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Life Path Mission + Reincarnation Reading


The Psychic Readings I offer are various different kinds of readings that I specialize in. I have two particular readings that go good together like a parallel system of an extension. That would be due to it's about you and your soul and life lessons you are to learn in this lifetime about that has a lot to do with who you were as a spirit form back in heaven... before this lifetime.  


An automatic evaluation from your energy field leads me on a path to track if there's trackers on you as a soul of a person with an aura that can lead back through time to recognize who you were before and what you were doing. 


I am able to track people on a level that is about light waves with energies attached going out to follow after to see and know and experience through a sixth -sense gift visions about not only a person's life path mission for why they were born but also explanation with the other reading about reincarnation that clearly speaks about what you were doing in another lifetime and who you were with then and what happened in that other lifetime that relates to this lifetime. 


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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