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Hello everyone. I hope you all are doing well. This release of information relates to how I learned about the Prophet Muhammad and the Quran.


I had been praying which is about your thoughts to be able to be a spiritual righteous person in life. It related to my psychic abilities with spiritual mediumship connections to my out -of -body awareness connections interdimensionally since childhood. I have been trained a lot spiritually with clairvoyance ; that's the sixth - sense. 


I have been able to come out of my body and access another timeline weaved into this one to pull through supernaturally such things as land animals. The Giant Tortoise story about my chidhood is an example about being a child free playin' in wilderness land with supernatural spiritual gifts connections. And then tapping into what had been on the land before. It's very advanced information.


I am connected to inbetween worlds related to heaven ; other dimensions with laws outside of our own to consider for existing in out-of-body.  Somehow I was able to tap into another time as though it was a solid spirit to manifest to appear. I would learn lots about the past history at that land location related to yes verification about the giant tortoise example about my interactions since a small child with advanced intelligence connections to the spirit world and conscious interacting intelligent haunting. Which to me is really about Spirit guides mostly coming, arriving to protect you at the correct time.


I believe the experiences I have had supernaturally with intelligent haunting like phenomenon is part of my spiritual life lessons to learn and advance with the knowledge verifications. Various spirits of all different types throughout earth history have had some sort of contact with me on a training system I must go through. That's only about the particular work I do and what is needed for someone like me to properly carry out the task to prophesy for the world. And to instruct on spiritual knowledge.


Anyhow, anyways... One day I saw in a vision someone I believe is the Prophet Muhammad. I saw a spirit cloaked in all black in the sky in this vision and he hand a wand like object. He was pointing it down at the market. It was a athetic gear equipment store. People were gathered all around in a long line and surrounding the front of the buiding needing, wanting to get inside to get the products. That vision happened back in 1996. I am being prepared ahead of time out of time and space prophetically about the future. I receive warnings.


Well at the time I was first warned by my child that strange shadows were moving on the walls and voices of people whispering were around him. I new he wasn't mentally ill. He was psychically sensitive. Just like his brother they were like angels to report when they saw a spirit or angel around. When they were frightened about the spirits coming around. Spirits that would end up training me in psychic detective work in the ether on another dimensional level in my astral body.


My child was scared and I became alarmed when I started seeing all sorts of incredible powerful spirits coming around. It was as though they were literally materializing and then vanishing. I could sense someone had been in the home while I was gone. We were being overrun with spirits invading our home for a very important reason. Warning messages were being released. Spirits were coming to guide me for the work I needed to do.


It's like we were under spiritual warfare attack. I felt like it over conflict alive about what is proper to do compared to not. I wanted to be more spiritual to have a better life away from the common law man I was with that had me paying for everything while I had children also to care for. I was being used and  I knew it. My eyes were seeing like I never saw before. I gained clairvoyance at an advanced level.


I was living a harmful toxic relationship due to we were going in different directions in life. We weren't good close friends in our relationship anymore. He became like a predator feeding off a source without care about equality between the sexes and so on. Everyone makes mistakes. Well I was heartbroken after ten -years of a difficult relationship coming to an end. I left and took the boys to my mom's home to get away from that investigation of spirits on that training at that location. I was under distress due to the constant visions while trying to manage everything else. I was becoming very psychic.


My mom encouraged me to leave and go to her place. She loved my boys and had priorly enjoyed having me around being supportive, giving and caring while being of service. Well under distress and having no job it didn't take long to really get doomed over lack of proper resources at the time. During the visions and other strange spiritual mediumship with psychic abilities brain hijacking type of experiences. I saw a spirit coming down the hall drapped in what resembled a moving rectangle long length like a hallway in movement. Traveling down the hall to the living room in a large space like a hall type of filled with darkness with a conscious entity in it.


It was a spirit showing me and speaking to me about the proper way to pray. The spirit showed me people that were bowing down with their heads to the ground praying to the Divine Source. The spirit said that's the way to pray. I believe the Spirit was Prophet Muhammad. I had no idea about Muslims nor that religion. I never heard of the Prophet Muhammad either at that time.


I watched as the spirit in the light became in size like a large man and he walked off down the hall and went out of this dimension by entering a walk through closet. I thought that was odd the exit out but it might relate to something we don't understand about a location. It's like the haunted closet in ideas. Well I do know spirits enter this world and exit it and various locations for entrance and exists. They can appear doorways to transluciently walk through and also windows to see you to speak to you to show you things even.


In the year 2001 I met a Muslim lady that had moved to the country that was a religious teacher back in her homeland. Yemen. I told her about my spiritual story connected to a spirit that I believe was the Prophet Muhammed that came to me to tell me the best way to pray. The lady joyed about what the spirit showed me by saying "No we don't pray with our foreheads to the ground like that. We put the top of our head to the ground to pray."


 I was a bit confused because I hadn't fully understood about Islam and that religion connections to that experience I had. About that particular spirit coming like a powerful spirit and showing me things about the future danger on the lands and also instructing me about a religion prayer method. Well that was Prophet Muhammad's people.  I was learning about the religion from first having had the supernatural experiences related to that religion and the warnings.


It's as though advanced spirits came to speak to tell me things and to teach advanced operations connections to the work I am to do. Teleportation has beens something I have been taught to do connected to astral travel and traveling through other dimensions as well as perceiving ; seeing and knowing in visions about what had existed there at that land location before. I seem to be able to go in and out of timelines. As though I am a spirit guide ; a ghost overlooking watching. I can even go through time to another timeline to telepathically ask another a question to receive an answer.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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