06 /07/2022

Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes




Martyr's Mission


In life we incarnate from another dimension we recognize as Heaven. We are birthed forth into this world with a set mission quest. A plan on a soul chart prepared and planned out ahead of time from the heavens.


The main theme of your life has been prearranged for each person. You are also your personality throughout time that never seizes to change from the root of the hardwiring thereof.


When someone  is born with a Life Path mission quest in a chosen specific area that branches out at a level that surpasses expectation and that person's current restricted social, educational doctrine allowed teachings that are approved ; that have been handed down to another and others for safekeeping in regards to history reports.


From history reports we can research to investigate to decipher about in regards to a Martyr's role. What type of person in a profession becomes the standard model of the Martyr? ...I recognize the knowledge I have learned from lots of reading of prior historical records related to spiritual knowledge religiously and individually singled out to critique to criticize down in harms way another to scorn and deprive of something. To torment and disgrace another ongoing over the domination tactics over others lives on the lands.


I recognize religions are used to physically control the laws and minds alike through physical torture and death customs through laws.  Research notes gathered through various time periods shows a dominating religion that honors their own control legally over the Christian sheep as people to lead through Justice Departments and Courts of Laws governing over to control all of life on the lands. By physical laws to prevent great gains from those with the minds and body's and spiritual rights aligned to the Martyr's greatest spiritual devotion.


I recognize a religion of one or another that is murderous and harnesses one dominating religion to physically assault others for money and power gains even by basic methods to control intelligences ; while destroying the life of their ambitious foe from succeeding through legality tactics to subdue the Martry's role.


We recognize legally through one dominating empowered lot of people owning laws and a religion to dominate to control everyone's customs under an umbrella. As they go about overseeing legally to condemn to death even another person's mind from succeeding, and there you find your Martyr. 


Stepping outside the box we recognize the box that we had been inside to consider through analzying one idea in consideration of another existing idea.


I recognize laws and sacrfices that have destroyed and murdered off throughout time certain type of advanced talented individuals that were shunned away and disgraced and legally harmed just to conquer them through laws to control everyone's minds properly for the Kingdom Crown's Glory and Control.


 It's all in reference to the Martyrs role to take into consideration about. The Martyr chooses to remain on their chosen Life Path quest spiritually to carry out their direct mission in life they had planned ahead of tim. They chose to continue on regardless of outcomes. And that represents another living person's free choice considerations for them in their own environments in their own country and race and land customs traditionally and legally to view. It's all taken into consideration at the time of the Martyrs death about their role.


 A death caused by others through corrupt laws and beliefs that tears apart another person's life to control that person's mind, body, emotions and spiritual thoughts and rights through corrupt domineering murderous illogical shallow laws to take note of. And that's about throughout time important people with their life passion desires spiritually on their own. Or related to being an inventor that is shunned or disgraced over the others that weren't so advanced couldn't perceive to phantom to care to respect that person, that martyrs life and role and good deeds streamed out to advance the minds of the people. If your laws murder off differences by programming in dualism destruction for venturing away from your sheep status than we recognize a legal problem throughout time on earth to bear witness.


The Martyr has their own Life Path mission spiritually at a level to recognize an independent mind that is more aligned to honoring the spirit world. And yet that same psyche in devotion seems to end up being harmed to death venturing on with spiritual advancements of one kind or another. Sort of like that inventor that is shunned away for another to rise higher that is less qualified with less potential gains to stream forth to the world.


We recognize a governing party that dominates the lands that is legally murderous against those unlike their own customs on the lands traditionally and even religiously to witness the disgraces of discrimination.


The Martyr finds themself being a target of others micromanaging their mind, heart and spiritual role to reprogram them into something else they like better to have around on the lands to control over through the laws in a mainstream way.


Due to the dominating parties legally in control over the Martyr's whole life we recognize the dominating parties controlling citizens in their country through their set belief systems manages to keep the Martyr from succeeding at their desired ambitions by keeping them legally at bay. That is done through rejection and legal punishment down to a setup system that may lead to murder of the Martyr through dishonest laws that readily and actively take control over thr Martyr's whole physical existence on earth at any given time in history.






Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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