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Hello there. I'm going to take notes on this page about editing errors that I realize to late to go directly back to the location, article ; rough manuscript topic subject matter page. I am always working with a lot of  material regularly writing out many various information subject topic matter information.


These notes right now are about an error about a certain park name I stated and then realized no that wasn't the correct name of the park. I mentioned a Triangle park in a statement about the migration of so many people to a land location with plenty to prosper. They filled up the parks when I was a child at Methow Park. The immigrants allowed to flow on through with relaxed inconsistant immigration patrols. I was a latchkey child. Eventually I will find the page stating about that park with the wrong park name stated.


I like to be correct as possible about the information I release because I am also connected to heaven and the supernatural. I was asked today what the supernatural was to me personally in thoughts. I said the coffin first. You have to get past death symbol coffin to open the door to the supernatural. So in some since you die to access the supernatural to consciously pull it on through. Death is before the foremost. It's very difficult to rise to life again from the grave and know it and also to access the supernatural to assist others and to help on a spiritual path.


Anyhow the park name error was very important to me to take note of just that minor error. I've had way too many supernatural experiences and I need to speak about them. And I will indeed, I will.


Anyhow, I am thankful we all are here today to be alive to witness the world as it is to learn from it by it.

Also I would like to apologize for wicked released words expressions statements that are horribly negative. I am sorry for offending anyone in my crazy upset writing out streams of anger. I try to prevent it but sometimes I get carried away in the flow of something. Hopefully I can balance it all out to seem or be more respectful in consideration to everyone properly. Therefore, please accept my apology for ever offending anyone. Thank - you.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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