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Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes

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Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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My Predictions


This Report Contains : Psychic abilities ; psychic readings predictions.



Note : I promised to continue on releasing my prophetic reports. I apologize for offending anyone person individually directly during my workload releases. If you are in a negative light on a report that's your own problem to deal with in the end aftermath.


You superior minded foolish people are so ignorant you are destroying the world in record time. And those with law power combined with money power do anything to show their superior physical control on this world even through their sicknesses of control corruption we witness. 


You fucktards don't own us as your slaves to control our bodies like we are your cattle to juice and eat of on your ongoing tagging and marking and ownership games. 


Using the law to waste life and our time is noted by ignorant no good bitches of fe/male kind thinking they should show the world how powerful they are about enslaving us down to nothing but slaves on the market to take from. You no good ignorant sows.


I work with Three Forms : Positive, Neutral, and Negative for viewing overall from my psyche.


Predictions : All Government Buildings Mandates Change Ahead.


Spikes up in living matter for rematerializing ahead. That means a new way is coming to greet your physical world.


Political Concerns Ahead and Immediately for consideration.

Environments Buildings flag plans. Questionable material concerns for people. Changes underway to the largest buildings land location use.


Planes : Flight concerns. Reduce in flights ahead.

Teachers : Much older elders take over the roles as volunteers or paid to teach children in the future. Rarely does anyone under a certain age ever are schooling children in a social setting ahead.


Reconstruction of all land locations government sponsors programs and locatons about the buildings operating for the general public change by a total new system ahead due to damage and dangers in environments ongoing. Downsizing  large buildings like hospitals will go into effect to produce more small clinics and a new system about going out as a physician to locations to assist. That's about Medical Doctors roles will change and in regards to the large hospitals they are downsizing to be smaller size structures ahead.


I clairvoyantly in what you would call a visioin have seen tons of fires for the future that have been transpiring and the screams of the people I could hear with clairaudience about a future time which is these times we now live in.


Floods ahead at a level where there is an incredible loss of lands ongoing. Sink holes opening up due to lots of insane use of harsh deadly chemicals destruction also adding to the explosions underground that will occur ahead and lots of those sink holes which is due to many problems created by the superior ideas of mankind to gain more quickly without a care in the world overall. About what would eventually transpire over the insane crazy ignorance of those destructively in their legal job superior roles going about destroying all of life to fatten their pocketbooks.


Insane people destructively at the job roles without a care beside how much gain they get while knowing they are doing harm is another issue that will be address worldwide on the realism facts physically in place.


 Laws destructively in a shallow idea about the depth of reality in environments going about destroying all of life in their group and indivudial job position missions through a very corrupt ongoing illogical abusive and ignorant customs systems of dangerous abusive and overrunning laws.


Your jobs on earth where you believe you have the right to harm life while ignoring to the deathblows the overall damage done to all the people while a media coverage conceals truth in details about what's really going on in life. A shallow view by your celebrities addsd to the flames of suffering for your world of living life forms. Lies and deceit dominate the piles of loot to destruction on earth.


You can review Gay Bomb History.

You can review Military History of burning down locations to take over.

You can look at gasoline war play games to consider your future lives ahead. And also that gasoline and all your cattle is helping destroy your earth on purpose by evil insane people ruling over. Cattle intestinal gas is something worth researching about.


The ozone layer is something slit all to hell on purpose by your insane ones leading you all to destruction. You crazy fucken no good people overrunning environments greedily harming all those on it to abusively arrograntly dishonestly take over while ignoring the damage you have done is INSANE.


Watching and listening in on everyone means your world is going to get a ton smaller until spirit is right there to grab you personally over the damage you have done to this world. Those that keep on destroying the earth while playing games of lies to gain more will be addresses through recognition of their ongoing actions.


Whoring out women, children and young males and females is another problem you people have. Forcing people into demise through your laws is something worth addressing as warcrimes actions.


Reduction in crops ahead like you wouldn't believe over floods and loss of lands.


Losts of migration ahead of people fleeing danger zones of destruction and animals from the wilderness coming down into the cities to reside over being ran out by a crazy invading parties of people.


Mostly Military personnel are driving on the streets ahead and usually only important people to go to work out there for their career positions. Robots take over like never before to replace so many people.


Our solar system is in a bit of trouble for our survival on earth.


Reduction of life to a great level is ahead.


Unreplaceable seeds ahead are another issue as well as pulling up roots to recrop by your Superior performers at work with their own Superior sciences for the loot grabbing taking honor will produce another Dust Bowl era ahead.


A complete lack of respect for life to the fine points in details expressed are going to physical show proof. You have been tagging wildlife with metal bracelets that burn their skin in the summer is a spiritual grave crime you people are doing in your own righteous honor. Ongoing lies and destruction without a care about the environments you are destroying will work against those putting in place those superior roles for others through laws.


A deminse is coing on all levels over your superior thinking with little senses to properly lead you all by and with over it all. We see the damage and the Heavens report back doom ahead over you people harming and destroying everything to get ahead and over on your dualistic counterparts to dominate over to master over to rob of everything for your other team gains.


I recognize corrupt government leaders speaking ; coming forward to complicate our lives in distraction attempts while they act like predators to do something else behind the scenes all while complicating our minds on some focus distraction they created. That's nothing but animals at work for show. Distracting you is about the predators hunting ways and human animals operate like that too for show. Roe versus Wade is only a distraction system to control minds in the focus while they go destructively at something else without your knowledge. It's predator after prey system that's been created for others to gain more from your incredible stupidity about their animalistic methods. 


I recognize a system created  to control your minds, bodies and spiritual rites and rights to  be alive. All while punishing your emotions from getting out of hand through the laws they use to control and enslave others to perish even.



Hello there. I am pleased you are here with me today to read about how and why and when I access Psychic abilities to prophesy how that all comes to be. I want to teach you about the truth that is factual and proven easy enough if you follow through paying attention to my immediate ongoing work I post about my predictions which have been very extensive and have led up to everything that is currently transpiring in the world.


The work I do is extensive. I use Psychic abilities to read others energy fields to recognize quite a lot to do with their own life down to their personality, habits and predictions for their life. That can also lead to my psychic abilities scan for going out sort of like a remote view ; but it's sort of aligned to string theory.


I can astral travel out to project my mind across the world even to do immediate  psychic predictions. I want to explain in great detail how it works and about real life experiences about it. Down to the ongoing Immediate timely predictions I general release to the general population in media posts that I then delete after great work predicting and debating and releasing tons of research work along the way for others.


I'm not alive to prove anything really but to be here to be of service and to care in devotion about life as a protector. I'm here to do my spiritual life work to prophesy without a doubt about it.


I was given knowledge in a way all my life where I was connecting ahead of time to advanced technology through supernatural means.


I was always one to phone a family member if I had a psychic experience related to something about them and their own life to report to another about. If I was psychically tuning into them to give them a spiritual message related to their life for them to be careful and ; or to explain something to them. It might have been a vision, or a sense of perceiving at a claircognizant level. And that is you just know something isn't right and perhaps I could mentior to them at that time about a dream I had about them ; or about the message I received spiritually psychically to report it to another as a warning ; similar to an omen.


A more recent prediction I had that I told a client about this year was about that She would see a terrible death before her eyes.  It was about two- weeks later she phoned me to report the horrific bicycle accident she witnessed that was guresome. She said she literally saw a man being tossed up in the air during a motor collsion with a man on a bike. -- It's that type of spiritual gifts I have to see ahead for another to forewarn them even  if it is about something they'd see happen to another.


I know that knowing the immediate or long term future events that come to pass in certain areas is helpful to reduce the stress from when those events to come to pass. I've been able to predict events to happen decades latter even. I work very long range or immediate right on breaking news time to report predictions right on target.


I can predict the immediate future at any land location for what will transpire at any given specific location. I often report politically to inform about Gas and Oil emergencies ahead that I have known about that would be a major problem to come ; and many other important events to transpire to warn about even decades ahead of time.


I have had wildlife instruct me on immediate dangers that were going to transpire. They have another type of incredible intelligence to even see photon light waves related to our energy fields to recognize a transmission of messages read through aura light waves to interpret anothers thoughts and motives by reading the aura energy light colors and gemetry type physics constructed type of imagery to decode. It's all about colors, shapes, and sounds to see in another way that all living matter related to liquid water sources can read codes from each other. It's an advanced science.


It isn't hard to understand consciousness in all living matter is sensing and reading codes on another level to interpret other species in their environment from another method and that's related to energy fields, water and that's sound vibration patterns to recognize to interpret to decode a message.


The various productions to predict relates to the psyche foremost in an environment with a particular soul pattern weaved on through to be able to successful accurately addiculty predict while even explaining prophetically about those very types of methods to connect to mind powers extended out at an amazing spiritual level connected to advanced technology to report back about. As well as all branches of sciences to extend in advancements is a process used by experts at their professions from a soul print level foremost to speak and act and display and instruct on paranormal ; supernatural ; mysteries to solve.


Harming the insects and using electronics to spy and trap everything is another big boom of a downfall ahead to view. Electronic warfare on every living thing is in operation to the demise of species on earth.


Metal rings on your captures wild life report back burns from those metal braclets you placed on the birds in flight to wear during hot weather. Ignorant people thinking they are superior are doing tons of warfare crimes on all of life.




I have been shown many things back in the late 1990s about the future all the way up ongoing in my life. Most of it about the predictions have come to pass. For years I just continued reporting to media outlets predicting and reading energies from others to predict and send reports through psychic abilities with clairsentient connections added in with it on an automatic channel.


People would report back to me incredible comprehensive alignments to what I had said personally related to their own life at that very minute I was posting. It's been a great lot of experiments for me to try out over the years to predict and send through messages on a trance like setting system I developed to help with psychic predictions and those personal readings I give out.


Due to the experiment and complications through the years the heavy toll taken out on those reports were more tramatic for me to manage through. And so I would delete the accounts and move on over the type of experiment. the method I am able to psychically read through energies of machinerary even to report about someone else's online business and also about the stock market type of system. I have experimented quite a lot.


I had to learn by letting go of my own mind to allow through an automatic channel connection to comprehend important information even for predictions. It's about clairsentience and clairvoyance working together which is basically about energies to see to feel to comprehend that extends to great detail work in other areas.


It's like I have to paint the skeletal view before I can add the rest in hopes to translate this message properly for you to comprehend accurately how and what and why I am as I am with psychic abilities at a level that is for reading energies that others cannot usually access to predict in great detail many things upon others asking ; subject matter. It begins from somewhere to extend the services to construct it properly physically for view.


Going into all the details about my skill level with psychic abilities for being not only a healer but also a predictor reverts back to those very people that have purchased psychic readings from me ; or have gained free psychic readings over the decades. I don't need to go backtrack over to magnify every little thing that has come true or how. 


Although throughout all my article writings ahead for my book that I am first posting on my webpage to dominate over easier to complete will unravel the physical truth to present itself.  In detailed, constructively, logically, rationally and spiritually realistic approached for all to decipher through easily to make adequate sense of factually to consider through proper observation and knowledge for ones ownself to consider more about the soul and your own life spiritually in this physical constructed world.


I've had to think of the best way to explain to you about how easy it is for me to prophesy to predict to know things all around this world and in it to pull through information as I do. There's no trickery schemes attached to warfare nor to my spiritual messages to you all. I am a real person and I expect honesty and consideration in life instead of lies and betrayal.


That said I will explain to you how I am able to predict so you can grasp at it easier other than me fancying up in decorations my title and skills. Instead I will instruct you about the mechanisms scientitfically, intelligently enough for you to comprehend my system of operations for accessing and using psychic abilities as tools to use for healing and predictions in reports.


I am able to come outside of my body like a ghost on a meridian line to automatic travel from land, water or air to another location in another country while on the phone with that person. One time I was talking to a lady in Africa while we were on the phone I seemed to have spiritually astrally ventured off on the land there from being in orbit in substances. Down I came on that land there and I could hear the fear of the running stampede of hoofs and heavy vibration patterns on the ground there. As the wild animals took off in fear over something there that scared them off. Well it was so incredible to be able to do what is called a remote view but much more sophisticaded in operations. 


I access meridian lines and faultlines and radar with enhanced developed pyschic senses to really kickstart it all. I can add in more words about it which I will related to the psychic abilities organic mechanics. 



I use radar to predict the future also and I can attach it to automatic radar police reports through my online media release on target predictions. Countless times I hit right on target on radar about police interceptions at various locations nearby where I was. One time was about a road barricade I pulled through in a precognitive radar media post. 


Then I headed out to head to the grocery store. Within a few blocks walk there was the police barricade standoff. They had the street blocked off as they were hunting after someone. That was the precognitive message I had to prepare me for that journey of a walk. I use radar with clairsentience and I channel automatically to predict with precognition from clairvoyant accesses included.


My method to teach is to instruct on how it all is possible to prophesy through not only a bloodline but chosen and trained from a soul level for a calling is very crucial to comprehending how it is possible and why it is possible.


I'm going to reflect back on a real life true story to help explain one method to predicting the future that is like a tree with many branches to view in the aftermath visual constructed in with logic and realism facts.


In 2014 was a big year event in my life that had been a planned wait for what appeared to be two people wanting to unite personally together to do spiritual work together x2 in the recognition of supporting information. I had the psychic abilities knowledge and another had the history lessons teachings aligned to everything I'd report about from my spiritual supernatural teaching stories from my real life experiences; to support the proper knowledge and psyches connected to a spiritual calling that would be aligned to the work I do.


The big day came to greet my friend ; my assistant to my spiritual work calling. The deal was that we would come together and help each other along the way so we both could become successful at the work we were doing together. My part the spiritual stories and his part explaining the factualism history reports aligned to that same sort of subject matter.


After his arrival all disaster seem to kickstart events as though knowing this person online for three -years had dissolved into a whole other type of person in the flesh and blood physically to view right off. Right away after helping finance this persons way to work as my assistant it was disasterous. His intentions literally physically had nothing at all to really do with any type of spiritual work to assist with how and why we came together in the firstplace to work together ; to help each other. It all changed as soon as he was physically present.


It turned out to be way worse than I could imagine taking on this person to literally even be in my home when he had no respect to literally help as my asisstant. Once in my home his physical disability with a very high IQ and high functioning autism and rebullian to control to force another into something else of his property seemed to rise higher. I felt dismayed and trapped and in anguish over the long wait to meet what I though was my very bestfriend in the whole world. Someone I trusted enough to invite into my home to do spiritual work with me as a partner. And it all turned out to be like a bad catfishing to my anguish.


I gave him two -weeks time on a trial basis that if things didn't work out properly he'd have a paid flight trip back home. Before the end of the two-weeks I knew I wanted him out of there over what appeared to be a while other type of person on my hands that complicated matters termendously to produce nothing but more troubles instead of any good. And I was paying for it. Well, as I walked to the store one day not long after his refusal to get out of my residence that I was renting because the deal was off and I had no plans to pay the room and board and on financial gains for this person that wasn't doing nothing at all but taking and causing more problems than helping. He rejected the work he was to do that would have helped us both succeed at writing our manuscripts. 


Well one day as I headed to the store in incredible anguish suffering emotionally over the ruin and illusion of love and care and spiritual success bridging our lives to  heaven on earth in direct loving support was out of the question. I couldn't even work with the person any longer and the communication was way off from how it literally physically should have been like for us to properly write books. It was as though another person had took that one's place. It was so confusing and exasperating to have him there creating havoc. As I walked up a hill area emotionally in severe pain I threw myself to the ground on that mound and cried briefly before getting. There looking back at me was a crow.


Soon after Crow saw me weaping on the hillside crying my eyes out over doom from another constructed in. After that then I started having protection from crows and other wildlife species of birds mostly I noticed that seemed to connect to me in a way that was protective from their species at a very sophisticated level of intelligence to work with me to show me signs of meaning and to protect me even and I was given a gift by them before that I will go on to explain as the story unravels. 


Brids are smart but not in the same way as a human's type of psyche to compare about. They have another way and another type of life they are living. Similar to a world within a world to consider. Well the birds are watching everything from the air.  


After I told my online co-worker friend I met physically to move out the two -weeks trial was up he refused and I couldn't get rid of him. A crow ended up attacking his head over it all. When that happened I realized the crows I seeing something more going on because after the man turned bad in my life I received protection from birds that started to work with me as though I was stepping into another world. At a level that taught me they understand humans and their minds very well due to photon frequencies ; that's the aura of another living source they interpret to be able to access the minds and hearts for show of those very people they see walking about on earth.


I will go on to speak about how the birds warned me of trouble through ongoing alerts even at a level about a historical fire they were telling me would happen and at the time I was reporting it before hand due to the birds sensing and knowing something more going on. Just like how crow had attacked the bad man's head over what they birds could see clearly from our auras. It seemed to be more about that and perhaps certain physical actions they were witnessing from the sky. I believe it was a combination of events going on is why they started working with me and aggressively alerting me in all types of ways about oncoming danger.


Since this is my roughdraft report I must release thoughts and emotions without trying to pick it all apart so easily from one event to the other. Well, the bad news with someone I believed would help inspire and buildup on a solid evidence in reports backing my own spiritual life story I felt on top of the world in heaven with an online connection like that. I didn't realize doom was set for both of us physical together to work. Nothing turned out as it should have. It's another story about it just wasn't meant to be.


Anyhow it didn't take long for me to be alerted by a crow that I needed to be in a vehicle by the strange hacking calls at me to me then as the crow flew down in the middle of the road and got my attention directly making more noise before flying back up again as traffic was going in both directions. Crow was in the centerlane not picking anything on the ground in that extreme activity.


I interepreted the strange crow behavior as the crow wanted me to be in a vehicle instead of walking on the street to go shopping. That was my Pet Psychic prediction of the crow's directly intentionally species to another species intelligent message to me from the crow behaving in such a mysterious way to another as myself.


Stopping off at a family members home before heading back to my own residential rental unit I spoke briefly to another another about the crow's strange behavior and my feelings for how I interpreted the behavior and message from crow was that Crow wanted me to be in a vehicle. Soon after that the same person gave me a refurbished been wrecked 1990s automobile to get me off the streets from walking back in 2014. 


I hadn't ever driven very much in all my lifetime. So it was a big step to independence for me on another level. Before that I hadn't drove in years and then when I had to go pickup the new arrival business partner in person after working with that particular person closely for three -years from having that person assist me to make a name for himself too arrived. I had to rent a vehicle and pick him up. On the way back I fed him out of pocket on my own money. 


I had to pay for his flight there and the rental. On the way back to the residence after buying him his second meal for the day he quickly got my attention about his dissatisfaction with the Cheeseburger. I quickly glanced down before taking off again in a moments notice before I could stop there was a minor car accident. Over that delayed view and not rechecking the road thoroughly properly before taking off again ended up being a rearend hit on another vehicle to my astonishment and complete embarassment. It was awful to have met that person. 


So here I was facing the biggest illusion about a good partner to carry out very important spiritual teachings with to help assist in writing the books to explain about some very complicated material.  and it was going to hell as in termendous suffering to acknowledge along the way. And there were the crows hacking and carrying on one at a time getting my attention through it all. Directly after the rental car incident when I was back on my feet to walk. That's when I had really noticed a series of events about animals trying to tell me somehting personally to me for how I saw it to be.


As I walked alone mostly to and forth as I always had never before did the animals seem to desire to communicate in body language to me ongoing to the point others viewed it as a bad omen. Well, all I knew was trouble was afoot on one level or another. 


The Twin Flame co-worker business partner turned out to be a fire pit of suffering to climb out of emotionally, mentally and spiritually. And then in the physical world the crow kept appearing above my head or at a close distance perched upon something to get my attention before directly physically making abnormal movements to prepare me for something to come. And that's how I saw it down to ongoing complaints from one crow that kept alerting me of one thing after another. 


Here I was again walking back home from the sh0pping center.  As I proceeded back home on that road directly in front of me on a tree branch was a crow hacking up a storm. All while a cat calmly crossed the street to stretch out it's body under the noisy crow sitting atop in the tree alerting -- who really?


No one was there on that road but I that I could see and no other birds around. Just that crow facing me making a ton of alert noises as I was approaching to cross the next street to my apartment building. My psychic abilites with Pet Psychic Readings told me on the interpretation trouble was ahead about relaxing over the crow and the cats behavior.


For the record the crows interaction about alerting me came after the Twin Flames arrival after the cheeseburger incident after constantly for four -hours at distracting me unnecessary from driving really by constinously pulling my attention away from the road must be noted.


Well an accident is an accident however you look at it from any angle and it cost money and the man was costing me money unnecessarily while deciding he was going to change the script. Along with many other events transpiring got the crows aggressive to protect me by attack the man's head one day as he reported back to me about. I knew why too.


Anyhow as I carried on persistantly trying to get the man to go back where he came from and the I got him to leave where he stalked me from the bushes to note. The crows kept flying down at certain locations where I lived and other birds to get my attention about the apartment office building and danger with trees message. As well as the message symbolism omen about the crows warning about relaxing on that calm stretch in life. I couldn't do anything about it other than to report online about how incredible the crows had become in my life. Not only one but two would come down on the roof to see me through the building. So I knew trouble was abound in more than one way.


Here before me was complication upon complication developing at a level out of my control. All I could do was view to observe unusual wildlife activity continue more than not on the alerts before me like never before. I gave a pretty black beaded necklace that broke I gave to a crow to have as a peace offering spiritually in devotion to the new knowledge I learned about the crows.


For instance it wasn't just the crow's hacking away to get my attention as the problem.  Before I was in the safety of the automobile on the crow's alert I had many other experiences for weeks and days to months of getting to know the various approaches and locations where crow was at alerting me to show me or to send a message through. I recognize that as aura transmission lights included on the observation overhead that was getting my attention to show or to teach me something about another species. About the minds operation of other species.


After crossing the street to rest for a bit in a park before traveling on about my business again. .. I heard the sound of a bird hackle sort of call like crow would make in noise. It might have been a raven making the noise. I can't be for certain if it was a crow or raven.  Anyhow, it was coming from the streetlight top post it was perched on that I had pervisiously walked under. The black bird got my attention as I turned to view the bird. Then it flew down to the sidewalk area where the stop sign was by the crosswalk. 


It stood there for a moment as though it was looking both ways before it walked into the road and walked across the road mimicking a person.  Just like if I was seeing a human walk across the street the black bird seemed to mimic the same phyiscal movements as a person would to my astonishment! Because of the connection to the ravens and crows by them entermingaling at various times together or around each other to communicate to me from their perching on something from above level as they flew around keeping an eye on me like never before in steady contact observation from them hawkling out sounds or other sort of sounds or physical displays along with it to get my attention. 


I learned how smart they are and how attentive they can be about us over their own observation. I left my black onyx necklace with the broken clapse under the perched black bird that day as I walked away. I let the black bird that seemed to be keeping an eye on me a gift that day in spiritual thanks for having taught me more about them mind to mind. 


A lot transpired around and after that experience that day with the black birds mostly that even led to a situation a few years latter near where I left the peace offering neclace for the trailing after me black bird. Nearby at another park I heard what sounded like a lot of crying from the pine trees lining the street road at Washington Park. I looked up and I couldn't believe my eyes. Where the crying sort of sounds in oddities from a bird were located there up there in the tree was a decorative necklace hanging. At that moment I felt spooked in recall about the necklace I had left that day. It must have been a raven because of the sounds it was making in the tree with the party festival type of necklace hanging from a branch as if in decoration why high up at a level no one is throwing it up there to deorate the tree. It was the Raven that had strung the necklace up on the tree where it made a lot of very upsetting sounds.


Due to the situation x2 about the necklace and the location of the bird making sounds that reminded me of a crying in pain type of loud noises ongoing I knew psychically there was a lot more going on. I deciphered that the trees would likely be cut down next to the road there over the telephone lines and narrow busy street area location. Sure enough not long after that those trees along that road were removed. The newspaper report was they were removing old trees that needed uprooting. Well those trees were perfectly healthy they were just in the way for mankinds growing population expanisions. I believe the Raven was aware of what was going to transpire. I also believe the birds remembered me and that black bird that day I gave the necklace too -- well there was a lot more going on to indicate their memory and intelligence.




It sure is stressful recounting distress from nature to forewarn about immediate danger ongoing at a level that is shocking, correct and right on target about to report. Reality in this world seems to have been dumbed down by many that betray one another through a mocking lying pull you down to dominate over your mind attitude of laws that is nothing but corruption. 


I say that because when the alarms started from the wildlife ; especially overseeing above birds about what was going on at various locations  for the deeper meaning to string together. I was reporting it through online media posting popular locations. But as I was reporting on time the events it seemed like mass warfare being stirred up all around from the new system of serveillance being strung up like telephone poles throughout the world to spy in to gain more.


Stringing all the events together goes back to 2014 when the 'Big Man' decided to control the whole world through a spying, eavesdropping, and hacking aggressive system on the lands and in the buildings at a level that changed our world forever over the electromagnetic radiation increases.


When the larger black birds started following me around town for the first time was in 2014 and they sure were getting my attention to teach me how smart they were for knowing more about what is going on than they'd ever get credit for. I realized that the birds could see aura lights of people to read through thoughts. It's about natural aura lights from species to species that is alive detecting intelligence from each other in messages and those messages could be about omens.


When you try to destroy real life knowledge of advanced intelligence to dumb down everything and everybody in life than you have politics ; that want to overrun everything desperately and aggressively to seize it to remake it for their own use through laws gone wrong. That's when we notice a  lack of freedom on all levels.


If we deny reality to remake it than it appears to be the End of the World. There's so many aggressors pushing to dominate from their own sphere of existence to remake reality as an illusion which is crimes against life. We need to recognize we are in a real world with many advanced forms of intelligence besides the homo sapien's domination over everything to remake reality through treating everyone and everything underneath your own paychecks control.  Reality via intelligence isn't a mimicking ape to reflect on to be as that in warfare crimes as the norm.


Having real intelligence is about your own wisdom while alive in phyiscal matter operating in nature as was expected due to you all are alive. Gorilla warfare through mockery in micking others down and out to control them is a treachous system to end life through that mockery system of hate crimes at others rights to be alive.


I am talking about a system of predators preying on others to destroy their life too to stop them from even their spiritual work like myself. How do others harm the spiritual rites and rights of another? Well, they use Gorilla Warfare micking mocking and hate crimes to punish to imprison and to murder off their rivals.


It's like the Washington D.C. Capitol Riot with the fake mimicking fraud of a Shaman hired to help control a country and world of people by setting up a fake riot. I recognize lots of fraud cases out there in regards to a mockery of reality to control the masses on this earth, world.


All that glitters in the sun isn't all about your luxury gains to harvest to control. Escaping from reality to rewrite a system and a world so you can have your empire foundation blocks long on the gains via a building system of ownership. Once you always gain and gain somemore above everyone else you start believing that money is the real God on earth to control the people physically and then that's the God they have created that undermines reality in the real world. 


I recognize tons of treachery and so does all the phyiscal life in nature recognizes disrespect of their lives in physical matter created to dominate to own every little space to dominate over all of life to the death of it all to recreate it for a greedy hearted no good type of control system. We aren't robots to reprogram to control.



My land war predictions go back to 2014 in the warnings for me to prepare for trouble. Repeatedly I was warned about various situations that were about to transpire by the oddities of behavior in the wildlife, and regular animals. Similar to them knowing an earthquake is to occur type of read. But of course a bit different but something serious enough to alert the flying creatures above to register trouble is on the lands and then they chose a Pet Psychic talented lady to communicate in a way that is similar to a fairytale story.


My Psychic Abilities weren't meant to use to harm and invade others private life. No, not like that. My spiritual gifts are to guide and protect like a lantern you see coming to assist you in the darkest of nights when you are lost on that trail in life. Or just to shine light on a topic, a subject matter by your sheer desire to know something ; to see something more into a situation. I predict outcomes. The wildlife have also assisted me in teaching me they are aware of a lot more going on than they get credit for.



The problem I have that pains my heart, soul and mind is about what happened after Barach Obama took up office as the USA president. The laws were hurtful and harmful and continue to be coldblooded in operations that undermines intelligence and human respect and their rights to be alive. Not only about human life being degraded and treated inferior to one another from group to group in an insane  callous way.


Not everyone is stupid to go along with everything always that is forced into law for us all to physically have to even survive through ordeals deliberately created that are harmful has alerted the wildlife to tell on the bad humans that were out to harm us on the lands after they installed their spy cams everywhere like if they were stringing telephone lines up again all over again.


Take a good look out there at your environments and tell me if you can survive all you people in all the cities and states without gasoline to drive automobiles about what would happen about the markets with no transportation in shipments coming through constantly. Hunters would have a bit of an ordeal everyone needing food.


When you are alive and you are a human being you need protection in an environment where you are to be at foremost for consideration. You need shelter and healthy running water and food resources and opportunities in your environment. Going without is an interesting system created. Not allowing your citizens to have their propercare packages creates a lot of trouble worldwide, depending on the level of the demise created.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

 Copyright Reserved, 2022