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Many a Ghost


I'd like to think programs foremost that were aired live and in recordings for us ; me in general to have watched and learned something from to understand about my own life and mind with psychic abilities for what I have seen and heard at times and experienced x2 + more.


Thank - you to all those that have worked hard to publicly release paranormal phenomenon from your electronic gadgets to prove and improve the system about introdimensional sight and sound connections that you have accesses through your instructments through technology gadgets.


I appreciate the fact that you have found proof. I don't appreciate the terrorizism crimes you people do to gain that information by disrespecting the Spirit World connections to your own world. It's like spitting in a corpses face afterdeath. When you disrespect a land area to overrun it abusively to take what you want and to harm the ritual patterns at those locations from before will work against you.


If you do NOT respect the land nor the spirits trouble will arise for your intrusions.  You go to a land location to hunt for ghost without care about your mind thoughts and those intelligent haunting spirits and energies connected to that place. If you trample down without care to just take information by provoking spirits that are earthbound trouble arises for it out of time and space. That means perhaps a delay to be in trouble for the disruptions arrogrance. If you are just tormenting and provoking spirit acitivities so you can record and take pictures if will work against you eventually for it.


If you are spiritual ignorant and only after dominating like a ignorant person to gain more finanically by harming spiritual sources your time is numbered for it.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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