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The article below is written by me : Kimberly Bunch, Seer. It's about Supernatural Connections to the Prophet Muhammad that I have had in my lifetime.

Hi Everyone.,

I'm glad you can be here today to read my story that is nonfiction ; true supernatural training experiences that I went through that has enhanced my psychic abilities prophetically to assist others to help with the Psychic readings I do.

I am speaking about my true stories.

You are seeing a rough draft below that I have written today. I will continue to improve the article as time goes by. I just wanted to release as much information at once while I could about my encounters with advanced supernatural intelligent spiritual forces operations.

I hope you enjoy my truth to you.



Prophet Muhammad Supernatural Guidance

A real life true story.
My Psychic abilities surge happened around the time Prophet Muhammad found me uncloaked for viewing of the aura. And many other spirits to advance me to the next level with my soul prints spiritual work I must do. It's a birth -line for the record to be born to have incarnated at a level to work with the spirit world ; heavenly blueprints reports from a dimension that comes from a few thousand years from the future back to the past mysteriously ; prophetically to guide and instruct usually through history reports the supernatural manifestations factual documented physical reports written about indicates during wartime supernatural phenomenon is on the increase. And that's about recognition of good and bad ; positive and negative to learn about in life always if you are to advance your consciousness to oversee prophetically it is through a direct soul print training program foremost to take note of.

Since childhood I could and can come outside of my body astrally to witness I am there with that physical vessel to step into to have that life as my own because that is my incarnated body. I am not an impostor to misguide. Why waste the effort? I am here reporting all along about spiritual knowledge I have had throughout my lifetime that helped me along the way through those psychic abilities accesses with basic knowledge related to sixth -sense and regular enhanced forms to perceive at a level that is about connecting prophetic knowledge to instruct about.

I have Spirit guides that assist me in the work I do. I have connections to living matter at a level that speaks about a New dawn idea to the Branches of Sciences. It is apart of the teachings to also talk to you about not only life and death ; reincarnation cycles ; but to also instruct to teach about a technology that isn't suppose to always be reported about but I have spoken about my supernatural experiences decades in advanced about what would occur in the future over the many advanced spirit guides teaching me ahead of time about the future technology we will have.

I am not only perceiving one dimension in time. I am also perceiving other dimensions in time and that's why I enjoy being able to give others psychic readings predictions.

It's because I work with so many various Spirits, angels and others that are naturally connected to those individual people by race, cultural, beliefs and laws they were to live by in their lands. Many reports can come through about how and who comes to instruct to help guide their own people ; that spirit asking for insight into ideas that leads on to yes, I am accessing the supernatural and using it to predict the future ; to give psychic readings. It is a birth right I have and I have been trained for it.

Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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Year date : 1996

Nonfiction Recollection ; Psychic Abilities, Spiritual Mediumship Reports

Prophet Muhammad Supernatural Guidance

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Reflecting on Spiritual Mediumship Connections takes me back to the Prophet Muhammad spiritual guidance teachings for me to take note of another higher power operating in the heavens in-between worlds to take note of.

Prophet Muhammad's Supernatural Guidance is a true story based on 100 percent real life people, messages told in stories by me personally, Kimberly Bunch, Psychic Spiritual Medium, Prophetess relates to my profession in regards to the work I do with others in professional readings. Well how I became so psychic with enhanced psychic abilities connection to spiritual mediumship relates to the time around when I first started detecting a particular spirit that was sending through a message with a lot of spiritual powers from the heavens in advanced forms to teach me many things about another time and space from the past to the future mysteriously it is linked. What we believe is in the past could be coming from the future. Time is very mysterious when you work with the supernatural and spirit guides ; which for me includes saints and prophets from the past to acknowledge that have literally been able to appear to me on another level of operations to give me messages at specific times throughout my life.

When I was hit with a big spike up again about my spiritual mediumship gifts working in-between worlds on the decades upon decades of training in scope considerations. Well here we went again for the training warning message from little angels. That was about that my own boys from one decade to the next each child sounded the alarm about spirits around and then I'd go through inter-dimensional heightened -senses, superconscious and out -of -body training astrally with others from another level of operations related to advanced forms of intelligent hauntings would be the only references you could find on the book shelves at the market.

It appears that my own small children from the first born to the second born would come to me throughout my lifetime when they were little from the first onward to warn me about they saw spirits in their bedroom. And they would describe in detail about it. That would happen decade after decade and each time I'd move them out of the room physically to another bedroom to occupy. And I'd take over the room as my own with my own objects in there for as long as it took to appease the minds of the little ones about safety.

Before long I'd literally have a connection to why the child spoke as the child did. I would literally see things and also connections to my dreaming unconscious mind to my superconscious mind's eye connection to my spirit body to go wondering off type of know-how is about that I've always had a spiritual gift to come out of my body. And during that time spirits would interact with me and train me about Psychic Detective type work by wanting me to go through their laws of physics to locations where they had died. It was a form of training that the spirits would work with me interdimensionally to school me almost as though I was their therapist as they were able to come take me to locations where they had died so I'd see and know.

I have had lots of spiritual training and the little angels were the little children to come tell on the angels and ghosts and scary fleeting shadows and disembodied voices whispering around little frighted children. It seemed to get worse as the decades went by about the little angels coming to forewarn about scary ghosts haunting their bedroom and lives as they tried to be comfortable in their own space and here were scary frightening paranormal happenings to recognize for the little angels. Anyhow about them I always tried to make sure the children were safe and were able to speak their minds and to be respected for what they personally had to say.

From one child to the next and from one dimension to the next that came to me as little angels to report scary experiences they were having I seemed to go through increases of spiritual advanced lessons and that was about training related to advanced senses connections to the soul ; to your spirit and to the heavens throughout time for all of time. Your Heavenly connections throughout time can come on through this dimension to assist you on a project you started back in heaven. And that's about life path prints.

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Prophet Muhammad Supernatural Guidance experiences that I had that I recognize that started back in the year of 1996. Times were a changing that's for sure. It's like the end of something for the renewal of another. One door closes another door opens. We are in this world experiencing physical matter. We are consciously perceiving and living our best life path missions for each one of our own living perceptions, quests and goals and expectations. In life while I was being responsible adding on my natural spiritual desires thirst on the quest to make sure I had my spiritual nourishment in life. That's about something you need to be able to acknowledge and the self fully in this world about each person. You are a spirit incarnating into physical form for a life path mission. So here I was back in the story where I started having powerful clairvoyant visions connected to a powerful Spirit in the sky.
So many Spirits came around me after a child warned me of paranormal phenomenon occurring. In all sorts of forms intelligent forms of human body type of spirits using even an appearance as darkness of night or as water flowing in the form of a real life physical moving form to see mostly with enhanced sixth -sense sense of sight which is speaking about clairvoyance. If you take one item to add to another you learn more and for me that would be about clairvoyance with visions extended to recognize a third factor and that was spiritual mediumship regular connections, I have in-between worlds related to back to heaven in ideas to acknowledge.
I am accustomed since childhood about energy fields land recordings and glitches in time and space factors. I have had intelligent spirit guides connections ; trainers to see with a third -eye connected to advanced technology related to training messages. I dive deep in the extraction for how and why I speak as I do when, where and why and how for meaning forth in coming to recognize what's what in detail.
Well all these advanced spirits came around me and I had visions and saw a spirit showing me in the sky in one vision ; as he flew like the night through the air completely in shadow form with a wand in the hand and He cast down upon the earth havoc from the sky that would come to pass on earth at that land location and in regards to a broader sense of meaning.
I have psychic abilities like no other to continue on through life using while trying to protect myself and others along the way. It was time for me to move from the place I was residing at with my two children. One door closed and another door was to open. I had held in my mind the path of the spiritually wise in hopes and wishes for a better future related to my spiritual mind and passions and knowledge that way.
Well I moved on out a craziness related to the ending of one relationship and connections to go off to have a safer spiritual life more protected somewhere else from the invasion of so many spirits and all the training. Well before the shadow formed spirit appeared in a vision to teach me that warehouse shipments will be reduced ahead and danger was to be noted. It was a powerful Spirit in a vision that he was flying through the air without any object leverage with a sort of a magician's wand ; like a sorcerers wand ; scientist tool ; a staff ; or cane ; a teaching tool held to point too to instruct about something. The Spirit took the wand and pointed down at the earth at a Equipment Warehouse Store where you get all your outdoor gear. It was a warning about the future.
I wanted to raise my boys in a better way to protect them from something more disturbing going on that I couldn't control physically in this world and spiritually in this world.
Spirits have always been around me like guides teaching me about advanced technology even through direct intentional supernatural operations that has been sort of fun or strange or something I adapt to as normal related to poltergeist activities. To me it is about the technology of the future even that some spirits come to teach me about in all sorts of different ways depending on the soul pattern of that spirit and reasons for having a direct impact on my life.
I had children to take care of and a man that wanted me to provide room and board and expensive lavish gifts to him for him as well as to take care of so much more in consideration. It was dead weight against our lives as I saw it over misguiding another that way in usuary dishonest schemes about just trying to get ahead to get more for an individual person by pulling down another. And with the life I had to live in dual against my spiritual rites and mental health care. Well in consideration for a proper successful life to raise children I wanted to do it properly with a man that was willing to care more in devotion in compassionate for more than just in regards to a prized birth son to have and the glory that another could hand over in material goods for show.
There was powerful spirits coming through again and I was always learning about such matters since childhood even astrally and paranormally for all my life in experiences. So I was use to it. Then when I traveled away to another location to start over the Spirit that had the wand instructing about future land material market losses ahead. That spirit I believe it was the same one due to traveling like  the pitch blackness of the sky and coming around at a superhuman supernatural way that was heightening and training my senses in expanded psychic abilities training to recognize fully accesses to my own psychic abilities for another type of intelligent contact supernaturally with spiritual mediumship accesses connections to visions ; to clairvoyance ; that sixth-sense ; third -eye to take note of.
The Spirit that I believe was Prophet Muhammad came through in the physical dimension not like before in the vision but in another way like if a hall shaped form in size and structure squared off like a sheet was moving . He was traveling astrally in a mysterious way. At the time I wasn't sure who the spirit was other than a burly more masculine ; rougher in stature form and stronger looking in build that I saw going down that hallway at that location I had moved too. I was like O no, the spirit followed us, that one that walked through the walk-in closet. Which I thought was strange on the exit. I was to learn many things about the paranormal ongoing to figure out.
Well here was that Spirit again appearing in energy prints to recognize a soul pattern type of person coming through to instruct to teach about something else. When the Spirit was moving contained in a large squared off structure before me to stand by me. That spirit showed me a vision about a people down on the ground praying with their heads to the ground. And that Spirit said to me that's the way to pray to the Spirit World to give thanks back to creation.
At the time I thought the Spirit was taking me back into time to see what was a vision I had through a squared off supernatural window that appeared etherically for me to view another place and another people down with their knees on the ground and heads resting on the ground in a sort of a worship way. And here that Spirit was telling me that's the proper original way.
I had tons of supernatural experiences after that one spirit had tracked me to teach me about predictions about prophets and about prophetesses work duties to take note of. I was being trained by advanced spirits to do the work I do. A few years later I met a Muslim religious teacher from another country that had moved to the lands where I was residing to inform me of my accuracy about the vision. She jokingly said in reply to the message I saw in the vision about Muslims foreheads being on the ground at prayer time ; she said no they are on their heads. She was joking as though the vision was inaccurate in imagery.
I was able to be instructed by a powerful spirit I believe to be the Prophet Muhammad that came to warn me about dangers ahead on my lands due to I have prophetic abilities to connect properly to align to other spirits that send through messages.
It was nice to learn about another religion I never heard about or had never had the media coverage on it to recognize to investigate. It was all in the way Spirits were teaching me first about what was most important and then latter on no matter how many years later the powerful visions and instructions and messages would come to pass.
I had a Muslim lady come to me for a Psychic Reading and she asked me if I could connected to the Prophet Muhammad. I said to her I'm a good tracker through the ether that I would try. I was communicating with her over the telephone line while so doing I could see inside her room area she was in clairvoyantly as though I was the middle man viewing her, and some strange opening to the spirit world in her room that was open to witness. I recognized that there was a doorway open in her world related to her religious devotion and some sort of spiritual enhancement senses connections to the spirit world that would have had a door open that way to recognize. Astral doorways and those openings are open portals to another dimension. It's like lights shining in from another dimension. A portal about going through a location to instantly get to another. That's about travel to environments to perceive in time and space about something.
I believe that through that Muslim lady she helped open up a doorway that eventually had me on a target to the Prophet Muhammad out of time and space that led me to him through doing Psychic Spiritual Mediumship readings on her and her devotion to wanting to know about reincarnation really had me playin' a holy ghost sort of astral time and space changes where I was sent on a target to a location where I believe it was the Prophet Muhammad and he was wearing a heavy wooly type of coat from a certain type of animal. That he was a broader burlier type built man with dark hair and features at an hour of day before sunrise where the darkness was the shadow upon the reflections to recognize in that other dimension as I stood as a spirit guide ghost (sort of say). It feels like I am a ghost standing around viewing in other dimensions others out of time and space. I can see out their eyes and walk into that body even accidently to experience. But not to the Prophet Muhammad, I was learning about that life of that person out of time and space. And I was doing more than remote viewing a location. I was operating like a spirit ghost to watch to witness and to even communicate sound waves through in telepathy mind to mind communication to find out information.
As I stood there before a stalker larger built man preparing for some travel away wearing some wooly camel or other type of animal coat. The man on the target location for my astral travel through time and space was suppose to be the Prophet Muhammad. I believe that was the Prophet Muhammad 100 percent on my investigations.
I stood before a man in his time out of time and space supernaturally  translucently invisible to his sense of regular sight as I spoke to a man's mind asking him what that scent on him was I could psychically clear -smell as I stood watching a man that was like a scientist preparing to travel to a cave. That man would do water tests with some sort of rod. He would test layers of currents and he was on the astral travel target the Prophet Muhammad. A man that liked to venture off before sunrise to caves and have a large scroll aligned work with a rod to investigate many important things. Similar to the Prophet Moses in regards to recognizing knowledge and reporting it back.
I could smell a scent on the man through my psychic abilities with clairolfaction. I spoke directly to his mind and I said "what is that fragrance on you?" The man spoke back in his mind and said "It Myrrh.
Kimberly Bunch, Seer
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