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Hello there. Thank - you for visiting this webpage to view my articles I have written. I needed to get my information out there like always as fast as I can before someone sabotages it. Let me ask you a question. Do you believe in Reincarnation?


Do you fight against such matters? Did you try to eliminate the doctrine of Reincarnation from your religious manuscripts?


Do you like owning all the horses?... If you take ownership of all of life in symbolism literally through your laws to own to death life to cage or gate it in. Do you think you can get to heaven easier that way afterdeath?


I work with prophets of old and angels and spirit guides. ETs, monsters, creatures and all of life flowing even through elemental forces I am aware of consciousness in all forms. I am aware of residual hauntings versus intelligent hauntings and the learning lessons to respect from such operations. I respect the spirit world and the lands on earth, throughout time and space.


Back in 2002 a Spirit guide of mine requested that I work with Julius Caesar's timeline time frame related to the news release reports on Gaza. And that I was to take on information to recall about another land location and another person. I had already been operating through angelic forces guidance. ET spirit guides from crafts in the sky. I work with an advance civilization way ahead in speed of travels overlapping our timeline civilization. I work with very advanced material that is in operation all through time. And prophets are also in the heavens still operating throughout those timeline periods on earth if they are powerful spirits for their chosen soul prints for one earth.


I work with Christ Consciousness and also Spirits of other Prophets like Prophet Muhammad. I work with angels like Angel Michael and for sure without a doubt so easily Angels in union combined as the real twin flames from heaven. The real union making of two. And that brings through, Angels Gabriel & Gabriella.


I want to speak to you today about why the spirits from Heaven have been working with me to help me understand supernatural, heaven and inbetween worlds and so much training. To explain that prophets were real and had to have very incredible Psychic Abilities connections.


The betrayal illusion is against psychic abilities as though it is negative, evil, wicked ; against the law ; sceptics paid to conquer it as a woman's field. It's treated as though it is something against religions. Negative labels like Witch is attached by others creating their spiritual warfare from their own ignorance. A witch is from a coven and they have rituals and their own supernatural entities of forces they work with. I respect others religious rights and freedom. 


I expect others to comprehend the system religiously in regards to the supernatural powers in operation connections to those religions. And exactly to state how a religion is formed. It takes the supernatural connection to one person alone. And with that you would have spiritual mediumship connections to powerful supernatural spirits guiding and operating. So no you can't be ignorant creeps calling everyone a witch to hunt them and capture them to torture them to death over and over again through your corruption in spiritual warfare crimes through your laws.


Before you capture to control another person and their own spiritual religious experiences to have it to use to abuse to control the masses with your laws after murdering off or after they die. You then want to use someone elses material as your own to control it for centuries on end. It's stupid. Especially when you people call everyone a Witch because of your spiritual retardardation. You don't even comprehend a religious experience. You want to say it's a witch doing sorcery because you people are spiritually retarded.

 If you are spiritually retarded you don't comprehend a word about it, truly so. It's like an impostor. You think you own religions and the minds that go with the experiences? You foolish corrupted files of people. If you do NOT properly comprehend one word even for true meaning. If you try to control to remake words to put in another category ongoing it doesn't make you smart people. Nor wise people. Just ignorant corrupted problematic people that bring hell to earth for us all, by them creating it for us. They want to abuse us over their own stupidity spiritually even.


Does your government worldpowers want the Sage name label for that feel good feeling to be the prostitute working at the Sae Massage Parlor? Are you people the ones responsible for whoring out the priestesses from the temples? Did you take the priestess and prostitute them to the world in pornography gains for your new working women you created for another function? Porn shop women to view? Strippers and all for your priestess new roles you created since Jesus Christ time. Now do you like whoring out everyone on the market even the priestesses?


I found out the peasants coming to the new world as Mormons were deceiving the world of new people to control even the laws of the land. To rewrite to control even prophetic knowledge by taking it and turning it around as though they own it and experience it to gain over others to rule over to the president seat even.


I read the doctrine and life manuscript of the founder of the Mormons. I do not believe it is true about it all to the supernatural viewpoint. I believe very schooled educated people came to a new world to own it through laws to manipulate minds even for the control. That's about governing over a religion to get to the president seat to own the laws and the land and the minds alike. I believe people are always stealing to take doctrines to rewrite them to pretend they own that information. Even to kill people off to own religious religion mindsets. I don't believe it is true about the background related to the Mormons. It hurt my mind reading all those nonfiction books. Manipulation. It was helpful to understand they were connecting past history religious experiences to recreate it to control everyone's minds.


When you start rewriting words to control minds you find Johns going to see prostitutes at the Sage Massage Parlors. And those girls might have been the priestesses ruined to make money as their new role focus for the God of Money. The saint is suppose to be the church members for the Mormon superpowerful ego to control in thoughts in a superior mindset others that aren't in their religion.


The Prophet is suppose to be the minister of the church for the Mormons and their church members the Saints. You people lost it. That right there is a setup on destructioin spiritually. Spiritual Warfare. I see it as a lot of educated men with lots of money controlling people's minds from religious doctrine schooling when they came to a new world. Where most didn't even read books. They were  illiterate.


I recognize they used lots of money and plans to say they were prophesy the future. They just planned on the politic moves by controlling the minds religiously to even ruin on truth. Believe me I recognize truth spiritually supernaturally from LIARS using Money and legal power with lots of schooling to outsmart all the illiterate backwards type of folks. It's the setup system they use to make you feel great while deceiving cause and purpose overall.


Christianity as a religion wants to rewrite the manuscripts to control intelligence on branches of sciences in ideas constructed legal material that branches off to many various ongoing Abrahma religion doctrines. You people lost the way. You lost the whole purpose about religious experiences and those that really truly have those experiences. You used the government and laws to steal private important spiritual information that was to help all people unselfishly to guide them. And you stole even Jesus Christ work to remake it to even to bad mojo on him for visual show in imagery.


I recognize lots of doctrines for the Abraham religion are tons upon tons of new Christian doctrines all stealing and recreating minds ideas about what is true compared to not. You people don't even respect religious experiences in your timeline civilizations you created through your insanely perverted legal workforce roles systems. You want to whore out priestesses to view in your sex industries? Crazy perverts. And they want to call me a Witch. When they are perverse and ignorant about the truth compared to falseness.


Childish ungrateful people lost the way spiritually. They confused words and people to control everything to ruin. They have very little respect for original matter in creation, I notice. Your hate crimes of gross ignorance ongoing will work against your incredible stupidity.


I recognize backwards people doing bullying hate crimes against others just because they are indifferent to another person and another person's life they had to live through. If you don't care at all about another you sure don't want to hear what they have to say. Bullying and abusing and destroying others lives is what I see overrunning the system to ruin. All while you whore out mother, father and child for profit on the lands. You want to call that a good days work?


You need to learn more about linguistics and stop violating others religious experiences and their own religions. Rethink your shallow conscious lacking in proper common sense and viewpoints of facts. Learn truth and stop worshiping your money gods all day long while you hate on everyone as the norm to psychically attack them and all.


You can't own our religious experiences. And you people are retarded as hell for thinking everyone is a witch sorceror in your Abrahma religions of tons of doctrines rewriting it all to own over other private religious experiences. What insanity. You want to destroy our lives through the laws to control religious minds spiritually? Insane stupid people doing hate attacks on real life religious experiences with people. They are so stupid they want to say that's just a witch lets whore her out on the market and use the laws to enforce it. Perverts, freaks wheres your minds and your religions?


Such ignorance and childish backwards people not comprehending even words properly nor even comprehending reality about psychic spiritual mediumship type of mentality. I have had my own religious experiences. I'm not your witch to whore out through the laws. You crazy no good people are insane. If you want to be a Witch go join a coven of witches to be in that ritual religion. Don't try to be a stupid anus hole to try to call me something I am NOT. Learn linguistic and your language properly. Learn about what religious experiences are. You people are insane not even knowing true spiritual knowledge. Spiritually retarded people. You cause lots of harm with your money god you worship all day long.


They wanted to hurt me with nothing to punish me over my own religious experiences. I was tortured like you wouldn't believe in life over my religious experiences. They are so evil through gross ignorance they do hate crimes on me as the norm. And want to shout out "Witch" when they have no senses enough in common sense to recognize their own errors. Your not great people destroying our lives ongoing and pretending you are in charge over everyone and everything when you are foolishly ignorant people destroying life and true knowledge to remake it. Dummies. You are foolish and corrupt.


I started having a religious experience ongoing since 1996. Angels and so many spirits came through to enforce my new role with enhanced psychic abilities with spiritual mediumship processes. I cannot change that soup of a soul prints role. Not to serve your legal laws old trapped to recycle religious experiences with others doctrines. That's corruption and not fair.


While my mind has been in religious mode experiences I have legally physically harmed in incredible ongoing abuses for all my life by an unfair system that wants to produce something else for show, by force. The problem I have is while I have been going through religious experiences personally I have been physically harmed in mind, body, spiritually and emotionally to rewrite my books in life to serve another dominating immormal illogical corrupt governing system of mob criminals rewriting life to ruin. White collar crooks trying to steal everything away from original matter to dominate corruptly over it to rewrite life prints to destruction. Uh-huh and you wanna take religions on that roller-coaster ride with you all? No, it won't work. You'll be doomed for spiritual ignorance breaking so many spiritual laws, in the end times.


Trying to rewrite reality even religiously and taking words to corrupt to produce a lost future civilization will be under investigation. While I have been going through mind altering consciously advanced senses religiously spiritually the others have harmed me down and out to abuse over me through the laws since Barach Obama became president over the USA. He concealed his truth and harmed us all by so doing.


I believe in honesty and that you will be in so much trouble for deceiving the world of people religiously all the way to the White House even. If you are cheating and harming and creating spiritual warfare by being destructive to destroy all knowledge to dominate over it by dumbing down the people to oblivion than that will comeback upon you all for doing so.


If you want spiritual warfare from the heavens on down to earth you brought it on yourselves by deceiving and corrupting files even while you tried to steal them all to rewrite it all to remake it all for your own gains. That's a problem. I recognize all lot of people rejecting truth to harm those very people they reject.


Being predators to whore out saints and priestesses alike is something I recognize going on in the world ongoing legally arranged. That's your Money God for ya. The God of Money wants you thinking all day long about how you can gain more...MONEY. O' yeah. Then everyone becomes evil feeding off each other to ruin. That's the courts of laws for ya.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022