Manuscript: Roughdraft Notes



My Psychic Abilities, Mind Powers


Hello there. I want you to know that I am one of the most Honest people you will ever meet in your lifetime. I must be in order to have gained a ton of spiritual gifts related to prophetic teaching material that I must release to the world.


I have a track record that leads back to my connections to seeing spirit guides at four-years-old coming through this dimension to checkup on me. From that age I recognized onwards about energy fields that were conscious with other species of living water sources that were consciously aware of my presents.


 I was attuned to the forestland surrounding wild terrain and the ether energy fields around living objects I was identifying their auras and a consciousness that was interpreting through transmissions my energy field aura for what I was doing at five-years-old off alone playing in nature with wildlife in the terrain.


It started early on my spiritual guides coming through and my life prints in a land location that enabled me to better adapt to the psychic abilities mind powers I had and was to further develop in my lifetime.


My Psychic abilities relates back to my soul prints weaved on through time in and out of space from the beginning of time on earth ; as light in water that appeared during the beginning of earth's history. I have the charts down about how I first arrived on earth at a time when there was darkness and flat land terrain. Before mountains erupted up on the service of the earth I was born on earth from the dark void that rained forth great oceans on earth to pour forth to make life on earth. I was light entering those dark waters on a flat dark earth.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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