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Mind Powers Complications

Hello. Thank - you for viewing this body of work I have set forth to release to the general public. Due to the fact I have mind powers I must speak to you all about the psyche of such a person's mind to have incredible prophetic skills as I do because I have supernatural connections. I am not trying to exaggerate, lie or brag. No I am a spiritual teacher naturally due to the fact I have supernatural experiences and I am a spiritual medium. I work with Heaven and angels and many other entities between worlds in other dimensions through-out time on earth. And from the ether I am aware of people consciously. I have spirit guides that assist me along the way throughout my lifetime.


I have had my own religious experiences personally consciously that has mind boggled me throughout my whole lifetime at times. I mean I must take on so much more mentally regularly due to overlapping senses connections to other sight to see what others mostly can never perceive to consider.


I've always been able to see inbetween worlds and interact with intelligent haunting type situation that were even attached to poltergeist and telekinesis situations. Along with tons of conscious perceptions of overlapping time and space major issues. I could see residual haunting information since eight - years - old. I did biolocation before as a child back in time someone I connected this physical laws of dimension to another timeline that had giant tortoise on that very land I played at as a child at the time. I somehow pulled through a real life experience with what you would or could consider as a ghost appear as a giant tortoise that I played on once when I was coming back from the horse pasture where I use to ride a retired race horse alone by myself. I literally was active out in wilderness land alone far off from the ranch.


It's been so hard for me to deal with to understand so much craziness you would think to have to go through as the norm. It's difficult to have enhanced senses related to mind powers. It can be very troubling, disturbing, upsetting, confusing to have to go through so many supernatural type experiences all my life. Thankfully I have found answers for confirmation of oddities of expeirences. The Great Spirit Creator in charge of everything I believe has helped grant me a great gift by the way I have consciously been able to be alive by 2x. I am physically alive and spiritually alive in another dimension where I can travel through to report about the future there. I can travel in the past on earth and sometimes interact or see things that once were there beforehand.


I have a lot to discuss about the mind powers operations and training and understanding interpretation of such matters. I will comeback again to speak more about my conscious mind connected to my own religious experiences. As well as to discuss about my role being alive as a spirit guide overseeing others as well spiritually prophetically as a healer while I am alive. I've had to survive through some of the most incredible ongoing experiences with a very complicated psyche.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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