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Princess Diana


My memory of Princess Diana when she was still physically alive was her lovely wedding that took place on live television for a world of people to view back in 1981. I was ten-years-old at the time viewing her lovely story tale wedding being carried out, horses and all. She was a good idol. 


I hadn't thought much about her in decades but when I would come across an image of her when she was alive in what seems to be a resurection of ongoing information for market even in schemes that resurfaces her life as though she lives on that way through the media reports and her foundation. I'm sure she has a foundation of supporters that sales items representing her image and life.


Anyhow, the strange thing that occurred not that long ago. Maybe up to a couple years ago I first received a report on a live wire with spiritual mediumship abilities to Princess Diana. I don't know how the heck I was pulled through to the spirit at some castle location, estate type setting that was the one and only spirit of Princess Diana.


I received a stress signal and message in alert alarms coded red of her anger about someone tresspassing on her property outside her window wanting to get into her rooms. She was very upset about it. And my spirit went to her and saw and I believe it was about Oprah Winfrey screwing around back there on the land area where Princess Diana's windows were.


I'm not sure what Oprah Winfrey was doing on some estate property that Princess Diana felt she owned or that she didn't want some woman like Oprah Winfrey snooping around prying trying to get in there to go through her possessions.


And then again she alarmed me about her distresses as a spirit intelligently haunting her prior home she had. I can't be certain of the location where it is other than in her own quarters on a belowed area where she lived in her own rooms. While she was looking out the window she was offended about what she knew about another and others wanting her possessions.


It's just a radar wave messages she sent out to another like myself to report on her 'feelings'. I am not after anything by reporting such an experience. I study psychic abilities because I am always having incredible experiences like that over training deliberately. And using logic is always helpful in matching up proper proof to add with it physically constructed.


It's been a few times in the last few years where I've had some sort of contact with Princess Diana over my online automatic channeling I was doing for charity purposes. I was experimenting prophetically and testing out the easy trance flow I'd go into in order to read the energies out there that were aligned to tuning into what I was reporting or that I was there. Once I could pull up on those energies through clairsentience and regular psychic type of a system with clairvoyant site I could do quite a lot. It's like remote viewing but even better because it's so much like you are a ghost that can interact with another ghost type of system. Spirit to spirit contact. It's like a radio reception out on a radar.


Twice before I was pulled in to Princess Diana's quarters because she alert alarmed me there somehow. I'm not sure why such things must happen in my life but they do. I bring them on and end up learning a ton by opening my mind and heart to advanced knowledge spiritually.


Suddenly I was taken away in my spirit body and this woman that was representing Princess Diana had me in a room and she was standing with me next to a dresser stand area ; or similar to what would be a little bar area for serving drinks. I remember seeing glass containers on a stand setup like that next to a door and she was looking down before looking up. I believe there was a mirror there with it. 


The thing is when I go out of my body and see and experience somewhere else afar it is in another way of scientific laws unlike are physical laws. How you adapt to the operations aren't so easy to navigate unless you've been deceased and are introdimension for more than a few weeks before you have masters it all to go on to the next dimension. In my case I am pulled out on a target deliberately or am pulled out by another source wanting me to see something to know something.


 It's about adjusting and getting your heightened senses attached properly through adapting ; while everything has changed in navigation technigues. And you are now translucient whether you are alive in your physical body or even if you only have your spirit body it's all the same thing on the beginning awareness journey. It's about adapting, learning. 


I've been pulled out of my body to cross oceans before to another land location more than once. I have practice. Well anyways, back to the Princess Diana complications. Suddenly I knew who I was with at another location. And she was upset that people were wanting to get her property. It's like getting your brain hijacked momentarily.


I knew what happened was real in my life and mind 100 percent. I didn't need to question to find another type of discouragement in critical opinons from others. Why? I've always had incredible supernatural connections. Nothing can change that or take that away from me. No one can steal that from me. I've been astral projecting outside my body since childhood and using a sixth -sense while having supernatural spiritual mediumship connections and psychic abilities enhancements receptions to navigate and explore with and through.


The second time I had an interruption in receptions consciously about Princess Diana being in distress again was in her quarters ; rooms adjoining and this woman was trying to get into her rooms. It was Oprah Winfrey curious about Princess Diana's estate area.


Each time I had a little brain hijacking experience and was taken to Princess Diana where she was in her private rooms upset I was like a spirit she was complaining too. After the experiences I would check news reports and find links to explain fully factually in add-on connections to why this or that was happening.


One time it was about an auction. That was the first time my spirit went to the spirit ghost of Princess Diana. She was upset they wanted to take her possessions. They wanted in her rooms. So I researched and found at that time they had planned an auction to auction off some of Princess Diana's possessions. One thing I know she didn't like that at all. That really upsets her.


The second time she alerted me was about Oprah Winfrey trespassing on her property. She didn't like that woman at all and doesn't want her coming around snooping. She really gets upset about Oprah Winfrey wanting her possessions and being nosy from the backyard area where her music room is Oprah Winfrey was snooping around one time. That had Princess Diana's spirit so upset because she's an intelligent haunting person on earth for a reason.


Princess Diana is able to stick around to be a guiding light of one kind or another still in this world. She lives on and is still carrying on. When her loved ones depart than she will leave and go with them. I'm sure there's some sort of impression always left behind over her life print.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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