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Hello there Everyone. Thank - you for your interest in reading my spiritually gifted documented reports. This one is about how I was able to astral travel to bilocate in a since to be at two places at once. One place physically and consciously aware and operating while almost like a dream ; or daydream type of mental thinking was attached to the out - of - body bilocation ; astral projection to another location through another dimensional access point.


The information I state below is about my dear beloved grandma Beulah. She died and never came to me directly afterwards to speak to me. I was surprised and couldn't figure it out because I am very gifted between worlds ; dimensions  to heaven even for the accessing communication radio wave AKA sound way and spirit body connections with a sixth - sense and all the connectors to literally experiencing being at two places at one time.


Well the thing is after two weeks time suddenly I was standing in heaven next to my grandmother that died two - weeks earlier and my grandfather that had died decades beforehand. They were in heaven standing together and spirit took me there to stand astrally in my spirit body consciously aware. I was standing viewing my grandmother and grandfather on my mothers side of the family. My maternal side of the family grandparents were deceased and they were viewing something. I was standing there watching as a witness.


My grandmother Beulah died and I waited wondering why she never appeared to me after she died to say goodbye. A lag in time happened by two-weeks then suddenly as I was working at my desk at home my mind became 'hijacked' . My consciousness was taken away like if I stepped into another location all while comprehending I was sitting at my desk physically at another location on earth. While my spirit body was taken away to stand at another location in another dimension to view to witness something going on.


There stood before me was my grandparents facing a Chicken Coop house. They were viewing something together to witness that was important to my grandparents. I got a glipse of that special moment they shared together once grandma Beulah reached heaven. I thought how strange it was but I comprehended the lag in time before she got to heaven. That was my focus about the whole encounter in heaven when my grandma reached there was to comprehend introdimension time travel methods from one location to the other for length of time to reach heaven from earth, two weeks. It was a couple weeks time before she was there.


I was excited with a on- track focus about the time lag limbo type role. I was learning about the processes of death where you die and learn another set of ether laws of physics sciences. You are adjusting afterdeath to your etheric spirit body. You are also able to adjust to the new laws of operation in another dimension for movement. For sensory conscious perception with your spirit body.


Of course I was all into finding out the length of time to get to heaven and then learning literally physically by my grandparents taking me to heaven to witness an important event in their lives my grandma wanted to review about the life she lived while alive.


They came from the Dustbowl era. My grandparents worked in field labored as children. Especially my grandmother. My grandfather came from a line of judges. Law folk.  My grandmother worked the fields when she was a girl as her parents traveled around to work in fields for a living. She remembered trailing in the back of a truck with her siblings when a passing car threw them some apples. She always remembered. It was a pleasing memory of those hard labor days back then for her side of the family.


When she met my grandfather they traveled to another land location after marrying and rented out a chicken coop house where she had their first daughter.  When I told my mother the Great News about hey, I saw grandma and she arrived in heaven two -weeks after she died for a Life Review. I said to my mom she was standing with grandpa. But the strangest thing is they were viewing a chicken coop house. I thought that kind of odd. my mom said that's because that's where my mom birthed her first daughter, Amy.


I was like O my lord. I was stunned and honored to have been able to witness such a spectuclar situation with my spiritual gifts. And then to have confirmation about detailed information explained to me so I could understand fully what was going on was amazing. The problem is my brain is hijacked for it. That means reduced functioning physically consciously in ideas in order to be at two places at once.


It's like being a radio beacon satelite with visual receptions. I do feel odd sometimes still being alive over a lifetime problematic situation unexplained phenomenon about I've been walking out of my body entering other dimensions since five- years - old. My mind is different because I have heightened senses psychically spiritually introdimensionally and so forth. It's not easy.


I have to balance out so much about receptions of being two places at one time even. As well as to see and hear and know prophetically knowledge regularly like a scientist investigating researching unexplained phenomena.


Therefore, it pleases me greatly to have been able to tell you about it. It's helpful to me to release the information. I will go on to speak to you about functioning introdimensionally afterdeath.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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