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New Customers


Hello. For those that don't know me I want you to understand my system whether you are a good person or not. I do NOT want to Psychically Read for child molester predators. That's about underage from puberty concerns. The undeveloped child being raped around are by a New Client or an existing Client is going to make me NOT want to read for you at all.


I do NOT want you plaguing my mind spiritually nor psychically by your evil assaults on innocent children. The impressionable angels that are babies, children and the youth as well as young adults and so forth. If you are harmful to my mind by what you do I refuse to continue on with you as a customer.


If you harm animals of all kinds and destructively destroy all of life without care and you want a psychic reading it will be a curse to come against you ahead for it. Do NOT come to be with bad intentions against me or how you are with others. It will work against your system.


I work with the Heaven's and all species in complete existence through time on a spiriutal etheric level. I can prophesy. I can predict deaths. I can read minds to your dreams for addressing therapeutically significant dreams even to help you through it to understand such matters. I can read through time and space as well to read through your life and environment ahead for what could befall you at a certain land location. Or if you move and where I can read into the patterns of life there ahead for you even.


I am a protector.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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