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Ongoing Report



Egotistical People


Sometimes  when people are honored to gain very easily above others by just placing on a custome, a badge or object that states I am to be honored and respected. You see me wearing all these buttons? I am to be honored and respected I earned all the badges for a social group authority. Respect and honor my custom foremost is reported. Luxury items are also used in brands to say, see me, look at my importance and gains that standout to be noticed. Sometimes people get losts in those gains and abuse others emotionally down over inadequacies or competition to dominate over egotistically to say Hey, you see this outfit? It's better and more expenses than anyone elses gone to honor me as the standout best. That goes for the luxury cars and estates and so on and so forth.


The hey I own this all and I am going to flash it to others to let them know I'm better than them. I'm better than you because I have these $10,000 dollor shoes on my feet in ideas. I'm better than you because I'm wearing a $50,000 ring or a million dollar necklace you all couldn't afford. I gain millions and billions and perhaps trillions of dollar to say see what I have and you don't? That's the egotistical domination control that can become so abusive to someone that has adapted to impoverishment poverty.


We are suppose to be watching your television programs about how great you are in opportunites and fashion and stories to worship in thoughts of honor that lavish lifestyle to believe wow look at that to admire to honor to worship. They become egoistically about it in a threatening manner competively even to hold their ranks and superior ego trips in lavish luxury displays way far out of the average person's reach. You are suppose to live life through viewing television programs to feel more involved with your world. To worship others that have superior wealth they egotistically love to show you they have. They take and take away to say hey, look at me babe. Look at all I have when you have not a damn thing to respect your body or mind for viewing. That's the egotisically conditioning that also murdered off our beloved Jesus Christ.


Egotistically people controlling the wealth decided to murder off Jesus Christ through the laws. Why did they want to deal with a vagobond created? They weren't tolerating a wondering spirit telling supernatural stories alarming the villagers and cities of people to produce a New King to dominate the lands. O' No. They weren't having Jesus Christ a man with not even his own purse to carry. AKA money bag. Another man named Judus wanted to be gifted to carry Jesus Christs money bag. A social system was set in a group. Jesus Christ wasn't alone. They were also asking for donations to support their supernatural healing treatments.

Rivalry formed. Jealousy competitive revenget to dominate as the best with the most surfaced in others that murdered off through laws Jesus Christ information to recylcle to reproduce to control minds and lives legally for another set of people that referred to their new religion after Jesus Christ died that  decided they would conquer the world by claiming ownership of that information and imagery and data system to overthrow the world for their Jesus Christ and Father God and Holy Spirit all as ONE to conquer over the whole world to gain all the resources and rights of life legally to reproduce a system fit for worship and honor through envy, lust and attraction what egotistical people show you they have so you follow along and pay them to honor them above and beyond your own lives in consideration. Worship is about what to define?  Do you understand what you are doing?


Honor their lavish lifestyles and material luxury galore and all this and that they showboat to you to say hey look at our lives are so much superior to your own. All you can do is sit on your asses and listen in and follow along with our story lines. While viewing what you cannot ever gain for yourselves in luxury lifestyle living unless you hit a jackpot on it all in life someway somehow. Well they start to become egotistical and superior acting with a standard of five senses while in lack of consideration or respect for another type  of an advanced mindset system.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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