Manuscript : Nonfiction Roughdraft




Little Mousy

Life & Death Combo Union.



Little Mousy was my son Seth's pet mouse that the children ; boys loved to play with. One night as I was sleeping soundly suddenly I was up out of my body standing before my physical body to go check on little Mousy. Something was wrong. I walked through a couple doors in my spirit body transluciently to stand before the dead body of Little Mousy laying limp in the cage over an unexpected death.


Little Mousy was in a spirit orb shape above the mouse's cage. That light before me grew to the size of a small tot in height stature. As I stood in my spirit body at the cage the light orb that grew larger spoke into my mind clearly at a telepathic sound wave level. Little Mousy had died and was letting me know this at that time of his death.