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The Barn


Back to Heavenly guidance subject matter constructed in communication between world and symbolism in imagery and so forth to interpret meaning from for even those that can't read or write or speak to have an easier type deciphering from imagery symbolism put forth. We know spiritual information is attached to imagery about Jesus Christ as a baby born in a barn laying on in a bed upon the hay with his mother at his side around the barnyard animals. And through that created story about where someone was literally born goes into great detail about three kings bringing gifts to that barnyard to give to a Virgin Mary they called her with a child born connected to a great star in the sky. Interpret : Astrology.


We know that a prediction about a chosen child to be born was reported way ahead of time by the whom again for the crown of authority through laws? We learn. Now how old was the Virgin Mary? 14 and stories that she use to stand and watch the soliders go by out to war was recorded. Also that a soldier raped her and that another system from her background religiously was in order to protect however that baby was produce her respect. Now then we see a light in the sky appear with kings to bless the life born in a barn to recognize a story that continues on being recreated in time and space about home is the barn with the animals in a open door setting. So we recognize traps in time. Does Jesus Christ want to reincarnated back into time to be born again in that barn on that land once again? HELL NO. Would be the comeback report. So we see a system that also is about materialization through imagery and worship in thoughts to a higher power. Visual scenes are attached and disrupted to view. Psychic attacks seem to be addressed at this point. From keeping a system up with horrific abusive circumstances to worship and honor to preach about to control all the masses legally.


Now we are back in time viewing the barn placement to this time era seeing the missing palace charm. The empire that houses the King of the what again? World. The Creator of light from the heavens that is honored as the God and the Father doesn't want to incarnate to a system of liars and cheats mocking and acting out roles for pretend to play a fake world system. There's a Creator and creators of worlds in empires. I'm sure the thoughts and mind of the One and Only annointed ONE. Christ in consciousnes would recognize truth in imagery.  And physical era laws and practical ranks in classes of people that must keep their honor over being born into a more financial powerful lightstyle.


However the Virgin 14 year old girl named Mary became impregnant was besides the point when it came to a serious situation about a spirit entering into a body to be born that would have supernatural powers. Matchmaking from Heaven? Well there was that Light in the sky and three Kings to come give them gifts in the barnyard. Then there goes that family back to their homes to live or to travel to preach or to travel away to learn ; or to travel away to work. There goes Jesus Christ down that dusty dirt road sometimes carrying his sandals to tow. How do I know? I have supernatural spiritual powers.


Love, War and the Supernatural go very well together in reality. The prophesies continue always during wartimes due to the increases of supernatural phenomenon seen in your skies as well. So whatever way you will be connected to the supernatural during wartime affairs. Who do you think is to rise up to guide Nations of people?



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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