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Johnny Depp, the Pimp


Mr. Z you are nothing but a warfare weapon against women to the genocide of women. Do you put your highheels on for your acting roles too, Mr. Z? You fancy yourself up like a man woman. You mock and disgrace women while you wear female jewerly around for show upon your very body.


Mr. Z you are a disgrace to women in general and you undermine women enough to disgrace them that will lead to a genocide against women. You switch-hitter. You are a disgrace to view spiritually on all levels. You devil. Go back to HELL where you orignated from.  You disgraceful serpent predator gobbling up all of life to shit it out for show.


You no good person, humilating and disgracing women as you desire to be as that. You sick foolish man. You can have all the ignorant whores you want at your disposal while you are nothing but a pile of fecal matter to view overall. You no good predator against women.


You sick perverted fucker. Go back to Hell where you belong Mr. Z.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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