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Political Symbols


Since childhood we are able in developed countries to recognize in imagery symbols supporting the constitution of the government. And also in other areas to condition the mind about badges of honor and symbolisms of loyality to pledge allegiance too.


We go back to the education centers on it to pray devotional words with your righthand on your heart to give on the the country's flag in the USA as the symbol. Or wherever you are in the world there's a symbol flag representing your country. There's symbols used as honor from boyscouts and girlscouts to the Salvation Army church badges and in regards to soldiers and on and on it goes to symbols and emblems to recognize in meaning supporting one country's religious dominating through laws and symbols. That is related to some sort of past history that was honored to gain to have those symbols.


We look at the symbol used for the gay flag as the rainbow in colors. They are representing their sexual freedom in a revolutionary way with a flag of colors to cheer on support and honor for the pride they feel within self to have to showcase to the world even in city parades and so forth.


We can go back through time and recognize certain symbolisms was stolen during wartime and taken on as another war parties new symbols to represent in another way. That also references war has done genocides on peoples tribal religions. War has conquered lands and replaced their religions and laws that government them from before. So that's also about land invasion conquer and seize loot.


When that happens you recognize someone else is in charge remaking your world and even taking your emblems for their own identification purposes to remake. That's about conquer. Not much different than the children's story book about the three little piglets and the big bad wolf that comes to blow down the houses they live at over and over again to eat them.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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