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I had a difficult time perceiving to conceive an idea that human like ; the wise Homo Sapiens were nothing but animals ; primates evolving. Until life got so out of control by ignorant selfish insane predators that cross the line by harming each other even from their own races of people to prey on them even through legal arrangements made is sick and insane. Animalistic laws are enacted. People are crossing the line at a level that doesn't speak of a humane natural world. But a sick perverted world of animals not better than rats in a maze copulating with whomever they can readily.


Animals. People can behave so inhumane, so dishonest, so corrupt to harden their hearts to throw that baby they put in a trash bag the garbage can to die because a system that is suppose to be there to help them even spiritually isn't ther to support them during the worst of times. 


There's no where to turn because the animals are preying on one another so readily through any means they can. Which is a mockery of an intelligent civilized world. It has gotten way out of hand where people think their electronics is the god to spy and strike to harm one another easily. To listen in on conversations to spy and see even immorally they go about it.


Tossing babies in garbage cans because they aren't wanted is about a type of system and people in an environment networking system to pay attention too for what transpires next, so readily.  A lying scheming dishonest system is before us created from a regime that wants you all to murder each other off at best. So they give all the opportunities for that downfall to occur. It helps eliminate people. The lack of humane, compassionate care for one another is beneath even the animal kingdom of the wild animals for how humans behave to one another. Preying on them any way they can, neighbor to neighbor starts warfare crimes.


A government system has created an animalistic beast of prey type of world. Orgies and porn movies galore for show. Cartoons of raping children is allowed through to be accesses when people like me don't want to see that. I don't want to see humans screwing dogs and other animals online and yet the laws go right for legalizing inhumane animalistic appoarches to our lives to what? To condition us?


Male rat 'animals' copulate with one another when there's no females around. They form habits. Dogs also that haven't been neutered try to copulate with other male dogs. So we know animals in their enviroments. I recognize a system of dishonesty and perversion that is animalistic behaviors dominating. Only thing not like a animal is the electronics. The machines. So you might feel superior when you are hacking into someone's private life to invade and abuse them. Animals out of control.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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