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The interesting factor about what kickstarted my art of photography interests personally on another level to reflect off of another type of talent with photography. I am known for taking on many subject matters at once to do my work. I have had no choice but to review the branches of sciences on another level completely over independence. To perceive outside the box about what one is able to do on their own with the assistance of physical matter and / or spiritual guides to help develop something that may have already existed with one in ideas to manifest easily their own talents in imagery creations.


Tools are always helpful. And knowledge about what one is doing back to the beginning of such existences perceived. The strangest thing that has happened to me about photography is when Prophet Muhammad's land spirits from ancient times and before his time that was in the Middle East, one appeared to me crawling as a holy demon down my bedroom wall to alert me to guide me with photography back to the beginning of the creation thereof.


I must take on tons of knowledge due to the type of work I do and skill level. I unite the world to exist as one unit to the global units that are overhead overseeing and overdoing to produce futuristic devices and life planned out from the leaders of the world. I recognize we are alive and we are on lands that are dominated and control for the marketplace productions. No matter what is created there's always a sales lot to attend you at nearby or at a distance to travel to for your gains.


That also consists of buildings in your time era no matter when you were alive or how you were alive that market off mainstream a philosophy legally in skills to live by to recreate you life by that is acceptable and works in units and chains and branches and traffic in and out of locations. Production and a higher power legal physical system agrees or disagrees with your papers, documents, skills, and so on or they agree and honor you over skill level documents. I'm talking about mainstream ideas and the best put together as could be to produce the best type of photography specialists from training skills to make good income to have opportunities and resources by usually paying out or having a government grant pay for your schooling and training for your career as a photographer specialist.


For me in regards to whatever I must do in life relates back to my private life alone foremost and the receptions in my own world that create and help and lead me to recognition of something more. With our senses and feelings, thoughts and life we choose what we want to do in life. If you are to do something in life you will be guided to do it.


You may become a famous photographer all depending on your life path mission quest production for what was meant ahead of time to occur. Who guides you? ....


I ended up doing research photography.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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