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Ignis is Latin for fire. The first time I heard the word Ignis was telepathically I kept hearing it back in 2020 while I was at my mother's residence visiting with her for four - months while I was residing in the city there were she lives. 


I was sort of in Limbo at the time due to the law troubles created for one person in poverty to navigate through rougher waters and terrains over emotional traumatic experiences. I was harmed over and over again after the wildlife and the Great Spirit was warning me and alerting me in various ways of danger approaching. Of oncoming danger. By the time I figured it all out it was too late. And the worst fire was reported. Fires. And loss of houses and places to live after that on the new way of existing without shelter for some.


Before hearing telepathically the word Ignis being told to me I had been alerted by the wildlife at a level that was supernaturally in position in consideration for knowing something would occur ahead of time.


Jinn is considered fire spirits. Created from fire. So that goes back to the beginning of creation for our earth domain and universe to take into consideration just what Ignis is all about in sub-branches to consider.


The interesting thing about my life is that I've always had psychic abilities to see clairvoyantly things that others cannot see on average. And it is connected to energies and prints to recognize and to interpret. Since I have had clairvoyance since childhood to see spirits and the energy form and also once in awhile I hear spirit speak telepathically or clairaudiently to give a serious message.


We can go back through time about the use of fire and how even the laws have used it to murder off people like Joan of Arc through the Catholic Church for her really having had clairaudience to guide her. She was burned to death and one ashy severed foot left in the ashes was taken as a souvenir by an offical with the Catholic Church. They harmed that poor girl over her psychic abilities connection to the godhead.


Through laws witches have been burned to death literally physically and that's a fact. So we recognize Ignis as fire for how it has been used in an abusive way to consider a legality type of system that is created by a religion that dominates too for the approaches and demise of their target.


We can go back to the original purpose for fire and that was for heat and to cook with. We also know fires happen my accident and have been intentionally set by people for whatever reason that may be. We know about fire is used to clear fields for replanting.


There's a history of militaries using fire to burn people out of land locations as well. We also recognize Ignis in elemental forces like thunder that shoot down lightening bolts to ablaze something. And the spraying showering volcanoe eruptions raining down fire is another example of agnis at work.


Ignis is expression that is used for hell and torment expressions from Christians with those statements and sayings they use about "You will burn in hell". And that Hell fire is a real place and so forth about the devils domain is a fire pit you are trapped at to burn for eternity is part of that Abraham dominating minds religion with many a sub-branches.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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