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Genocide Against Women


In the 21st Century man is legally attempting a genocide on females and preying on children with the help of whomever through corrupt laws and minds alike. Look at all those males as ugly as hell wearing glitter and full makeup faces for their perverts roles from being molested early on. Their minds are ill, sick from being molestested as children. Then you want to replace women with pervert men that were molested? To take charge of children? You insane freaks.


A genocide on women to steal children to corrupt is also going on by perverted buttfucking freaks having help with corrupt women to give those children up to them through corrupt laws. All I see the government producing is perversion, rape and sex-trafficking while confusing the male mind that they are now a woman? You sick freaks. You'll have fire storms to survive through while the Great Spirit opens the grounds up to take down the largest buildings and sources of the creation of the demise against life. Not everyone is suppose to be gay or forced into another race to bed down. But that's the sicko world you created to harm women's roles to a genocide.


You created a world of predators wanting children to prey on sexually even and men looking ugly as hell even pretending to be the NEW WOMEN. A stinkin' shithole smell is obvious filling up the world of life space. Fecal matter smell is obvious created as they rape the children and others lives away in plagues of injustices created through predator laws.


They want babies raped as the norm by removing the good mothers and parents. They want to kill us off or pervert people to burn in hell ahead. You are up against the Heavens and morality for it laws worldwide. You thieves and murderers time is numbered governing over us to a sickness of plagues to view literally.


Tossing us outside to criminalize us is another grave crime the governments are doing. As well as selling us bullshit to harm us repeatedily. Look at your freaky markets of dildos galore and porn shops ; and other stripper joints and restaurants and everything else that whores out people and whole families to doom or gains for their perversions.


Does each person need a dozen dildos in their homes? And pornography galore of even kitty porn and perverted child molesting cartoons you allowed through to corrupt people that much more to try to prey on them even through the corrupt laws. You create crimes to arrest people. You harm minds to steal from them. Over and over your sicknesses to steal from us is showing governments worldwide. Spirit says your time is numbered for it.


You'll have black skies and fire raining down as the norm while the ground opens up and spirit floods the world over your harm against a natural good system. Predators preying on children to steal for buttfucking roles is a grave crime.


Corrupting children and perverting them while seeking to criminalize them if they don't walk that fine line of perversion is another disgrace you created.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022