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Legality Creates Prostitution


For all my life I've viewed an arrogrant corrupt overhead legal system that preys on us like predators in the plotting schemes for their own division of what they have created as Justice. I've recognized a setup system all along since early on in my childhood of mockery roles to isolate and corrupt to destroy individuals that cannot adequately fit a molding through a corrupt immoral governing system of laws.


I've recognize resistance against true real life spiritual connections as they mock for show reality through the media corruptly undermining morals and proper respect for children and others readily ongoing.


I've been setup where they have planned in plots how to harm me back down to zero through corrupt legality predators mocking reality as they act out roles to hunt down and harm to trap the bad guys they have created through a mockery system of disparaging results to view overall through a perverts legality domain system.


I've spent my whole life being severely harmed always for speaking truth and bringing real life spiritual reports forward. A world created to whore out children and mothers and grandmothers and anyone else they can like young males is known all about. Look at your sick perverted world the law with their religious views corrupted have done to us all. Just take a look at the actors ruling over reality.


Just take a look at the worship system they honor to give millions and billions to that turn around and harm us ten times more for their arrogant and ignorant of the psyche advancement gains. I see a world created for the predators and worst people to overrun cities and states and countries over others worshipping their fake Madonnas and others for the King's entertainment gains.


I've been brutalized and harmed so severely in this lifetime I am speaking out because of it all that has happened to me in mind, body, spiritually and emotionally for the seize capture caging roles I've had to live within confined for being an honest good intelligent spiritual person striving to succeed.


A buttfucking pervert world has been created by sickos. Prostitution is enforced through the laws in my opinion totally fully and they mocked the rape murder of children by antagnistic approaches through the media because those predators overrunning the system are in charge overhead of everything even the laws. So they can take the Virgin Mary to whore her out even if they find out she's alive. It's that type of dishonest pervert domination warfare tactic environment I have been raised under through corruption of a complete dominating insane system. 


They plot how they can deceive us through religions they stole away to use for their courts of laws justice while corrupting those spiritual truths and messages because the overall system is to destroy truth and life by deceiving.


I recognize a shallow courts of laws staff that prey on vulnerable weakened helpless people the most to seize their property and life to the deathblows thereof. I recognize a sex-trafficking government that dominates in shallow pools of the psyche to view. I recognize a buttfucking animal raping system created concealed through their Superior arrogrance of career positions through physical laws they created to punk open buttholes even.


I recognize a baby-rapers legality system for sure preying on everything they can to give them their babies even so they can turn out to molest sexually even. I recognize a sicko world that creates a sicko visual system of disgusting people to view gaining more than anyone else by being perverted and extremely corrupt with no spiritual senses to recognize their crimes.


Your laws rape babies and the youth and anyone else right out of life by predators wanting more of you personally and using laws and a corrupt illogical immoral illusion system to dominate through the laws to Honor.


I recognizing a baby -raping system created through the laws that targets vulnerable people in environments to use up like prey for predators regularly enthussiastically even. There's mean too many times I have been targeted by the law to disgrace me ; to dishonor me ; to toss me outside to live ; to whore me out even for their own superior righteous justice gains. All while destroying my whole life and others. All while they murder off as many of us in the process as possible while they prey to take the best for themselves.


We have a legality problem on our hands that is a baby-raping system. I had a dominate legality system overrunning me wanting me to be a dark barking for them down on all fours through their insanities of sicknesses to observe and to try to survive through. You rotten life forms I'm not your dog on all fours to abuse as the norm. You sickos.


I recognize a legality system of predators they try to destroy our minds for our spiritual righteousness by wanting us to be their dumb dogs they fuck on as the norm to have barking out in pain that they beat down on as the norm to silence the dog into submission. We have a predator system of dominating people working through the laws like they are so superior with their roles and fortunes to abuse the spiritual messengers that are alive.


The legality system tried to destroy my mind to beat me down like their dog in submission tactics that they rape upon and happily beat on in gains over the silence of words. The dogs cannot speak your language to tell on you. And they tried to beat me down and harm my brain like that to murder me off so much easier as the bad person. You sickos.


You system stinks to high heaven while you want honor for going full force to act out roles to entrap people. You sickos. The worst predators mock you and mimic you and dress for the occassion to be like you in your environment to harm you through their stinkin' corrupt immoral laws. They pretend to be like you mocking your life role as they seek to harm you for their financial gains.


They deliberately are breaking laws to harm you to create trouble for you for their own selfish righteous gains while casting doubt and disparagement and criticism and dishonor and disloyality and stains of insanities to criminalize even a spiritually gifted disabled person. You fucken rotten sickos.


I've spent my whole life knowing and learning about the legality predators operating in shallow minds for their superior honor in material glory while abusing children into prostitution and getting away with it. While creating crimes and harassing and harming and mocking people to overrun them to harm their minds, spiritual rights and bodies to emotionally arrest them for the capture. Insane predators creating crimes in hopes they trap someone into one of those crimes for their illogical insane greedy seriously evil legality system of superior gains.


I recognize a Baby -Raping system created through insane corrupt people overrunning the laws. I diffently recognize a law of predators going undercover harassing and creating havoc for citizens to produce unfortunate outcomes for those they target. They'll create crimes to harm you. They'll set shit up to make it look like you did something harmful in environments to have you targeted as a problem. Baby - rapers.


They are breaking up families to overrun the system by harming you in mind, body, spiritually and emotionally to overrun you and to seize property and gains from you to recreate a system for themselves from their superior ideas to let land invasion on through for cheaper wage workers by replacing the citizens we already have because they are greedy and evil and want more and so they figured out a way to replace you all when necessary for their own wealthiest gains of a new system they created.


Which is a Baby-raping system that steals children and murders off parents even or prosecutes them through their trickery trapping schemes so they gain more. A dishonst lot of people navigating their corruptions on their rewriting laws is what I notice. Baby -rapers.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022