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Manuscript: Roughdraft Notes




Jesus Christ's Rainbow, Medically



Supernatural constructed private information is within these words.




It pleases me greatly to be able to have this incredible opportunity to release my prophetic healing rites material. My knowledge about a person that lived long ago and the teachings they gained in supernatural constructed connections flows with time in and out of space ; as even liquid moving and also evaporating substances. Which is something apart of nature to witness.


We live on earth in this time and space except for those experimenting in the sky roosting above in orbit in outerspace spying and listening in all directions. You know that the one taking in the whole picture is going to comprehend a ton more right?


In addition, we are also as the anchor foundation with opportunities to go aerial and outerspace in orbit. We have a solar system. We have a sun, moon, rainbow and many planets to view along with stars and satelites to see in the sky. Evenmore to consider is the elemental forces on earth. So we do take in a lot alive physically to view and to recognize how light bouncing off water to reflect back upon thee.


You have light and darkness and water and winds and fire in elemental forces to recognize phyiscally to observe in creation ; in living matter in your lives on our lovely earth we reside on.


Each living vessel alive carry liquid substance into their systems has a consciousness that is considered an intelligent system operating in the whole stream of living matter you have water sounding off of water in the invisible world. Where that liquid is there is moving substances connected to Jesus Christ's rainbow.


You all alive are as Jesus' Christ Rainbow. Just because you cannot see or hear something doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Dualism is in competition with reality physically through basic five-senses scientific dogma to control everything under a pile of loot for another persons control. If you are harming physical reality you are not connected to the Divine Source.


Seeking piles of wealth in knowledge fairly without being jealous or competive for a loot of gold in ideas to master over everyone else through corrupt laws than you recognize an invisible world easier connected to your soul, your physical body. And your own life on earth as you have lived it. There is a second part of you as a living spirit be-ing. And that is each one of you has a rainbow of aura colors.


I don't recommend silencing others minds and hearts and voices to dominate over them through corrupt laws. Recovery, healing through rehabilitation methods physically for profit in corporations loses the way. This occurs overtime through a greedy corrupt ongoing system that destroys through competition important details for the healing arts rights and rites spiritually in others superior knowledge to add in for it. If you destroy everything to dominate over it you end up removing Jesus Christ Rainbow from your earth.


When Jesus Christ's rainbow from earth departs it means dark skies will fill your day light hours. I'm not talking about light and day ahead. I'm speaking not about darkness across the earth at another land location while you are in daylight time somewhere else. No, that's not what I am referring too.


When the sun goes away for good you will have another type of system. That means you will be learning like if you are going to school for the first time on that little bus. You are born again in my mind through recognition of truth spiritually for your own recovery.


Species communicates with each other unconsciously for some through Jesus Christ's Rainbow spiritual teachings. You must first recognize each one of you has an energy field that is alive taking in liquids walking about, laying, sitting or just stationary position. It doesn't matter what species state you are in when you are alive consciously taking in your world to interpret and to send out transmissions. If you can receive transmissions from other living species through your Jesus Christ Rainbow than that means you are very receptive to the photon light waves around you for your own interpretation consciously to consider.


You may unconsciously or consciously literally and physically have been taking in a lot emotionally, mentally and even spiritually over a loss of spiritual food for substance. When this happens choas is created at an unbearable level. In order to overcome the tradegy of distruction due to a lack of a proper system worldwide you have agony and remorse and revengeful people to view laying out in destruction to witness.


You are a reception to other living sources of photon light waves connected to liquid and that's your H20  ; water for consideration alive with their own energy field detecting out on a radius to interpret their own worlds and lives.


Each person and all of living life individually consists of Jesus Christ's Rainbow within their bodies. I am talking about your invisible world.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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