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We have two considerations about the meaning difinition logially rationally in real life facts about the branch that carries mini branches to sprout out and flourish life. Therefore we are viewing the tree of life within that system. Whether it is physically created on earth in a class system social order. Or whether it is in heaven ; in a higher dimension to recognize that comes through somehow mysteriously into our world supernaturally. And that's what created religions. 


Therefore, we recognize two systems of operation as though one in physically incarnated in creation to exist while the other is in the ether ; in the spirit world ; in the heavens ; in the in-betweens ; in the introdimensions. The higher ups to get to heaven our on a heavenly ladder of operations. It's similar to a beacon radar sound and strobe light reaching out in the universe echoing out sound waves and light at another time in space on the receptions.


We have the pecking order on earth and in the heavens. There is a power source of authority supernatural in operations in the heavens. On earth there also is a legal power of higher rank officials in charge protecting huge estate empires.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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