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Meridian Line Investigations


Hello there. I am pleased to have the opportunity to write to you this evening to tell you 2x the necessary messages to begin with. I had another psychic surge in my life due to training spiritually with psychic abilities. I was able to tap into a system you might identify with as a string theory movement in operations to consider on one line of it.


I have been able to tap into the fault line vibrations about earthquakes by feeling the energies swirling around my feet. I've been able to tell another their watch stopped ticking at the very minute it stopped functioning. I have sensitive senses advanced through using psychic abilities.


I have done investigations from the meridian lines on the earth down to the faultlines for what is beneath and what travels throughout the world. I have been learning about meridian lines for some years now.


I have senses developed where I am able to tap into the invisible world at high peak energies time. Or about certain times of the day or year perhaps. I'm not sure exactly the hole workings over the depth of the consistance knowledge learned and gained.


I found a dung beetle traveling on a meridian line to the cellphone tower. I learned about the harnessing of energies. I found meridian type lines in the sky also. I found land locations with high beam like orb type lights large as a house from earth shooting up to the sky at locations in my investigations that others wouldn't be able to see. It's part of my investigation for off earth travels. That's aerial viewing.


I've been able to travel the sky meridian lines to other land location due to my natural ability to separate from my own physical body as a spirit. I have been doing that since age five. I would go out like a ghost and travel through meridian lines like if it's connected to string theory information.


Anyhow I have a gift for astral traveling and coming out of my body like I said since a young child. Due to that and my advanced clairvoyance I have been coming out of my body as a spirit at times throughout my whole lifetime and traveling about through nano-seconds of speed to another location.


I go but I am like a ghost where I travel and other spirits can see me that are invisible also. I found people astral travel out of their bodies when they are asleep and recall certain things when they awake perhaps at times.


I have a gift where I learned how to travel through meridian lines in the sky to other land locations and from the earth in a flash of an instant. My body physically can be at one location while my spirit travels out awake or asleep for some sort of spiritual training I believe is why I have been given the incredible gift that is so complicated.


The second part of the Meridian lines story that is true I am speaking to you about right now is about the Meridian lines in the body for investigation medically. It's a wonder. It's incredible and goes back to ancient medical knowledge. I am a psychic healing so I am aware of such matters for investigation.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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