life for me to pay them by and through. I recognize you people have been harming to death in curses you manifest against people like me that should be respected and honored in the role displained that was birthright given with training development to properly explain so much information to you all about the Supernatural and Spirit World and Psychic Abilities, etc..

Prophet Moses isn't planning on people cursing the messengers to win to conquer to dominate over them. No, Prophet Moses gets angry and sets up plagues to teach you don't harm the spiritual powers system that is given to you from the Heavens in instructions without those from the spirit world coming back to set you straight, superanturally materializing plagues is something Prophet Moses does.


Cursing people like me has introduced me to a supernatural entity person that I believe was always the Prophet Muhammad coming to check in on me and to find out what was going on in my time era to let me know what was expected in my future life physically in this timeline about what was going to transpire in the USA. As well as messages given to me about the Quran, Islam and how that Spirit believed in original worship settings traditional ways as best. I was taught by supernatural forces many things that were to happen in the future.


Spirits trained me to assist with the Jesus Christ teachings also by wanting me to follow after trails about the original predictions written by prophetic messengers before judges time that a supernatural person would be born to be annointed in that role and to die in that role. It was already written Jesus Christ birth and how he would die beforehand. He got to read those prophetic messages released too. So you recognize a time before Jesus Christ birth and how life was. Christianity wasn't Jesus  Christ religion. That religion was formed after he died, you see.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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