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Herding the Cows


As a child on a dirt mountain road by a ranch house I happily excitedly met a lot of trampling to flee over a barbwired old fence to escape. In distress here came the herd of cows headed down that dirt road where I was playing nearby at the pasture. It was to much pleasure to meet them beside me. I noticed they feared my movement and so I put my arms out  as I moved around them circling them all together. I gathered a small herd of cows right into my family's horse pasture.


I was so happy to have found such a great prize headed my way for my safekeeping. I was informed the bad news at five -years-old at that time that no I could not keep those cows. They belonged to someone else. They weren't free for the taking. But that I did a good thing by safekeeping those cows for the rancher nearby. 


Those cows had knocked down that fence and I had enjoyed rouding them up that day. I learned that not all large roaming animals trampling down fences are free for the taking. That the fence was meant for the safekeeping and ownership for each person of such livestock. At five-years-old I was learning plenty enough about life.


As I got older I recognized theology back to Hindiusm and that sacred cow in consideration for reincarnation cycles. Herding the cows is about ownership in physical matter of animals to control them however the owners through the laws and licensing programs in customs allow in operations.


We go back to meat eaters and customs and production material. From one religion of laws in a country we find honor and freedom of cows and bulls ritually. At another land location on in another country legally marked off in boundaries the religion laws could be in opposite direction of cattle. So you see how religions operate through the laws. 


We go back to the market on production material throughout history on earth to find original material and meaning for it. We find various situations and circumstances that may go in opposite direction of each other on beliefs systems about their chosen god or gods. Which is the word used in modern times to define a Creator of the world ; a Creator of the universe. And where there is one there's many with that one to take into consideration.


Life has become about ownership production marketable material at a level that may forget to consider to respect to honor that which is being sacrificed as the norm.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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