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Live Reports Channeling



To begin with I will speak about the History of my Reports ; I've been trained through my psychic abilities development to use a system that includes a supernatural radar skill to connect right on target or out of time and space to high impact scale news reports on the receptions. I'ts like I have a gift I developed to touch point right on main subject themes media protection released.


It all started  after I realized that by talking to people online in live sessions that I could connect psychically, spiritually in access to their energy fields to read it to do psychic readings. I learned that discovery back in 2011 when I came forward publicly online about my prophetic spiritual supernatural stories. And that I am a practioner in my title trade business with psychic abilities. I told hundreds of stories that are true about my supernatural connections. From there I was asked to give psychic readings online for profit. So I started by services up online and have learned incredible information that has helped develop and enhance further my spiritual gifts. I am thankful for all the lessons to learn so much in life while being connected to the spirit world consciously even over my psychic abilities natural psyche role.


I have trained and developed many talents to see into the future and to use psychic abilities to help people that respect and understand to acknowledge and to consider properly without prejudice directed hate crimes at the source. I have been very fortunate to have gained the opportunity to be able to gain so many testimonies in positive light of the spiritual work I do connected to the supernatural mysteries.


I discovered also that when I was on a live plateform with many others I could channel through information that others were telling me was as if I was talking personally to them about their immediate situation. They found it incredible connection. I was able to release news reports on time through psychic abilities about high peaks up in living matter about energies accumulate to retrieve various imprints impressions to predict through a direct channel trance like state by harnessing my mind to use it to tap into electromagnetic currents on a radar wave with clairsentince, etc.. The complications to explain how the mechanical operations work is quite extensive.


It's like my brain gets hijacked for the process when I use prophetic abilities to connect to tons of people viewing what I am posting. The gathering of the consciousness and energies can be read through on spikes up in living matter related to others energy field aura lights to retrieve data from. It's complicated material of course to sort through to factually prove in a physical world when restrictions and eliminations are abundant to always stop such works of arts. There's a history of eliminating the prophetic messengers on earth through bad laws. Corruption.


Being able to research and predict and tell my true stories is very important to me for my life path mission that I am devoted too. I cannot change the heavenly books of fate already arranged about my own soul. There's no need to do such a thing when so many events were prearranged to occur. I recognize life and death and inbe-tween those two existences to consider.


I recognize omens and I have sacrificed a great deal to stay on target with my life path work to develop and use properly to teach from and by my spiritual gifts that are very authentic and natural.


There's a science behind what I do that speaks about secret socities and advanced technology curious to military tactics and instruments. What is concealed eventually shows itself when another upgrade comes. When something isn't so threatening or dangerous to behold due to not knowing how it works than it is accepted and passed down to others through mainstream production material. And that goes back to corporations and markets.


Well for me for free I was willing to learn and teach and use my psychic abilities to instruct through interpretations. I did that for two decades before going on to gaining income from those same type of psychic readings. I wanted to make sure I was accurate and to build up on my skills along the way. I also wanted to give to charity by releasing all my reports to the general populace for review.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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