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Traumatic Injuries



Sometimes when people suffer from either or any conditions disabling their systems : mentally, physical ; psychologically ; spiritually, or emotionally in wounds either literally  physically in mind, and / or body ; or emotionally psychologically from their given environment and what's conditioned for them there. That may enable a system that occurs about some sort of physically literally injury to recover from. Or Mentally and / or Spiritually in considerations. So we recognize many streams to a statement. There's so much deciphering from to do to understand fully what occurs however it occurs a traumatic injury or injuries.


People experience all sorts of psychic trauma even which was a word used to control information into a category to dominate over as that related to a psychic word and ongoing domination in legal spheres with degrees to refer something in another order to refer to a disorder. Painting bad images by creating bad experiences for those with psychic abilities is going to create problems that you want to control as your disorders. Abuse of others spiritually creates lots of trauma injuries from others dominating over knowledge ruling over it legally even when it is in error completely.


We also recognize that word psychic leading on to other positive ideas that wasn't a forced psychic trauma produce disorder they control as something beneath them to traumatize on and at that person wtih the psychic abilities. You setup a system that abuses us mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally to enslave us through your laws of terror and harm that demands money from people already broken down with nothing.


That produces lots of trauma for profit for others. Harming to produce psychic trauma is a problem created. All to discribe the two words as a disorder when they created that through terrific insane abuses against people like me mentally. You want to paint a negative picture by forcing a very bad role to those like me with psychic abilites? Do you like to abuse us through your laws to murder us off too? You know you people can be so wicked trying to control knowledge abusively to use it as a weapon to degrade and harm down another type of spiritual knowledge.


 Insane abusers. Stop harming us down beneath you all. You are creating the disorders through lots of physical and mental and emotional as well as spiritual abuses to overthrow us to be your prison slaves. That you harmed so severely to capture to cage to control or to abuse as you so see it. What a crazy system that abuses those with psychic abilities to traumatize them to death even. God lord what have you people done to the real world? And all of life thereof? Take a good look at your world created of murder sprees and sexual violence overflowing.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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