Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes




Jesus Christ with Satan

Deciphering Facts from Fiction.



Here we have a Prophet man, named Jesus from a specific city that lived at a specific time that was anointed by someone in his time to be called Jesus Christ. This particular person was chosen as a prized spiritually gifted God as three entities in one. Furthermore, that is suppose to be a soul in physical form that incarnated at somepoint in earth history ; we all agree to this information is that correct?.


To be less vague we add in year details to explain about a particular person that incarnated in the flesh and blood that was a miracle healer in His time. We know the story about Jesus Christ lived a couple thousand - years ago. And during that time of those reports about Jesus Christ ' stories ' about a man from Nazareth so the story goes. We recognize the story about a miracle worker that lived long ago that is honored to this day for having mysterious supernatural powers as the found manuscripts indicate.


It doesn't seem to matter what pages from what book were glued together to produce sentences to strew together to explain a powerful God in One person that rules over the whole world alive or deceased. We recognize the stories quite well, or at least I do and I know most people know the basic information about the Bible stories related to the chosen Jesus Christ, Prophet ; AKA God.


As we review Jesus Christ as a supernatural person  with prophetic healing, psychic and spiritual mediumship gifts that internally mechanically in the hardwiring of the brain clearly without a doubt connects to  psychic abilities. And that's about heightened senses to register as in the Sixth - Sense and so on and so forth with the extended - senses mind powers talents.


We recognize Jesus Christ was alive with incredible spiritual gifts as a living physical person that had encountered a person called an Angel. AKA a Messenger that was named Satan for the record.  Angel Satan is another name for Satan due to the status of the observer witness Spirit that also is a angel of a messenger to recognize in the description details of the character's personality towards others while being interdimensional supernaturally.


Here again we have two characters that our suppose to be in dualism of each other. For one is suppose to play the good guy and the other is suppose to play the bad man role. And that's according to some religious text material found ; or glued together to produce words. We must recognize honestly literally physically what we have in life to work with to manage with reasonable and realistically to advance educationally in intelligences to consider to extend along a bit further. And that's in reevaluation of ancient knowledge facts from fiction to decipher about in physical matter materially to recognize what's what.


An ancient biblical manuscript according to scholars and the released manuscripts about Jesus Christ's lifetime states Satan is sitting on one side of the Divine Source, AKA God in Heaven while  Jesus Christ   is sitting on the otherside of the Divine Source in Heaven.


 We recognize that number adds up to three. So there's three supernatural sources in heaven we agree about. We have also been told Satan is an Observer, Witness, Accuser  that is a Supernatural Spirit. And we have also been told Jesus Christ is God, and a Holy Spirit as well as Himself AKA, Jesus Christ.





Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserve, 2022