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Homicide Case


Hello there. I want to talk about a serious situation that occur with a missing person report that turned out to be a homicide case with a killer on the loose in Central Washington State. I am reporting informaiton about a case because of my clairvoyance for having seen the killer of a girl that went missing. The town folk at the time was alerted to the danger that a killer was on the loose. I could see exactly how he looked right off after being told about the news story release at the time. I wasn't afraid to have to go walking to get my supplies and function properly in life over fear about an unknown killer.


I will continue on ahead to tell a true story as stated above. I will tell the nonfiction story with real names and dates and all about the particular case and situation about that I could see the killer psychically and had visions of puzzle pieces at the time about the horrific tragic murder of a lovely vibrant young female that went missing to be found dead. 


The Killer was on the Loose . . . .

I personally did not know any of the people involved in the homicide case. I was an outsider to the whole situation. But when I was informed that it was a good idea for people to stay home until they found the killer wasn't stopping me when I could see imagery of the killer for how he was dressed to recognize anyone like that if they were around on the street, I'd recognize to know the killer. I knew information about a case but my work is incredibly marginalized as the norm for all my life. Go figure. Anyhow, the story will be posted below.


Psychic Detective : Work


Case out of : Wenatchee, Washington State, USA.

Investigation Report with my psychic abilities background knowledge from visions at the time of the murder. I will also complete a pyschic reading for both parties involved. I will also be speaking about Environments, Customs and all politically about cases like this one in particular.


This case is about a Homicide Investigation into a murder related to two civilaians that knew each other from a Beauty  School. One was male the other was female. The male was attending Beauty School Academy with a ritualistic unconscious spiritual roots connection that pushed him unconsciously over the edge by the environment customs.


Murder Victim : Mackenzie Cowell

04  /01  / 1992 - 02 / 09 /2010


Killer : Christopher Scott Wilson

Date of birth : 


Christopher Scott Wilson was 29 years old male that was attending Beauty School Academy with a 17 - year - old Ms. Mackenzie Nicole Cowell.


Here's a male that is 29 - years - old going to the Beauty Academy School with 17 - year - old Mackenzie Nicole Cowell. Year date : 2010. Mr. Wilson had been employed at funeral homes in the local area. Which was on the report details about this particular male that was in his late 20s. 


Mr. Wilson : Unknown birthdate at this time.  Astrology background research needed to include on this report.


Christopher Scott Wilson made a public statement about his employment in the local area : Central Washington State ; Wenatchee. USA. Mr. Wilson claims he enjoyed cutting up bodies at the local morgues ; funeral homes. He was experimenting with dead bodies while attending a Beauty School with a lot of High School girls. Mr. Wilson was juggling a background employment at local funeral homes while hanging out and around lots of girls for his new skill building methods with hair and beauty for extra financial gains.


Mr. Wilson enjoyed working with dead bodies around that atmosphere. He states a message more or less that he had rank enough at his employment position in priveleges of freedom to cut up bodies that were dead. His mind was enjoying another type of system from that environment working with dead bodies at the morgue.


Then here he was around vibrant young innocent beauties in an environment that allowed a 29 year - old male to seek additional opportunity resources around high school girls gathered around at a Beauty School Academy. He was taking advantage of his resources and those opportunities as best as he could in the state of mind he was in and environment, laws and customs.


Then we have the victim. Rest her dear soul. Which from the Spirit World she is doing well. Peace be before that Spirit. The predator that murdered a fun loving innocent, care-free young teenage girl over having the incredible opportunity as a man almost hitting his thirties in age. Gaining an opportunity to go to a hair dressing school set that system up easily enough for a man with complications disruptions disturbances over psyche unconscious issues about his life role. His life path mission in an environment where he was born with opportunities.


The predator was with ambitiousness towards his opportunities on the land with the customs ; laws and resources as well as the education systems branches of knowledge training for all his days. Mr. Wilson was 29 year years old. 


Identification : Single man ? I want a background check spiritually psychically out on a relationship reading for Mr. Wilson. Who dated Mr. Wilson? What type of sexual relationships was he regularly having in opportunities all his lifetime?


Seek physical matter with spiritual, ether matter to recognize two as one in a system, the thoughts that manifest to materialize are from conditioning in a system with restrictions and opportunities for what is allowed.


We need a lot more background information spoken about for this case about this predator due to the fact that rehabilitation through the branches of sciences is backwards in its aims about a recovery from the root causes of a situations. About what is overhead controlling, driving the forces to operate in a certain way unnaturally even in logical realism roles between the sexes and at various ages in environments. 


Political Overview : What are you people creating? Molding up the children in roles is in question at various ages. Grouping people up abnormally is another serious matter. There's a problem I recognize about a system broken into many pieces to view.


Without diving to deep in the darkness of another's mind like Mr. Wilson. I can say his mind ; psyche was led astray do to a system that wasn't able to help him properly religiously ; spiritually nor with proper labor work. Nor with proper entertainment or age grouping social healthy interactions unless he was planning to do woman's work in a role traditionally. So we see confusion between ages and sexes in groups physically in environments setup for each person's available opportunities for what is allowed for them. Gains, freedom of choices and opportunities and lack of proper protection in environment. Lacking proper freedom in religions and knowledge creates havoc and danger at a very high level. Risk.

I ask you what are your desires, passions in life with the gains physically legally on the market and with job opportunities socially in groups even ...what can you reach for to do that can stabilize your mind in a healthy way that has the proper system in customs legally for each person to have the proper healthy environment and opporunties for their age, gender role, capabiliites and so forth. All within reason. Now when you scrabble minds like eggs we see lots of issues arrising everywhere dangerously.


 That is because you do not legally properly have the information for rehabilitation of minds, bodies, emotions and spiritual truths to assist every type of person. It's like branded cattle. You have documents to gain or not. Your certified and respect and cared about and given everything within reason for you line of work and play for entertainment socially setup for you all. You have been given jobs in workforce groups and education systems and a market of products and entertainment supples to mold you all up to do what exactly? Fit into a nice square peg?


I see a pretty bad system setup that creates to feed off of another system of disparagement that is weakened. I recognize networks of paid workers overseeing environments legally to cage to harm anyone they like to hunt after to even setup to destroy to be rid of people. I see a problem. I see a huge problem about a lack of intelligence governing over properly fairly in this country. You are overrunning everyone's lives legally unfairly while removing a healthy happy traditional type of system. Marketing is of violence and sex at the higheset level in releases to the people ; to the public.


I recognize a predator system of networks for work to overrun to control everything and everyone into categories. If you don't measure up you could be killed type of harm. You are controlled in your enviroment completely through laws and opportunities of resources.


This is an investigation by me into a situation I saw happening clairvoyantly in vision clips over the hesteria setup to keep doors locked as cages to : Fear the Predator murder-er out there that kidnaped and murdered a 17 - year - old innocent school girl.

Note : I want a background check into Mr. Wilsons religious beliefs ; parents background employment and talents and misdeeds if any for the check I do to investigate how I do it another to help rehabilitate that person. That's because I am skilled healer prophetess at work.


The Visions I had back in 2010 the day the News Reports were released about a Killer on the Loose in the lovely valley of Wenatchee, WA. USA. At the time everyone was told to stay indoors and keep their doors locked ; especially women which they were alarmed and even stopped me the day the news reports were released. As I was heading out the door to go to my local regular library for the only really outlet I had, the library. A  neighborhood lady stopped me dead in my tracks (figure of speech) to tell me it was too dangerous to be outside that a killer was running around out there somewhere killing innocent girls.


 I stated at the time, Yes I am aware. Thank you and bla, bla whatever else. That murder-er wasn't going to stop me from doing something outside the home. And that was the only place I really got to go to to learn for my entertainment. I could do something else physically for my life but the walk was the exercise and the library was what I could afford to do at the time. I was in poverty living in a subsidized aggressive invading policing building that would abuse their power through the law by breaking the law to harass and put down tenants without respect in some cases. I was wanting to get outside. I had already saw flashes of visions when the news reports were released about a killer. I saw a young man wearing all black like he was gothlic. I though to myself h'm that could be a high school teenage boy or young man. So I knew what to watch out for.


During the manhunt for the killer doors were locked and alarms were set and lots of networking teams of groups of labor force personnal paid positions in their groups all set forth even with a helicopter to hunt down to investigate to turn up the killer to punish into a cage role. The killer could become a serial killer was the idea.


I started having private personal out - of - body and out of time and space travel to a victim that had her body in the backseat of the car area while her spirit sat next to her body not knowing what to do.  She was forced to sit with her body in a back of a car while one male drove down a windy cliff road.


I was a single mother living in poverty disabled due to the psychic abilities and lack of proper respect in resources for me as a single disabled person in poverty. My opportunities in life for education and employment gains for resources and a respectable life were removed from me when I couldn't keep that C point grade average in college. I had to struggle to survive while trying my best to raise my children as well as I could under a terrible tragic peril of a situation.


All I could do was try to overcome my disability connection to my psychic abilities in order to gain financially to succeed. I thought after twenty -years of giving free psychic readings and learning how to properly say words enough and write and spell to achieve my life path mission was my ambition in life because personally as a person that's all I had left. Beside my wonderful angel messenger children.


I received enough information that hurt my heart, soul and mind over a problem that arouse with one spirit outside her body that could NOT get back inside her body while her physical body was being driven down a windy road. The female I was seeing was deceased. The murderer was driving the car with her body in it.


That's all the information I personally needed to safeguard myself about the killers identification and the girl that would have to depart from her physical body. It was out of my hands.


Later on some years went by when land conflict politically dominated the laws in a way that was like terrorist of people using laws to harass and harm and invade and hurt to terrorize to discriminate to destroy for profit off of weakened people ; that cannot or couldn't make the cut to function equally to the establishment respectful customs on the lands. You are  to gain credits to establish a proper position for success to succeed in life.


I was glad to confirm to myself happily that I was correct about the visions in confirmation of dress attire and type of person to be on the lookout for about committing a seriously horrific brutal death scene. Mr. Wilson was trying to learn something more than not with the great opportunites he had with the molding up of his mind in an environment with resources of materials and credits that pushed him over the edge. Do you wonder why?!


For Thanksgiving time I was given a three day notice to move without a reason why that decision was reached. So here I was on the streets in a car to live in my car with my child while being forced to protect a mentally disturbed young adult male that I couldn't get rid of. The year date I believe was 2014. I didn't make the cut. And the management team would threat to evict me over just one of my adult boys coming over to visit. They'd break the laws to harass and threaten me due to all the paperclipping insanity they gathered from their own employment system flier errors released out to everyone from new hires that didn't know a thing. Threats. Always threats they'd terminate your lease. They had documents my mother was my only contact and I had no car nor real resources. And I was disabled without much life to go on from years of living there. I was going to be going on to the tenth year heavily wrongfully policed with no  great gains allowed to be had.


The wildlife prepared me by acting abnormal in displays to get my attention to send me a message so I could logically interpret. It was about I was in danger and needed to be inside a vehicle. Not to be walking on the land. I interpreted that message from the wildlife. And that there was going to be a terrible fire to come that would take the Robin's nest away.


I am a pet psychic too so it wasn't hard for me to figure out to decode strange abnormal character contact messages from another species of nature animals that were coming to me to communicate as best as they could that they could see something coming. And I was to deal with them to see them and hear them and recognize that these particular flying animals were aware that something was about to occur.


Right before Thanks-giving I suddenly found a Notice on my door to terminate the residence within three days or else the law people would come to toss my crap out on the street for show. No explanation needed other than get the hell on out of here. We are taking over this turf was the  type of behaviorism from those dominating with weapons to threatening verbal at me about they hold up just because I was around and those new faces were hellbent on removing as many of us weakened lot from the government resource system funding. By tossing us to the streets to die off.


They decided to try to completely eliminate me through the government resource financial arranged opportunities in their grants services. I was harmed and blocked off from legal protection in most cases. As though I was shunned and banned ; humilated ; hunted after ; spied on ; deliberate undercover groups systems targeting to harass all while they severely harmed a person that was having tons of visions consciously to process.


Legally setting up environments that are to hunt after to terrorize the weaker lot to the cages or deathblows is a created setup system I am investigating about. I had lived in poverty with nothing but my children and very little resources to do anything really. Therefore when I finally established my psychic mediumship business I had great plans on the land to run my own business out of a building on the land to help people. I am a Healer.


They did a Witch Hunt at me through the laws terrorizing me away just for trying to overcome the harm they originally created to no relief. After they forced me to live in a car so they could spy on me from the air and land I was forced into a car to drive with very little driving experience.


I had been the aged bird and now they had me with two others living in a small compact car with pets in our care during a very cold snowy Fall and Winter seasons to begin with. Left outside to try to find how to get back into housing when they were banning that privelege access for me. Unless I paid out a fortune. 


They created so much harm to me and us while I was having incredible visions and working with the spiritual mediumship prophetic messages. I was to stop that as they were harming down upon my life and mind legally even to terrorize me as a FELON thereafter. They wanted to brand me a Felon so they could do horrific abuses to my body, emotions, mind, and spiritual rights.


They decided I was to be remade as a person even in a sexual category they chosen through the terrorism networking legality in resources opportunities they wanted me personally to have so others could see those documents. They wanted to send me to a soup kitchen to get back inside a safe building. Which was a hazardous building with wires hanging out everywhere for the Homeless Shelter new lifestyle.


Well before all that  situation that stole more of my legal rights away by setting me up in a horrific traumatic environment situation on purpose knowing what would end up happening as they aggressively monitored and created additional problems for me legally on the land in an unsafe created environment forcefully preying to doom another through the laws.


Before they stole my driving rights away and poked needles in my arms for my DNA blood extraction for the courts of laws investigator teams and on and on the physical harm and mental and spiritual betrayal they did. I was in a car homeless driving around. I had no where to go and I needed to protect others. Well what I ended up doing was driving around twenty -four hours a day ; seven days a week.


I had to figure out how to repair my life and establish my spiritual business to help others. All while being betrayed legally by insane aggressive aggressors that were hellbent on all types of warfare betrayal directed physically at me in the environment on the lands.


I drove alone after establishing safety for others while I tried to figure out where we could live to survive. I kept driving out of Wenatchee, Washington, State. My birthland location. I had to find a place I could afford to live. I drove many times to Quincy, WA. State. While driving I ended up on a road that gave me a flashback  about the time period report about the missing girl that was found dead.


As I drove alone next to the Columbia river down a spiraling windy road I came to realize that was the same scene land location where a spirit of a young female, lady was sitting in the backseat with her physical body in the car next to her. It was the same type of location windy going downwards type of road. I kept driving. 


As I continued driving without no real place to go other than to try to find a new land location while spending my day homeless by insane crazy corruption attempts on my life to end it as I saw it happening. I came across a pretty land area location that was a resort. I loved the pretty land area so I stopped to take a better view.  I remember now that I had another person in the car with me at the time. And I said "Hey this is the location where this one girl's body was dumped. " We walked around towards the location where her body was found.


I felt her Spirit had gone. That she had been released, that female that had her body dumped down in the water with her feet in the water to be found. Twenty - miles from Wenatchee at the community resort location before you reach Quincy.


I loved the area so much about the scenery and there was so many beautiful homes built around that land area water. I was stunned shocked and upset weakened emotionally that I had never been there before to see such beauty in paradise on my birthlands.


At the time I was having to assist a young adult male that had severe complications of the mind do to environment background cultural customs through the laws. Right back to that schooling and mind programming for facility grants placements positions type of roles. He felt doomed and misunderstood and needed answers and help spiritually. He was making sure he physically stayed by my side even though he had been stalking to force his physical position. 


Therefore for my own safety and independence safety while being forced in an incredibly vulnerable way during others mob attacking physically in betrayal spying and creating conflict to trap me into another category. I sat at the park area at the resort loving and enjoying the view so much. It was like a vision of heaven that was healing to my mind. The scenery was so beautiful. I was glad the murder victim young girl ; Mackenzie Nicole Cowell was at peace now. That she's set free from this world. She wasn't trapped consciously at the dumping grounds location. She was free to leave the earthplane field after a certain allotted amount of time would pace. Her consciousness in her spirit body had to adapt to the new laws of physics for departing away from her physical body.


I did not stay tracking to investigate personally the spirit activity of Murder Victim : Mackenzie Cowell. I have given the full report as best to my recall as possible about what I found out living across the river from Chelan County : Wenatchee, Wa. I was living in East Wenatchee where the killer had free roam of two counties and more to travel around and to do whatever.


The year date the young lady died was 2010. I was pretty much segregated off  physically in housing and land resources opportunities with no vehicle gains to properly get around due to living in strict poverty. My mind was on overcoming my problem anyway I could to succeed in the employment sphere. Which I never gained what I needed ever properly without being abused for receiving those resource gains by others that had other ideas about what I should be truly doing in life. I was highly discriminated against and harmed and betrayed and brutalized in ways that are so inhumane and dishonest from a system that doesn't understand the depth of what they are doing Wrong.


I have pretty strict disciplined readings structures. I have testimonies from others that they couldn't find no one else in all their searched for a psychic, spiritual medium like myself with the type of spiritual powers abilities for prophesying to predict and instruct about even things about what is to come ahead for the future. I can read land energies connected to the past, present and future to protect people. It's important that others understand the skill it takes to do the work that I do. I have a psyche for it.


I'm going on to talk about the predator in this case mindset position. I personally am not going to dive into his sexual life before  nor after such a horrific crime he committed. As a healer I am working in the NOW and also recognize what has gone wrong to confuse minds enough to commit horrific crimes and get away with it. The molding up of minds  in group environments legally is a serious situation.

For me reviewing this particular case and situation circumstances I see grave errors in the system out there. Mr. Wilson claimed he liked cutting up dead bodies at the morgues ; funderal homes in centural Washington State. What does that tell you about death rituals at the funderal homes?

I'm going to say that Mr. Wilson should have went to school to be a surgeon but that he had fancies related to sex and religion violence. It goes back to his available opportunities to do whatever he wanted to the dead bodies coming in to all the funderal homes he had been employed to work at. 


I had to tell you all something very sensitive spiritually. I have spiritual secrets I like to share. And that is that after you die you are with your physical body and on this earthplane field still connected for up to two -weeks time for you to adjust to the physics sciences laws of the ether on another dimension.

Due to this information afterdeath body rituals are very important to take into consideration when you are working with x2. Hear me out : Spirits are watching.


That means that after you die you are with the body long enough to see the ritual practices to your corpse. If your physical body is being harmed after you die and you are there as a spirit on your last rites and witness over your body and life you lived. And you are seeing defilement to your corpse at a funeral home. Then it is a sign of spiritual warfare.


The hardest for me was to work with intelligent haunting while having access-es to other dimensions where the spirits that were still around wanted to release their message to the physical earth before departing was training. I was learning since five - years - old in recognition of my physical body is one vessel I have to physically show myself to the world. And that my spirit goes back always inside that body as my own body that houses my spirit while I am alive.


I am not alone about being as 2x. It's my spiritual teachings and instructions to the living about truth and responsibility we must have to play fair in life and to properly guide to instruct in groups people for a better life in gains to be had. Everyone deserves to have the proper system in aid on their birthlands fitting for that particular person's life path mission role. If you are harming religions of others and their lives literally physically in aggressive control measures to enforce to recycle people from cages even than there's going to be a problem.


 If your current civilizations era is in fault failure from a system that cannot properly function that is doomed to topple then you recognize supernatural forces at that time during a war time will come to teach or show important futuristic information. Or just to view what the leaderships governing over the world have been creating in environments.


Not everyone is innocently going about life with all happy gains. Life is and can be very complicated. If you have a predator systems of networks in fault over the setup system legally governing over the laws from a religion and sponsored paid for programs and types of job opportunities to establish. You have a market that runs the funeral homes too don't you??


They have a legal market that groups people up and gives them privileges together and individually in trust to oversee even the funeral homes operations. That's about legality and religion customs for all people through the physical laws created by the dominating religion.


I have been trained by the dead people spirits to even to teleport spiritually and consciously where they are at a funeral home if they have a complaint. Sometimes people have a strong bond link to me even after they die. We as people living and other spirits living have an easy access to the spirit world ; heaven like a phone call to the spirit world with video sight to see for the link.


That goes on to my clairvoyance and clairaudience background with astral teleportation conscious travels to do my spiritual mediumship work with even the dead people after they die to see to assist to know whatever they want me too. I recognize that as spirit guides and that we are born for a reason. Also that we need to have spiritual freedom. I shouldn't have been horrifically brutalized in life through the governing over system. Especially with the background I have literally honestly that is truth physically not deceitful insane papers, documents harming me down and out through the legality system that wants more money. And to find more ways to gain that extra income even while harming traumatic injuries type of people. Beat you down and out and mock your whole life through this type of regime governing legal system. Insane abuses.


They literally harmed me so severely to criminalize me to poke needles in my harms and to strip me down phyiscally of everything to replace me and to recreate me for show from their soup kitchen to the homeless shelter new turn around on a new life to start over from an individual youth type role. And I was to mate up with a female for housing was their new gains on eventually you can have your own place or else you team up with another lady your age. All arranged ahead of time planned out for my new life on the land in ideas to create me out to be the low life scum beggar dishonest criminal dangerous insane mentally ill lunatic they mocked and laughed and chased after me from their superior legal position.


All while my minds was seriously compromised from the spiritual mindset psychic abilities training skills as a healer with the general public online to come to me for readings since 2011. My brain and my spirit body was compromised even in teleportation astral situations that would take me clear across the world even to be in two places at once to see horrific bloody slippery floors to recognize being created. 

You see my conscious mind can be in two places at one time. That's because of a problem I have had since age five. I come outside of my body. As well as I can see into other dimensions and to hear and know what most people cannot even come to perceive.


While trying to survive for our lives I found misfortune and burdens through the laws that preyed and stomped down to stomp out my life through the laws that demanded even large sums of money from me at one time through trickery schemes. While they were terrorizing me and plotting and planning how they were going to destroy their new created enemy ; I was at one point living back on Chelan Avenue paying 1,000 a month for a dungeon of danger in a basement apartment rental where I got setup to rent it over the emergency to find out no phone line service. They cut that cord. I had to pay. I got cheated out of lots of money and no resource funding gains for the likes of my life. They banned me right out of there to hellish debt and legal criminal new role for their lovely great superior righteous gains.


I had to do my laundry from a rope I bought I strung across the kitchen with the tile floor. One day when I was renting the dump on Chelan Avenue in Wenatchee paying way more than I could afford just to get into a rental because they punked me off as not worth the life. While living there at that location one day as I walked through the kitchen after handwashing and hanging up the three people's clothing to properly take care of my child and another at the new location. 


The floor became wet and I started slipping slidding on it even while hanging the clothing up to dry. I suddenly was at another location across the world and there was a brutal murder in a residence with a tile type floor. Blood was everywhere on the floor. The ones that came in to murder those on the land at that location left the floor covered in blood. Due to my online work training since 2011 by 2015 I was harmed so severely to be eliminated through the laws for good. During that time I was slipping on the floor at one location over hanging clothing to dry that was wet on a tile floor that produced puddles of water.


My mind got hijacked during that time. Military type people were going in to homes across the world and producing pools of blood left behind. Spirit took me through it. Spirit put me in two places at one time. My physical body was at one location hanging clothing and creating puddles of water. My mind became preoccupied consciously more-so going out on a meridian line across the world to another system outlet. I wasn't sure exactly who they were. I just know that I had been speaking to so many people about my spiritual stories that somehow someone that had been consciously focusing in on my work messages outlets through the media had tapped into me while they did homicide in a building residence home. Producing a floor full of blood. And here I was with the hijacked  psyche consciously in mind slipping and slipping and shocked confused about two perceptions physically consciously occurring at the same time about this wet floor.


The man renting me the place got angry at me for not eagerly opening my door to people coming to look inside the rental to see if they wanted to buy the house. I was to have an open barn door in a rundown basement rental in a bad part of the city while keeping an open door. And to pay twice as much as I had been paying for rent. We weren't there for more than six months. The man walked away with the full 1,000 down payment and first and last months rent type of winning the lotto for a residence that didn't even have a phone jack install. He had me sign a legal agreement contract. We had been on the streets living in the car for too long in the freezing snowing fall and winter that I had to get us into some sort of shelter. Black widows filled up our space in that basement during the summer months.


There's no question we were in danger. The Hispanic man asked me to leave and I did homeless to live in a motel where a trickery fire alarm system on the wall oversaw the bed in the motel rental. We were given a new life and a new life role.


The problem I have is predators of ignorance feeding off me for all my life through the laws in a way where they commit ongoing warfare crimes and get away with it through a system that abuses my mind, body and spiritual rights to criminalize me for my emotional traumatic releases. A system that treated me inferior.


It was as though Spirit was requesting me to be at two places at one time to register something important I need to recognize to interpret psychically spiritually related to the work I do prophetically. The Great Spirit takes me away consciously somewhat to perceive to assist at other land locations due to my training as a living spirit guide. Someone took me with them in their conscious mind on a murder spree legally through military systems. I recognize my life physically and my spiritual life astrally is still connected to the earth and that I have tons of work still to do about  earth history recordings.


I tried to say I'm only a few thousand - years - old in conscious psyche prints but really I arrived consciously on earth and had continued reincarnating since the darkness poured rains down upon the earth and I entered life physically in a body of water on earth as light source alive functioning consciously in that body of water as first life in existence on earth.


After life on earth is completed for human life forms and most all species are no longer on earth and our in other galaxies or planets and in the sky in ships living...I come back to earth to visit. No one else cares to visit that planet that is earth in light years ahead. The whole earth realm is different where there's just tons of water like swampy lands with high heats. Docks are there and a creature is in the waters on earth that resembles Komodo dragon DNA mix with a human type water like creature.


I come back to earth to visit life on earth for as long as earth is physically in time and space throughout time in existence.  I have spoken to military officals and have done readings for those employed through the law profession for the psychic readings releases I have given publicly since 2011. It helped improve my physical diet more than anything else. It has also helped me to survive to function as a person alive a little bit better.


One time back in 2018 -2019 I was working with a client that was employed through military means to assist with Bomb detection and other crimes from vets in the country that were under crisis. She was employed to work with high risk vets and was coming to me since I started my online business. The military in the country put her in a funderal home morgue room to work from to assist in phone calls about military retired veterian's affairs violent crimes issues. She was working with our retired military people under distress in the very room they did the draining of blood and all in that morgue room.


I couldn't believe our military put her to assist in serious cases about our own homeland security civilians under distress they had her answering the phone calls while operating to speak to the people needing help from a morgue room where they are preparing the body ; draining the fluid from corpses. And here she comes for readings to me to take my body through time and space to her location to read for her while she is present in that environment for me to read throughout that location set of events. To help her while being forced really to witness what came before her there physically in operations on the land there.


Here I was displaced out of safety from my birthland. Forced to be taken with my child to another state for any attempts at safety from the very adult male that was stalking me for years needing my spiritual assistance. Because I was in complete isloation segregated off with my background and here was this male volunteer to assist me or else he would commit suicide was his mindset. 


The laws helped him gain legal control over my life in various ways while we were shunned and forced off and away from the lands due to a lack of proper resources and insane predator like criminalizing and feeding off for funds toppling predator system.


Groups of people through the laws invaded and preyed upon for their labor force roles in my residence that I was forced to live with a mentally ill man in another state with my son. Even though that man got to hijacked our lives and my funds the laws legally helped him 100 percent to take me down to ruin me to destroy me to murder me off or remake me according to the physical role they had already set forth for my own life individually as a person since childhood.

I was living in Colorado, South Pueblo where I had beforehand traveled to that  location ahead of time years before I ended up moving there I had astral travel experiences thinking I was having fun time. I don't know the year date but I believe it was before 2011.


I had been playing in the ether as I like to refer to it as that. It is a meridian line in the sky like an arch perhaps to travel nano-speed.  To arrive at another location. I came down entering into South Pueblo, Colorado city. The land location where my physical body had been at was Wenatchee, WA. State. The side street name to the apartment buildings where I resided was a Colorado Street I'd walk on regularly to get to resources.


Somehow during my fun out of body travels while my physical body was like a caged bird on the lands I was born and raised. I astral traveled out and arrived at another land location in my spirit body. I traveled down a road happily laughing to myself about that I was going to haunt the cemetry there. I entered a gate at the Mountain View Cemetry. 

Perhaps I was going back in time to speak to those that lived before. I'm not sure why I was there walking but I met another that literally contacted me and threatened to comit sucide if he wasn't able to be in my life. He was a young male too young for me in my mind. But I need help with my work due to my disability with the mind about office work while my psyche was compromised. I wanted help and he needed help. So we became friends even though he harassed up to 40 times a day to speak to me on the phone. That occurred once I started my online business releasing my spiritual stories on You Tube. It came to a lot of serious distructive legal harm.


I awakened from the dream as it seemed to be consciously about having fun playing around as a ghost going through a cemetery gate one evening. I had astral traveled to the very location where I would live in the future by forces out of my hands and control. I wasn't so surprised to see the very location I had been before. Perhaps a little puzzled complex thoughts to be had. Of course I did the research work to figure out why I was there on that land at that time and all.


I was trapped in a apartment where the cameras policed us and stole our vehicle wrongfully for ha-ha you get tow bills type of abuses. I had no car and I was at an unknown location other than yes I astral traveled there in my spirit body and thought I'd love to scare people by showing up there in my astral body out of time and space. But now here I was consciously alive literally operating under serious threats about survival while having policing units come to appease the trespasser allowed in an apartment unit his name wasn't on the lease. They'd enter my bedroom to sit in a small group to discuss private things with the deranged man I cared for after all those years of having to work with him to help him and have him assist me with my office duty work for my private online business.


While living in South Pueblo, Colorado in the very neighborhood I traveled through a portal opening astrally to enter a gate at Mountain View Cemetery there I was living and walking around that same location physically in 2018 -2019. I had my son with me and had tons of bad experiences with the man that took over my funds to purchase bus tickets out of state to his parents house. He said they knew we were coming. I disagreed with us traveling out of state to his parents  home when he was half my age and I had a son and the compromising system was forcing me to be with him as a relationship for our new survival life together.


As he was purchasing tickets with my son and my income I was standing behind him pulling his hair literally to stop ; pleading with him to stop that we couldn't leave. He had locked me out of my financial accounts and took charge over my son and my life in a threatening way. I had no choice they had already did damage to me and criminalized me as a felon once they forced me to the streets to function to try to survive while they terrorized in surveillance groups legally.


Eventually I managed to safeguard my son and I but the man that created the mess with the help of the law and all those deciding to play physical superior games with government funds to destroy something created to remake it as something else wrongfully. As what has been done to me than the heavens open up and you have a problem on your hands to deal with physcially created to witness.


Here I was trying to survive with no car on a new land paying twice as much to survive monthly for living costs while at a new location where missing people fliers were scattered about the street poles as the norm. I had to protect my child and myself with empty cubbards ; while relying on the very person that physically made sure I was living in Colorado due to taking over my life and funds to recreate my life with the help of the legality system operating.


We lived in an empty apartment with hardly in resources for our survival. I cubbards in the kitchen were always empty. In order to survive I had to continue my online business giving psychic readings for we could have food money and enough extra money as a cushion to safeguard our lives while going deeper, further into debt and legal financial troubles.


Then here was this client coming to me from a morgue room asking for a psychic reading without telling me anything about her location where she was employed to oversee Veterian Affairs conflict in the country. The military took over an old funeral home and put her office to work with our people in the morgue room and there she sat asking me for a personal psychic reading for her.


We were working together through an email system. But that doesn't stop my spirit from recognizing where someone is located and also how I am able to tap into events that occurred at those locations. By giving her a personal psychic reading at that location I tapped into a man cutting open another person there. I told her I see some sort of killing there going on it looked like cutting open a physical body I could see. She said yes, that's the morgue room she was working out of for her employment for the government military situations overseeing the country from a funderal home morgue room as she was in.


That opened a doorway for me to see like a ghost what had happened where she was located. Therefore not only did I have to help her as a person alive for her own life with career and personal relationship readings for her life and travels. Changes that would occur in her life and details discriptions about certain events to transpire to be aware of would occur. I was working like a guardian messenger seeing through time to safeguard her to protect her for the reading. I had no choice in the matter I had to make income for food even for our survival.


In a way I was forced to go through deeper supernatural style training while living in a dangerous unpredictable ongoing situation in the country of my birth and my son's birth that had to survive to live through so much changes and trauma legally forced upon us that would happily invade our physical space with body cams to try to look down at the mail delivery information. Anything to see and to hear for the others that were also doing electronic warfare hacks into all the systems in a warfare way is noted that I am aware of about the intrusions.



Hello there, again. I'm not showing any photos of criminals or murder victims as of now. Legal ownership reasons produce more work for someone like myself. Therefore, if you are interested in your own research work about the particular homicide case I reported about on this page you may. I led the way to start another type of check system for rehabilitation reasons. 


I would take the photos of the predator and victim to do a reading about them both by personality interaction to access psychically with my spiritual powers a foundation to go on for the reading. Then I'd read them individually from photo and energy prints related to another spiritual power I have. And that is Clairsentience, psychometry, string theory root type connections to meridian lines going out for my awareness receptions out on a radar.


 I try to explain to teach how difficult the navigations are in order for someone like myself to accurate connect to predict just about anything anywhere within reason of interpretation on the sight ; vision ; psychic abilities visions of the heightened senses connections. Then I come outside of my body and can access the future that way even. 


I am seeing into this realm and others while coming back to a physical body to also exist. I am able to extend myself out astrally to project and to live and to use my own mind creatively to produce material. I am in complete control of the system I am operating 'somewhat'. That means I am not being harmed in spiritual warfare while doing my work. I am able to release this information to protect others, as I've always set forth to establish.


Seek to learn about a system I have for yourself. You take their photos and try to read it with energies like I do. Which is impossible to perceive to complete such a real life connection supernaturally to produce prophetic teaching material. Although you can view a photo of someone to determine for their physical appearance and a system of customs for each race, era, age, gender, etc., to produce the mindflow to see into something if you want to help heal minds and hearts. To help repair a system or two or three.


Peace be with Mackenzie Cowell and her dear beloved family that are still alive that she is overseeing like a wonderful great angel knowing and protecting while witness the flow of time still in our dimension. I believe that Mackenzie is a lovely spiritual angel that still is in recognition of those that cared so deeply for her. She's in heaven and she can see into our realm and even come forth through our dimension to give her family, mother or other loved one a hug impression. She sends a hug message through to an olderwoman like mother. That's about her family and someone sitting in a chair. Perhaps recliner and she wants to send a message through of the hug she gives to another. So that's a good reception on my end.


As a Psychic Medium, Prophetess viewing Christopher Scott Wilson's background life physically and that particular soul, person in character position from the psychic abilities energy field scan. I recognize many issues like square blocks squattered about before One to choose what one can and cannot do in life physically. Options and also mind condition physically into feminine areas as that for self even is part of a gender role placement concern in environments when it comes to many  complications of gender, age and environments, training mind conditioning with desires about learning and acheiving properly logically in good mental health for ones life.


Feminizing males early on that shouldn't be conditioned in that placement of opportunities due to many factors to review. Location ; customs ; ages ; opportunities of resources ; mixing ages and genders and races at a dangerous unnatural level is in the review listings.


Harming the psyches to make an intelligent male confused about his sex gender, age role as a male is another major factor. As well as free reign to cut up bodies for profit in the morgue room area of the funeral homes even. When you start screwing around with the psyches natural original role to recreate life physically through laws that our enforces as opportunities to go within those guidelines we see tons of control abuse doom. It's because they are harming to death people instead of rehabilitating or giving them the proper freedom as an individual person to choose early on what one is to do and where one is to go in a more natural setting with righteous elders overseeing in a relaxed acceptable way life. When you control life to the ruins thereof we see a mix grouping problem stirring up more.


When you take a male and you condition him as a femine in role when he is a highly intelligent man that is in demand for outlets to properly fulfill his role. When you scramble eggs as brains we see major doom on all levels continuing on. When you take justice and you abuse it to enslave and punish down poverty and life to obedience your way. All while producing material to confuse the sexes about their natural gender roles you stir up mental issues. You sabotage life path missions and then you feed off those individual lives and groups you produce on purpose to extract funds from. All while not understanding at all proper rehabilitation if you are confusing the sexes and stealing all the rights away.

If you have pervert men in charge of daycare centers that molest children what do you think will become of those children? What are you people producing out there? It's another example of how profit overruns the system. I'm not sure why a system wants to abuse their power to commit crimes against the people ongoing always until it gets so far out of hand, as it already has. 


We see setup systems that produce horrific results over harming the psyches, the bodies, the emotions of those in physical matter. As you spy and steal and take things that aren't yours through the laws to physically recreate systems of DOOM. Those reaping ongoing all gains while being honored and protective. As well as never really having to experience any great misfortune ongoing won't comprehend a word what I say.


People that are always experiencing an easy fast gain in life material to speed on through life to feel superior above others enough to look over at someone in a public seting and make a rude commit over their own racist prejudice great smooth sailing gains in life. Mocking down people like me for being the self you see in public will work roughly spiritually against you for continuing on mocking down and harming people like myself. All while you gain it all and corrupt and allow children to be molested in your care. I recognize the wickedness that speaks out in negative expressions to me wherever i am. I see through their life and how stupid they are to allow children in their care to be molested. I recognize stupid people thinking they are so much better while their children are being screwed up early on for doom. And you got these women especially going about demeaning other women down   for not having the great life they have on gains.


Once you look my way and speak disrespectful to me for no reason at all I see through your life. I can see your errors in life even at a level you might not recognize you are doomed ahead for. So keep thinking you are better than another for your material gains while mocking down another individual. See how far that gets you to Heaven ahead.


Psychic Reading on Christopher Scott Wilson. 

The murder-er of the one and only, Mackeniz.


11:17 AM

Reviewing Christopher's photo I recognize incredible errors in a system that would doom destructively in a free reign of abnormal opportunities privelegs that shouldn't have been a system against minors. I see a system with the Beauty Salon agency foundation view about grouping people up without considering safety properly for minors.


Christopher Wilson could have became an incredible surgeon to help people. He wanted to learn and discover and understand the world while fitting into it. All while appearing youthful as a teenager himself. He was attending beauty school with High School girls and whomever is allotted entrance into the youth, minors training roles. 


I'm working with negative and positive in order to do my work spiritually as a Healer. Christopher Wilson came from a family background where he could take his parents skills to acheive more even ; and / or those governing over him to oversee his life role he was given keys of great opportunities to ruin himself easy enough. Or to achieve great success. 


Mental confusion about roles is a problem I see. And placement and lack of a proper healthy environment for a man at age 29. He claims he cut bodies up in the morgue room before he practices on Mackenzie. We have a man approaching his 30s at the time in this case. Abusing corpses at funeral homes for his learning processes as best as he could with the independence he had to try out new things.


Fettishes are there for him at this point. Ideas about funeral home work rituals he created and took home with him in ideas. He was having a great time around girls being able to use his resources of income and vehicle and opportunities around the valley ; around the community to open doors and hearts and homes and buildings to enter to be amongst even the young impressionable high school girls trying to learn a trade for their future. At his age and available opportunities at the time of 29 he was ahead of the game. Almost like toying with the system and the minds to win over friends and to control ideas that escapes into another play realm for him.


His entertainment would have helped him create more creative displays of corses he would cut up to inspect. I see life confusion about what ones role is to be and how for Christopher. I see sexual and religious confusion for him that created havoc by him having the great opportunities at his age to play beauty with young attractive innocent virgins?... He was in charge and he was gaining to have a certificate on Beauty.


Christopher has a psychological ritualistic religious type of conflict he was and is continuing through. He is trying to find the correct way for his future through the system governing over available opportunities for him ahead. He will be released from prison without any proper rehabilitation for his type of situation. Although he will try to function when he is released with the new life role he is to have.


I recognize a serious horrific system that is encouraging doom for justice profits ongoing. Christopher Wilson needed to have another type of religious system training knowledge about the funeral homes to properly work with the dead physically and spiritually. Christopher's desires and physical actions to cut up corpses of bodies that would be prepared for cremation or a coffin he had physical rights over their bodies to do damage in spiritual warfare without recognizing the spiritual consequences of his actions. Due to a system that has eliminated so much to replace so much.


I see major issues about the governing religion for Christopher as a male at his age before then and now.

He would have been a good surgeon physician and a great minister with politic knowledge to help advance a cause or two or three. But he was destroyed by a corrupted illogical system that has no conscious recognition about what they are doing wrong or how. It's insane insanities being marginalized so others can take control over the laws and remake life at even an insanely dangerously corrupt way. By putting older men to go to school with a bunch of innocent virgins in mind. How stupid are you people?


Ungrateful people creating more havoc through all gains without consideration about whom you are grouping up in environments and why, really. You people aren't using common sense at all in your insane production material creationgs of Monsters you spy on in environments you setup to do your dirty work.


You stole our spiritual rights away from us on earth -- that's a problem. You people hardly want to use common sense when you are smooth sailing in all gains. You have work enforcement Laws. Laws you even enforce upon disabled people to critize to condemn for not physically being working. Or in some cases you ban people just from the computerized labor tests to make sure you are getting the right system of people together. You are using computerized systems to group folks together of various ages, backgrounds, legal avaiable documents to get right in there to do havoc to others.


You have a system that denies truth to remake it. You have a governing over lot of liars and deceivers enforcing life roles that doom people eventually if you aren't aware. That's placement for their spying in to see what becomes of those they grouped together on purpose through the laws. Policing all of life and enforcing roles for people to legal live by. Which includes perceptions, ideas.


If you give all the children to the child molesting freaks ; predators to take care of all day that fondle them and molest them even openly in your created system it eventually will become a major problem. Whatever you are enforcing by the laws through the laws for profit for groups of people is being investigated.


I recognize a system of predators that cross the lines about sex and laws and group placements. As well as to setup a system through computerized legal law roles to enforce people into a particular role. Either you allow them to work or you don't. Either you are hiring a disabled person after the computerized check or you are not. Either way you doom one lot for the other in your system of predators feeding off life that you created on purpose. Through your corrupt legal abuses.


I recognize a system that brainwashes to control everyone for the work enforcement roles. That includes children too. Go figure. Whatever you are conditioning children into and through in your system is set in place through your funding and laws to go with it.


I recognize a system that fails to see their own sicknesses of errors as they take charge to harm down the people evenmore into ruin. You ignorant souls alive aren't with enough common sense to properly protect children even. Not if you have to abanon your children to a mill lot room for them. Take a good look at whose going to be caring for your children all day. All those people. And where are you? Working of course preoccupied with tons of ongoing responsibilities for everyone while having to physically keep going. You have no time to think outside the box with your regualr senses when you are under pressure, stress to achieve for the God of Money.


The God of Money is in charge I recognize, I see. They'll doom all of life just to take charge overhead of everyone through the corrupt illogically pathetically ignorant laws they create that are often racist, hate crimes secretly in act.


I do recognize a system that lacks proper realistic physical protection for our own civilians. As the history goes to show how the legal operations in any country our governed over by a dominating religious belief system that includes doctrines and laws to control the branches of sciences and everyone in groups of operations outlets in legal law practices from those main keyplayers with all the loot to orchestrate  to run a civilization by the key money players with the funds in opportunities to run businesses and to employ personnal to do their bidding. Laws are arranged in a way that enforces those funding sources.


We see people in a pyramid type bracket from the bottle layer on up to those that are suppose to be governing over civilizations and the resources ; laws, religions and the releasable material through books published and other media publications from approved sources. Laws and beliefs and those powerful people funding their desires for what they wish to have through the laws in enacted. Whatever the powerhouses of wealth want the people are forced on through it. The system.


From land to land ; from country to country you have trained personnel working for whom? Who provides? Who protects? Who establishes the branches of sciences and religious teachings to produce your righteous happy prosperous world? How is your system setup for groups and whole civilizations from the market to the babies you create to raise is your system?


Do you feel like safe people? Protected and honored properly in your birthlands and at other locations? Who gives you legal care? How do they give you legal care? How do they protect you in your country, state and cities? Are they creating a prosperous safe world and a great market to enrich minds and hearts alike in products?


Are you being schooled and molded up properly for each individual person alive? And that's about many factors to include just for One Person in consideration of their life path mission role. I ask you a few questions about yourself while you are reading this matieral. 


...And that is Why were you Born? Why did you come to earth to be born?

Why did you choose the family and others that are so significant in your life for your life path work to be fulfilled?

What is it about your family that you have learned positive and negative in traits for your own life?


What have you learned from the government laws and system for your life role gains? Are you all healthy, happy and prosperous people? Free to decide your own thoughts to express to the world and the branches of sciences with religious freedom there for you to establish your righteous learning?


Do you have the freedom of religious belief and to prosper to fulfil those rights respectfully for others like yourself? Were you allowed to be yourself? Were you given a proper system that could support your spiritual higher ambitions and other life enhancement methods?


There's no question there's insane perverted leadership movements in the country. All about sex, war and violence. And here you have retirded president daughter's from the White House talking about their private sex lives on media network channels. A sewage lot of sexual perversion dominates the airways. A ruining and destroying of minds in a low down way is going on in the country. Sex perversion rises the highest with violence. It was all created through laws and customs of sicknesses.

11 PM

Sexual moral decline in the country seems to rise higher than anything else. Perverts, sickos and main figures in the country adult children want to come speak to us about their private sex lives. Do you think we care about your private 'sexy' sex life with your husband Jenna Bush? Think again.  No sickos we don't want to hear about your bedroom secrets with your husband, lady. You cross the line. No good bitches with little sense like to destroy the world through sex, lies and violence promotion. One step at a time. She wants to talk to the people about her bedroom sex life in imagery ideas. You sick bitch. I'm tired of fucked up people running the country and having opportunities like you to drag the  sewer to the children's room on it all.


There's already too much perversion and now you have leadership of scummy minds doninating media outlets to speak to the  world from even expresidents daughters coming forward on televsion to talk about their perosnal private sex lives to air it to the world to concentrate a focus someone for that dumb bitches own gains through the media. Low minded low life wealthy Weirdos. You people are insane and dishonest. You sick people create murderers and perverts that rape babies. Your system stinks. There's plenty enough sex talk Jenna Bush you don't have to be a sleazy slut too do you?


Jenna Bush keep your sex life off the public airways. We don't want to hear or think about your sexual role in a bedroom you dumb bitch. People like you are helping destroy our lives. You unethical perverted bitch. Keep your sex life private stop airing on the air ways you crazy no good bitch. And so that's how my mind is about how these wealthy people are destroying life ethically through so much perversion outlets. You stupid people for it too. Perverted Minds flowing like it's a great thing creates serial killers even to clean up the mess created.


You have people like Jenna Bush and her father George Bush Junior feeding off the system through deceit to gain more for themselves overall. Trickery schemes for the most wealthy to control minds and hearts alike for programming through live airways for the wealthiest people's influence to override the system by what they claim is the way. What they tell you that you need to get. Like great gas guzzlers SUVs as George Bush instructred everyone to get. To get rid of their old vehicles to by luxury cars to replace so you go into more debt and George Bush Jr. owning oil companies across the world he wanted to push a new system through.


Jenna Bush is no different talking about a subject that hits airsways about her sexy sex life with her husband - hee-hee type of manipulation tactics on a theme for more views for whatever reason she had to come forward to tell us she's in a sexy sexual marriage with her husband. STUPID PEOPLE. They don't care how much damage they do to the earth or our lives as long as they get to live high on the hog of cattle and hog gains ongoing. Chopping up us as hogs and cattle is noted in the overhead control departments through licensing and laws to criminalize you or respect you at work. Even if you are chopping up bodies for fun in the morgue.


No good people just trying to gain more funds through a horrific system of lying predators feeding off others as farm  land animals to control and abuse into job placement schemes. And they setup what you are to buy to purchase for your new righteous life. They want to control what you purchase and they want to control your minds about how you think even sexually. The courts of laws is gaining off your marriages. The ministers running the chopping funeral mills is in charge of gaining great funds.


A system that is insane is after ongoing without real care great funds. Every person that has decided to be a president and has had that placement to rise above religions and laws always selfishly is looking out for their best interest in better gains to be had. They use a lying manipulative out of control system of disrepair to feed off you all like if you were nothing but bodies to chop up to fry for their gains in life.


Your in spiritual damnation for it. Keep on pretending you people are so great and honest and righteously good while you murder off and destroy everything through the laws you create to win win win. Greedy assholes of people. Do you need corrupt laws in a court of shams to rule your household sex life too? Crazy foolish people.


Jenna Bush is a school teacher -- God forbid and it's true. Is she desiring to educate chidlren on sexual sexiness for sexualizing ideas?? I'd say 100 percent yes. And to have her as a teacher in the world at this time is dispicable over the outcomes. Dispicable people that have way too much money to influence to corrupt hearts and minds to present as current times to view. All by their legal control and wealth pools they chop chop chop us down early on. They only care about their own fucken gains. All while they are suppose to be helping solve problems and to heal the world properly. Which they do NOT. Insane people governing over to ruin life as early on as possible and their families lives through courts of laws shams for profits.


When I was 13 after being severely harmed like an Engine to abuse in a school setting they decided I was the most retarded thing and harmed my years in schooling until I had to leave a broken impoverished home where a mother was sent away to work to pay for her children while no  one was an adult to look after those latchkey kids.


Well I headed on my vision quest and came across adult men having sex with 11 year old Hispanic girls back in the 80s. I cried after sitting in a car listening to a man and this child ask me if I wanted to have a threesome for the man. I said no and was soon back on the streets to walk alone.


 It didn't take long as a runaway from Washington State to California as a minor before the courts of laws trapped me in Los Angeles jail as a child to literal sex traffic me out for profits from the jail house in L.A.s courtroom to the lawyer defending me motel room for the only release from jail for me at the time.

They literally tried to enforce a new life role on the streets in Hollywood, California for me through the courts of laws because I was taught by adult men to just makeup a name to say you are an adult if you want to be free person to survive to  gain a living.  I listened to the adult men from the streets for how they had this latchkey child in their care on the streets. They tried to guide me to survive on the streets early on. I was taught how to survive on the streets for my vision quest. I was too young to understand much really about what was going on. When it came to the law and ramifications against my life on record for it.

When I escaped from the Rolex Watch deal deposit to set me free from jail from the lawyer to the pimp's gains for my new freedom on the streets for my release... I found a murderous sex-trafficking interprize working right out of the Hollywood, California Los Angeles jail house. There was no way I was going to whore myself out on the streets to pay some stupid pimp working with a court of law lawyer to gain their street prostitutes to use and abuse for ongoing funds.


I had flew in a plane at 13 and 14 years -old to California for my great vision quest. And once there my life was threatened beyond belief. They had the media connected to the minds of the children even to run to Hollywood California to become famous. Well that's all I knew from the television programs. They told us where to go, run to Hollywood California latchkey children. And so I did. I wanted everything adults had for my survival too and I was trying to figure out a way to safeguard my future after the education schooling fucked my world up by harming my mind severely as  greatly inferior to the other students. A retarded child is the label they gave me to segregate me off to destruction early on.


I escaped by plane out of Los Angeles after being chased down the Hollywood blvd., by an angry pimp that lost a Rolex Watch on the deal to gain a prostitute child to pimp by demand of control legally given to him to dominate over that life. Well he was hellbent on killing me for escapeing right away after he placed me on a streetcorner to work to give him great sums of money. I was like fuck that shit. Why would I get myself trapped in that demise. Well as I ran to escape the pimp that wanted to beat the life out of me for the losses not gains he would have. I ran head on with traffic grabbing car doors to open screaming for help.


A young girl opened the backdoor of the car for me and wanted to take me home to her mother. That I could live with them and go to school and have a great life. That was told to me right away after I was protected to enter a car with a couple young females. I thought about it and declined over that I was labeled in school as mentally retarded. Therefore I was crushed down more knowing that I couldn't succeed that honest righteous viewing type of way over the mental harm I went through constantly for my schooling gains. Which weren't to be any respectful considerate gains for my life.


Here I was knowing that I was going to be unable to gain to acheive anything through schooling system so I went back home to mama. Before then and after then lots of lookalikes were turning up dead. I answered the phone at my mom's home that was connected to the wall like they use to have. A lady from Los Angeles Morgue asked to speak to so and so which was my mother. I pretended to be my mom to hear what was said. The lady said I beleive we have your daughter's dead body before us here and we need you to identify it. I had been reported as a missing child. I told the lady "No my daughter is home." So that ended that. I never told my mom or anyone else nothing about my childhood experiences. I was 14 years old trying to succeed while really being in poverty without proper funds and gains.


For all my lifetime the courts of laws has been covering that up, that early on court records about me to use against me ongoing to destroy my life always ongoing. There's no question your system is creating enemies for funding purposes. They target us through the law early on to control our whole lives and families lives.


They setup a system that is so insanely heartless and illogical spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. They setup a system governing over the country and world for the empires gains not your gains. They want to do spiritual warfare against us through a courts of laws too I see.


A baby raping courts of laws is what I'm witnessing. Predators spying and listening to do more harm to families through the laws.

The courts of laws allows you to copulate with their animals also. They don't care they want gains. I found sex predators dominating the courts of laws that told me I didn't have any say what-so- ever as a parent when they tried to get to me through my sign they targeted through the laws to takedown to make into a faggot asshole. Which they didn't succeed in doing over my spiritual rites. You no good sex predators operating out of the laws. You no good baby rapers are dispicable. I found the tricks buying baby pussy up through courts of laws as they set forth how they'd manage to dominate over me to end my life.


A life they already raped up on and abused incredibly mentally for the new role I was to have laying on my back to be molested through the laws enactments about I pay their bitches now for my surivival that were wanting to also molest me. Sickos dominating through the laws is what I am so aware of that buy up pussy too of baby girls and boys off of their sex -trafficking market. All through sicko pervert laws used to rape life up with ease of it through the LAWS.


Baby rapers are after your children too through the laws enactments. They want to fuck the mothers and all the children and use the laws to gain accesses to do it. I live in a Baby raping country. That uses laws to rape up on the babies for life and to criminalize them to remove all resources possible in order to control them to do the court of laws bidding with all the new dominating lesbian predators working for them to enforce new roles for families and individuals through their dispicable legality system. You baby rapers are working it through the laws.


You sick punk assholes rape dogs and animals and children alike through operating a shadow government through the laws. You fucken rotten rodents!!! You sick pups disgust me. Your law women are no better than the men about baby raping up on life. You no good fucken low life freaks trying to control everyone through the laws that are no better than baby rapers going about their work for their own gains. By taking down families and enforcing prostitution molding even. You sick motherfuckers.


Your laws are creating people like Christopher Scott Wilson over your spiritual warfare perverted minds for your own gains through the laws. You disgust me. And you want to where uniforms to be honored? You sick baby rapers. I hope you dirty fuckcen rotten punks operating out of the laws to rape up on life burn in HELL.


They had women preying on me for sex and money when I went back to Wenatchee, WA., USA to get my drivers license right back after they forced me to the streets through dishonest laws to enforce a prostitution role for me. Women working out of the courthouse tricked and harmed me with the males. They said I had no choice in the matter about the prosecution crime against me and even against my child before that. All because I was talking about another religion, Islam. They stalked and hunted me and wanted to rip me apart in life to be their new prostitute whore they demanded money off of through a court of laws. All while harming me towards aggressive insane sexual predator lesbian women to find a new life with them in housing gains. Fuck you too punks. You large assholes raping dogs and all.  You sick fuckers. Burn in HELL.

 The courts of laws predators went after me to demand money ongoing with all their slutty whores dominating over my life through the laws too. Baby raping bitches. You have people operating legally superior in position to the rest of us allowing small children to be raped for the new people in the country great gains. You got all these sick bitches passing their children around to be molested by queers and child molesters alike. And they want to look at me in a racist hateful heart of prejudice what am I doing for work? You punk asshole bitches. You no good fucken fat asshole bitches are letting and doing rapist acts to children even. You sick pieces of fecal matter.


Burn in HELL for it. You no good punk ass Bitches. I witnessed a horrific sabotaging through the laws that tried to whore out my little boy, son away from me to predators and then me they got ahold of through the laws trying to enforce me to be a pussy eating whore for the law gains. And a whore on the back for all mankind so the laws could prosper while creating spiritual warfare acts ongoing. You sick son of a bitches fucking dogs and opening up cavities of small children. Die punks, die for it.


Your laws rape dogs and babies alike. You sick son - of - lousy no good bitches. Lousy no good bitches set children up to be raped even without care because they are speeding through life on all gains. Why should they care about anyone's private areas? They want to rape the innocent ones. You sick fuckers -- Burn in Hell.


Do you need a dog to poke? Do you like fucking dogs and babies to poke in the asshole? You motherfucken sick fuckers. You have policing forces raping up on all of life to recreate it as their caged animals for profit. Burn in HELL for it.


Christopher Wilson will be released from prison. Burn in hell you fucken no good baby raping dog raping predators. Every crime you do to us through the laws to remake us and to influence us into problematic situations will all comeback upon you predators. You sickos raping anuse holes and using the laws to do it. While putting children on their backs to be fucked by all mankind through your laws. You sick anus holes are so perverted you can't even use the laws to win win win anymore over you raping babies and dogs alike.

When you have your women raping babies too with the men  that means burn in hell. That you will die for it. I prophesy your legal system is going to be ruined over baby rapers dominating those outlets. And perverted sickos created to feed off others financially through the system to lay mama on her back since childhood for life to give pussy and ass to all mankind? You fucken rodents working through the laws are doomed.


Your skies will be filled with darkness ahead. You harmed innocent people through the laws to rape their vaginas, penises and assholes as early on as possible. And you used the laws to do it. You used the laws to destroy life to recreate it for your own gains you sick pieces of fecal matter. Ahead you have nothing to flush your diseased enterprizes down upon.


You rotten sick sex perverts controlling the laws to rape up on life. I hope you burn in hell for it. I hope you burn in hell for setting up a system where you take our people and make them into your criminals when you fucken perverted freaks are creating all the problems. Burn in hell while women eats another woman's cunt up. And a man sucks up a shitty cock wishing it was a child he was raping. Burn in hell for it.


Burn in hell for raping babies butts and penises and vaginas and using the laws to do it. Burn in HELL. Your system victimizes the predator for the role and the victim you sick son of bitches. Burn to death for it. To me that's suffering if you are burning to death through the laws you created. You baby rapers, males and females.


Prisoner's' are set free. You will learn about the crimes you did to people like me using your laws to harm us to death to put us in categories like farm animals for you to use and abuse. Your fucken courts of laws is a Baby rapist system and a dog anus hole raper. You sick pups.


The government country laws set me up to be sexual abused by everyone just like a dog that can't speak to defend thyself. They used their mock pretend laws to criminalize me so everyone would sexually want to abuse me like a dumb dog. They did this to me through the government education system since age 8 - years -old telling me my mind wasn't right. And that I was a retarded inferior student to the rest of the academic education center.


From there their courts of laws set me up to lay on my back until I was murdered off by one of their serial killers. They used the laws to target me down into placement schemes for their righteous ongoing gains. They setup a spiritual warfare system preying on innocent life to abuse sexually for profits for them. All by the creation of documents in their government system who to prey on and how to get away with it out of the courts of laws. You sick perverted freaks open your anus holes up to dogs even.


The courts of laws made my life into a victims life of ongoing abuse by others that demeaned me down regularly over the documented reports that I was retarded and then that I was a bad person AKA their criminal for everyone in civilization to think I was a stupid whore to sexually abuse and degrade to use for resource gains. All while using the laws to go after me in order for them to gain something off of my life that way by criminalizing me more down and out than they had before. They kept removing all my rights until I feel like I'm a jack - in - the -box to pop up out of the box for their delight momentarily on entertainment gains through the laws. You fucken baby rape pimps of both sex genders workin' it through the laws. You are sick pups indeed for me to witness overall. Sexualized perverts that are enforcing prostitution type roles on living Saints even. All so they can abuse us and use us for life financially while raping up on us.


All while demeaning our character personalities through the laws to setup a new whoring you out system they implanted into our personal private laws to enslave sexually even to control us. You sick pieces of garbage for it too. You have a law system preying on children to criminalize to be raped in prisons even while you happily watch. You sick sex freaks are insane operating from courthouses. You tricks buying up pussy left and right of all ages while running the courts of laws. You fucken rodents.

The laws don't mind you raping children under age four due to their fucken sicko status. Any child under the age of four telling on child molester predators isn't allowed through a court of laws as a true event. You fucken baby rapers. They give free reign to all to rape children under age four and to copulate with animals. And you call that a religion of laws? You large assholes oversexualized.


You no good people dominating over the USA and whole world to use your laws and power you stole from the people to rape up on life of the innocent ones to enslave into your sex -trafficking schemes. And to enlarge male anus holes as the norm. You sick pups are wickedly evil. Setting up crimes against people like me ongoing. All so others think they can get away with rape and torture roles for my life through the laws that allows it. You fucken queen assholes are a problem too overly sexualized into mass perversion as your new life role. Sick fucken pups. You are in spiritual demise for it. Burn in Hell means you will suffer for ongoing rapes, murdered and harm you set forth through the laws over your sickos perverted anus holes and all. Your laws created the worst ongoing havoc. You fucken rotten life forms are creating problems through the laws to replace the people you harm to death. You sick fuckers are using the laws to topple us to remake us for your own profits. You fucken no good punk assholes.


They setup a system where people would abuse me for life thinking that was the way to gain the most off that life. You fucken law sex addicts creating ongoing havoc. No good law sex predators. They removed all my rights almost already so they could pimp me for profit on the streets through the country laws. YOu fucken sham legality experts are destroying our lives in the country. All while trying to outsmart us and replace us with new people that will do the baby raping type of lifestyles they desire to control the country through their insane sex predator roles overseeing the world of people's lives. You fucken freaks.


You sick fucken no good freaks want us worst off than you to have someone to blame for your own sicknesses in operations you use to dominate us through the laws. Baby rapers. Dog rapers. You sick fucken people are insane. You set shit up. Just like you did to Christopher Wilson to go about his ways. You fucken no good people are a sham governing over us through the laws. Sickos. You use the laws on purpose to commit crimes in environments by your setup system. You punk assholes. You even set people up like Christopher to do horrific crimes and then you put him in prison to be raped in the ass while you sex perverted law punks watch. You no good serprents from hell. You sick baby rapers.

Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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