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Spirit kept saying telepathically "Mu" to me so I am on the correct trail. That's alignments for you. Politically they gathered their intelligences back many years ago after my reports released in low view You Tube spiritual messages releases. Back then when I reported all my inside spiritual secrets and stories they decided to rise Egypt in ideas again from ancient times to operate as a superior system to navigate through. All while ignoring and legally harming me and my work ongoing.


Racist people are work with much more than a time of Egypt rank and customs from ancient times with Pharaohs and all dominating the system to mummify the dead for the voyage? I work with a lot more than trapping time to recreate it for a fake system of predators wanting to dominate with their wealth through laws and disgraces of people.


I work with more than one time in space in ideas. I do not be a racist prejudice predator either as is the customs to be in leadership to control the focus through mind control manipulation tactics to dominate to enslave everyone under that lying predator system that manipulates to steal all the fucken resources and opportunities.


You want to distract minds? You people are out of place in your world of destruction. Your civilation in the current times reeks of liars manipulating through their spiritual leadership ignorances mostly for show. Absolute destruction is the report for the 21st century by dominating liars and thieves overrunning and invading land and laws to disgraces for show. Look at the media predators controlling and hypnosising people through mockery of reality. Actors !!!


When you disgrace the Prophets and Prophetesses as the norm you failed in your current times with what was given to you that you harmed through a prophetess born. Absolute distruction in your timeline. In our timeline on earth physically is before us by racist no good stupid anus holes predators that are Primate animals with not even common sense enough to respect life on earth at all through their insane racist prejudice uprising system. 


If you people harm the mind, body, emotions and spiritual rights of the Heavenly messengers you are disgraced and Prophet Moses allows plagues to dominate your world over it all. That is forefront to occur by deceiving and harming spiritually gifted messengers. The Heavens aren't allowing you to get away with harming the spiritually gifted messengers ever again.


Spirit takes you back to Mu civilization to recognize your failures. Your laws in this timeline stink to high heaven like a sewage overspill.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022