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In Heaven before you are born you are a soul planning to incarnate around a group of others. You make plans to incarnate with others at various times in your life for various reasons extended out to your own life path missions separately and intwined by just being born during a mainstream fast moving cultural time.


You choose the sex you want to incarnate to be in order to be able to  physically carry out your intended life path mission for the whole purpose of your soul's existence and for what you have chosen to challenge your own natural soul talents by doing, and beoming and creating by influencing. You incarnate to carry out your own soul mission.


When you are born harming your vessel is against true spiritual rites. You are to protect your vessles and that is about your body that houses your own spirit. And also about the Divine lives in you. That's because the true Creator of existence has accesses to enter your very being like if wind was to blow in your face and at your very body but to enter you is really about your connection to a higher power and your soul that is within your body. 


It's mainly your soul, you spirit that is within your body that resides there. But a spirit guide from the divine source is suppose to also have direct access to you like a kite to assist you in life. It's like an angel that watches after you to help guide you through life. Those accesses are open to the spirit world for you. You may call upon the Divine Source and spirit guides will be aware about you and how best to guide you to assist you along however that is carried out. However that is manifested in your life depends on your desires in life. Your own true passion and quest and thoughts that materialize something into your life. Perhaps it was just meant to be is a saying that fits well in place reflecting on such subject matters.


Changing your gender after you incarnate is an interesting matter. As well as cosmetic surgery to deliberately change your natural appearance to look like someone else is another interesting situatioin about people and their intentions overall for reasons why they harm their vessels to change them to produce something else for success gains and with that self esteem props.


I know life is complicated and that when we incarnate on earth we are usually doing that regularly ongoing to learn great lessons and to teach great lessons by what we have learned along the way throughout time on earth recordings for those that have incarnated repeatedly to carry out their life path missions in various ways. And at various times. One learns that you cannot conquer to fulfill your heavenly ambious dreams for what you want to occur while you are alive living one incarnation. 


It could take many lifetimes before you fulfill your chosen life path mission quest for incarnating on earth at any given location at any time. You choose ahead of time to be male or female for a reason to carry out a very difficult task. Changing your sex gender to another to take on another identity seems to be in conflict with the original gender role you were intended to carry out to live and be as.


That is why such matters are in conflict with Jesus Christ's teachings.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022