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Hillary Clinton


The interesting thing about how it all begin about me ending up reading Hillary Clinton goes back to her in living in doorms about a spirit there. And then knowing about her from the news dates back  to when her husband was president back in the '90s. Even though Bill Clinton made some mistakes his wife stayed by his side and saw him through. That's a positive for her to see it through to be so determined to not let rough seas in life destroy your union with Bill Clinton. 


Another positive is that she's a good businesswoman in her own right amongst her own inner-circle. That she was trained to do her work and she did a good job that she's proud of in life about, I'm sure.


I would like it if some truth was released a bit more about Hillary Clintons real likes in life that have been kept secret. I'd like more reality attached to people that were in power or have power to dominate lands even in warfare mode. If you can control over laws you might be looking at another Hillary Clinton. So that is behind the scenes also about movements and what is allowed and not allowed in life.


To be as respectful as I can be I would like to know her take on Beastiality ; Zoophile Laws that ok it to be legalized. Does Hillary Clinton support Beastiality ; Zoophile Laws? If so please do tell us the truth and perhaps even why you support such operations. Yes or no please tell the truth about what you support through the laws that may be questionable material such as people legally allowed to think its acceptable to proceed in such a matter as the legal norm.


I want you to tell the world what you believe in Hillary Clinton.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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