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Inter-dimensional Travel


 It first started in accesses when I was five-years-old I was able to connect somehow to the frequencies out of time and space at a land location that produce a giant tortoise that could be similar to if a solid ghost was to appear then to vanish. Mostly the experiences were about when I would be able to walk outside my body which I had been able to do when the surgeon removed my tonsils. 


As I laid there on the surgery table I sat up and got up off the table to look at the man operating inside my mouth as the physical body laid there. I was standing at the otherside of the surgery table looking directly at that man doing something to my physical body as that body was unconscious. It pulled me out of that body over the danger to view. I walked around the table and stood there watching exactly what that man was doing. He had a clap in my mouth pressing down removing my tonsils. I watched the whole thing in my spirit body. Similar to a ghost viewing something in our world.


I watched the man until he was finished and he departed the surgery room. I stood there not knowing what to do. I was outside of my body and there on the table was me and here I was outside of that 'me' body. All I could think to do is go lay back down on the surgery table where my body was. I did and was back inside my body upon awakening consciously.


After that time I'd have strange supernatural type dreams and visions of things that were introdimension trapped energy forms to clairvoyantly see. Residual hauntings type of situations recordings playing out. I found myself at seven to eight -years -old recognizing my body levitating out of my body as I laid there resting. I was levitating out of my body from my spirit body viewing the wind blow the tree branches leafs around. Suddenly I opened my eyes and then was confused about how that could be even possible to see with eyes closed the same thing when I awakened from that rest. I had my eyes closed like if I was sleeping while viewing out my spirit eyes.


I just recognized the difference and about my spirit body and that I could see out my spirit eyes too while my physical body slept or was at rest. I would see important things such as residual hauntings and intelligent hauntings that confused my mind evenmore that continued on throughout my childhood and adult life.


For decades I didn't understand why I was seeing residual hauntings or why those recordings were trapped in time. They were preplexing to me to see imagery trapped in place like a video recording you watch of something going on. But no one else can see it that doesn't have the clairvoyant sight to recognize those atoms built-up at that level playing a recording of an impression trapped in time.


I would go on to have incredible experiences throughout my life about tapping into the past lands and situations on a major spikeup that occurred there from impressions left behind from various reasons that would occur.


The type of recordings trapped in time I'd see would just tell me a story in a way that seemed more like a daydream or translucient movie screen type situation to view or too feel to sense. And perhaps which was more rare for me to hear psychically. It took many decades before I understood and had more experiences with clairaudience and telepathy related to my spiritual mediumship work I do.


When I was ten - years - old  I lived in a haunted house with my mother and siblings. Poltergeist activity was common in everyone's conscious minds as they physical were present to see or to know from their own experiences something more going on that was supernatural related to ghosts. Intelligent hauntings were going on and were finding ways to communicate to each person that was always in the home present to witness to go through some sort of abnormal paranormal phenomenon.


My mom had antique bottles on a built in bookshelf that rounded a corner from the living room into the dinning room and thrown all about in various directions before her own eyes she saw her antique bottles flying through the air through the living room and rounding the corner to the dinning room. My mother was distraught, shooken up about it.


It was an interesting house that looked like a little house from the outside but was quite large inside with a basement add-on to the house that gave it so much more room. Downstairs was the most haunted with an intelligent haunting poltergeist activity much more apparent downstairs.


Every night at eight pm was my bedtime during the week and my bedroom was in the basement. I had to turn on the light and open a door to walk down to another section where a joining door was to leave the house or to continue down some wooden stairs to the basement. 


In my time at that house in the basement I got to know the type of spirits in the house and upstairs when they would go upstairs. It was like seeing a daydream of a translucient energy that was there in human form walking about then would disappear type activities. There was a lot of intelligent haunting episodes downstairs with poltergeist activities from my own private experiences that occurred. As well as I was a witness to the other childrens horror stories that unfolded.


It was just way too frightening of experiences for most to have their beds shaken by unknown forces or to have the toilet flush on its own. Both those two experiences happened to children family members as well as to myself. I thought it was pretty cool experiences but they feared and were shocked.


The only time I feared was when the prankster spirit ghost boy would spend too much time around me using poltergeist activities or just leaving an impression on my mind about seeing him there I'd take note of and that would frighten me. Because I was told at church that could only be a devil and that's not a good thing. So I never asked anymore questions about it at church when I went to Bible Study time group.


I was only ten-years-old and here I was seeing clairvoyantly visions that reminded me of daydreams playout before my eyes. Even one time I saw one of the ghost in the house an old man falling down the stairs in a residual haunting. I could't believe my mind was being hijacked consciously to see a daydream I didn't want to see nor did I create it. I was perplexed by my life with psychic abilities spiritual mediumship ongoing experiences to have to manage to understand on my own.


The interesting factor in it all was my mom tried to play it down to mange through it while most of the supernatural phenomenon terrorized children and put fear into my aunt that new something was down in the basement. And here I was to enter the basement first one at eight pm at night. And there was a prankster teenager spirit boy doing poltergeist activity and an old man spirit that didn't like people in his area of the house. And an old woman that would walk upstairs to a back room. Who knows who threw the antique bottles that day. My mom thought it was a message from a distant niece that had died. My mom was trying to reasonalize the situation logically in consideration of the strange poltergeist activity happening around when her neice had died.


Meanwhile downstairs I'd go to use the restroom and the prankster boy would flush the toilet for me and he did that one time for my girl cousin that was the same age as me, 10 years - old he flushed the toilet for her and she ran out with her pants clear down to her ankles in shock fear. She was more upset about my calm nature that regularly occurred to me and so it was no big deal. She yelled at me as she pulled up her pants shaking. She said, "That's NOT Normal !!!" She never wanted to be in that home after that experience and before that when she was sitting on my bed talking to me an indent in the bed formed as though someone was sitting right with us physically. She feared and I calmed her as though it was no big deal. I was use to it.


It was scary to me the more aggressive the spirit boy got with his poltergeist activities always playing pranks and staying close by me was very upsetting to my mind when regularly water would turn on in the bathroom by itself and he would flush the toilet while I was in the shower that would produce cold water in the shower he'd do. Or while I was taking a shower he'd turn on the sink water full blast and I'd have to get out to turn it off. It was that sort of problematic ongoing issues to the point where I got use to it.


I thought it was fun when he'd shake the bed. But not my sister she sure was upset yelling and wanting out of that room over all the fear she was experiencing in there. I learned that the spirit boy that was a blue-eye blonde haired boy around the age of 14. I learned he could read my thoughts. He could read my mind. I was scared over that he'd sleep hovering over my bed at night or walking around with another that was frightening to me when I needed to go to sleep for school in the morning. Here I was having dead people, translucient spirits operating around me as though they were still in their time with object in the house to go to type of strangeness overlapping our physical dimension.


I begged my mom several times to move me to another location in the house and each time she would and still phenomenon of various kinds would transpire that kept me upset, shooken at times over my own psychic abilities sight and connections to what was transpiring in our physical world bridged to the supernatural world. 


One time after the spirit prankster boy kept hovering over my bed as I slept bugging me it put so much fear into me that I moved to another room that was large with a sliding glass door. Even though it has a washer and dryer in the room there was so much space. It was spacious enough that my mom put a queen size bed in there for me and made it my room. As I seemed to gravitate around the house while we lived in that house from one room to the other complaining about something in there or knowing about something in there.  I ended up in the laundry room area room. I really liked it because it had that sliding glass door I could look out at the backyard and I could come and go from a door in my bedroom. I thought that was just super cool, great. 


Until one night. As I slept a spirit of a man entered the room and I could see him. I seemed to have been hovering outside my body because it is a skilled I have had that is a strange thing about that I seemed to have split off to two to be alive in consciousness to report about. And that is that I have a gift about being able to come outside of my body since childhood and to have clairvoyant sight.


Because the spirit of the man haunting the place that was the olderman in the house that was actively haunting the home through what is called intelligent haunting. He came out of my sisters room. The room she wanted to flee out of over her fright with the paranormal in there. Anyhow, here comes into the room a ghost of an angry man and he sees me laying there sleeping a bit outside of my physical body in my spirit body. Well, he got my conscious attention right away when I was in that out of body state because he reached over and grabbed me by my spirit body and forced me outside that glass door.


I had to go to school the next morning and here I was forced out of the house in my spirit body by an aggressive intelligent haunting old man ghost. It was raining that night and I stood out back of that house in my spirit body thinking how amazing it was to be outside while it was raining in my spirit body and I couldn't feel a drop of that rain like you would in the physical flesh and blood being alive.


I was forced outside by the ghost. I stood by my sisters window which seemed like for hours in my spirit body until an alarm clock sounded and my mother yelled down the stairs "Time to Get Up Girls." When all that occurred I found myself back inside my physical body opening my eyes up for the day. I was so thankful to be back inside my body and no ghost man around. It was as though he was appearing in our time in space and disappearing again at various times. As though a portal would open up and he'd walk through and cause trouble over someone or something he didn't like in his own space at his own home. So that was etheric. That was out of body knowledge and experiences to also add on in experiences to detect and know about so much more related to poltergeist activity.


For whatever reason around those that have natural psychic abilities spiritual mediumship connections something about some doors to interdimensional experiences could enter into our physical world to work as spirit guides about the aura light energy field connections. So we are talking about various reasons for why something may occur in someone's life. 


For me it relates to having spiritual gifts to be better able to understand it all to know to be able to explain about it. The ghost boy one day when I had enough with downstairs and got to move upstairs over my crying fits of fear due to the ghost man and boy aggressors that happened to use poltergeist shows of episodes to alert us that we weren't alone. And that was ongoing. 


Well I had enough and wanted safety again in another room upstairs away from all that trouble. I was going to have to share a room with my little brother. My mom liked her three daughters to all be together in the downstairs section of the house so she'd have more peace and quiet time upstairs. But she agreed I could move my bedroom stuff upstairs. That's how fearful I became.


As I was carrying a box of my possessions the ghost boy appeared at the bathroom door was in a translucient clairvoyant ; sixth -sense sight right in front of my eyes. Just like if he was a real boy standing there but translucient. He spoke and said "Don't Go."  Which was really about clairaudience at the time when I heard him clearly say those words to me as he stood there looking directly at me.


I was so upset I had planned to go out the sliding glass door with my box of property to take upstairs and now I was going to have to go up the wooden stairs to the plateform where the side door was to leave the house before climbing to the left a few more steps into the kitchen of the house. Just like my cousin feared the stairs because she said a ghost was there on those stairs one day and it scared her. 


The ghost boy  was standing at the bathroom doorway and I took that box that was in my hands and walked facing him directly ahead of me. I walked backwards up those stairs not taking my eyes off him. Because he didn't want me to leave the basement and he was suppose to be a devil spirit according to the church lady during bible study time. So I was really very scared about what he really may be. As well as it perplexed me his devotion  to me to even regularly stand by my side to flush the toilet for me was very odd. I started recognizing his energy field when he would appear to do that. I rarely saw him appear to transluciently see him but that day there he was boldy appearing demanding me not to go.


 I climbed those stairs backwards out of fear that he'd grab me from behind. I didn't want to take my eyes off him and he wasn't disapearing. As soon as I got on that landing where the door to lead outside was directly in front of me I had to turn to enter up the other few steps into the kitchen. I turned still in the direction to proceed up the remaining stairs backwards in case he was to grab me from behind.


Suddenly he appeared before my very eyes in sold form this time. I saw him just as though he was a real life teenage boy looking at me. As soon as my eyes were taken off him as I turned to the side on that plateform to continue up the remaining steps there he appeared. And this time he made sure he was in solid form probably to persuade me to go back downstairs. 


Just looking at him how he instantly appeared that quick like that up those stairs in a flash emotionally traumatized me into hesteria.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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