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Incredible Perversion


I recognize a predator system feeding off of life through dualism tactics to harm people to prey on them. And also using wealth to enslave people to them even through corrupt laws. I see a market of sicko perversion rising higher than intelligence for show.


Since I was a child I was whored out even through the courts of laws. I've spent my whole life trying to adapt to the material perverted world even to try to succeed while failing because that's not really me. In my investigations I have been drawn to another and others to recognize in living reality a world of sickos dominating with little care other than to fulfill their inner delights overall. All while succeeding. 


Due to the fact I was eliminated and disgraced mentally as a retarded child. Segregated and disgraced into isolation I escaped and tried to adapt to a world that was full of incredible ongoing legal market problems that rose much higher than any spiritual truth in supernatural knowledge I had to offer. 


I tried everything to blend in to learn from to navigate through to be me normally and no they want whores for show. I was sold to a man in a court of law when I was 14 for being found out as a runaway to Hollywood media influenced fully where to go to succeed to runaway too. I did that for my vision quest and lied when questioned legally about my age. I ended up in jail in Hollywood trying to escape being deported back to poverty impoverishment harshness.


When I was fourteen I was taught by elders if I was to be on my own in life I needed to pass as an adult to succeed to gain. I would make up names for fun and an age. It led me to be arrested as a youth and sex trafficked out from the court of laws in Los Angeles from the lawyer arrangement for my freedom.


After that I found it difficult to escape a sex trafficking system. I had to run for my life to survive while females looking similar to me in appearance were laying dead on street corners thrown out of cars.


Do to a system of education that decided I was mentally retarded at eight -years- old I was personally in danger trouble for my life. Trying to succeed when mentally harmed and disgraced so early on for my life role led to a move. My parents were instructed they had to move to another city where their retarded daughter, Kimberly Bunch, I could get proper help for her retardation. My parents were already living in poverty trying to succeed. This news about a beautiful child having a useless mind that ruined their life was apparent by the legality system operating deciding on what's what for show.


The agony and disgraces while having psychic abilities led me to escape for a Vision Quest at 13. I found lots of sex -trafficking issues to the courts of laws. And then I had attempted murder problems so I'd flee back to mama to safeguard me. All while I kept everything a secret about where I had been and what had transpired. Even through answering calls about a Dead Child found they thought was me. I answered the call and pretended to be my mama when Los Angeles called to notify her they suspected they found her child diseased. I was thankful I answered the home phone line that day to pretend I was my mother to her the news about me told. I told them no she's home. I never told my mother about any of it. I was fourteen years old.


I had spent a year away off and on mostly as a runaway for a Vision Quest to guide me to a better life for my future. And by doing so I found incredible perversion ovrerunning the laws through Sex -Trafficking trickery enslavement schemes that I did escape from. But that world of perversion to whore out females and male children ; youth was ongoing operating in sex -trafficking schemes through the laws mostly influencing that route for a billionaires delight on gains overall in the making.


I kept the crimes done to me a secret for my own honor to be reached. But as the days went on to months and years I found myself at a loss in my enviroment over disparaging poverty. And I'd flee for a new life to find a Whore's World set forth for me. So I became a parent to safeguard my own physical wellbeing. I wanted something, someone to love me back and so I birthed my first chosen child. And continued on that route not only for the traditional route but also for my own safety production survival tactics.


I was still classified as a mentally retarded impoverished criminal from childhood on up over my inability to properly succeed to have a good life. I would be directed to a whore's world to gain from. I had trouble adapting to a life created for a retarded person role.


My psychic abilities spiritual knowledge information was marginalized always as not important, nor anything to conern the self with other than here she is making a problem again in attitudes or disloyality in minds of some people that had it in their head I was a retard over the education schooling ruling when I was just eight -years -old. Such an impressioinable age to be brainwashed you are a stupid ignorant foolish person to abuse for life.


Before the reports that I was just a useless worth of life as a retarded person and my parents were forced to move from Winthrop, Washington State to Wenatchee for my special education services. I was so humilated and disgraced and my parents were harmed for it too by being told to move to another district where they could help the mind of their retarded child.


Before that the adults and  teenagers use to say I would grow up to be a movie star because of how I looked. And my mother always thought I was a very bright child. Until being informed about the brainless idiot her child really was and how much harm that child would cause by them being uprooted and moved. And the thoughts of a retarded child looking like me change the script from thinking I'd be a movie star to what was more likely to become of a brainless idiot child that was suppose to be me for show. And that was drunken messages from others around me as a child that I'd now grow up to be a prostitute. A Centerfold perhaps.


For all the disgraces against my life in judgments from a very impressionable age I ranaway to find a new life and always was harmed back over my real ways spiritually. A perverse insane world of predators whoring out children through the laws even through the media through their dualistic trickery schemes through corrupt laws had children playing adult roles and exposing their bodies and being preyed upon through media movie directors. I wasn't going to be apart of it. I wanted to escape from all the insane perversion to have a traditional good life.


Predators preying on others ended up causing me tons of harm for most of my life over housing and their own failures financially to improve their own lives. I was preyed on and used and abused by males more than not always and that hurts deeply.


Love from a man seemed to want to whore me out more than anything else for his gains. I found usery with males scheming trickery me my whole life to use me eventually in the process of gaining material goods for themselves. I was hurt and harmed and always begging spirit for help over and over again all my life for a better life.


When men want to whore you out to others for their own financial gain and you thought they cared and really loved you to find no you were nothing but something to use and abuse really hurts deeply. Forcing people to strip off their clothing to get ahead hurts deeply. Abusing people's bodies so they can survive hurts deeply.


Having been whored out to find financial gains to help a man have a better life while raising children in poverty hurts deeply. I had to work as a stripper to pay a man's way  while raising my two children before until Spirit had enough of it and helped me escape that situation. But then more harmed happened over the losses of financial gains.


I spent most of my life being serious harmed in ways that are so inhumane over the perverts market that forces women and children and young males to be whored out for profit however the system creates them to be as that out of poverty. Did you measure up? If not you could have been harmed in ways that are so insane over a corrupt set of laws and marketable products. The freakshow markets. Tons of perversion markets out there are evidence of mankinds disgraces and spiritual crimes.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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