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Psychic Healing


It gives me  great pleasure to be able to speak to you this very day about such matters of importance in regards to another method to consider without havoc of dualism to conquer every little thing under the sun. 


Freedom rises somewhere as the sprouts plants pop-up to life and grow life is always to be had. From one dimension to the next life is always there to be had. We are in physical form walking upright consisting of mostly liquid and flush against a skeletal reflection back on the x-ray technology.


 All depending on if you have a backbone or not on the viewing from species to species with enhances intelligences from one angle to the next to recognize healthy versus unhealthy.


Back to Jesus Christ's Rainbow data entries to align it to the correct information. Looking past the five-senses to the invisible world through psychic abilities or electronics technology equipment to scan to see photon light waves and so forth you then recognize and put together many clusters of ideas.


Through physical reality domination of intelligence through five - senses leads the way. That's left brain thinkers logically to figure things out in their world in their timeline throughout history on earth. Every centuries leading minds dominate. Conquer comes from those minds that are too giving spiritually versus a domination that wants to control physical reality on earth through a market scheme to control the whole world.


We recognize good medicine and bad medicine by viewing and seeing how life is alive living in environments on earth on average. We are on earth. We are investing our world and in physical matter domination of minds rules over to write the books to control the minds to enforce a physical system that demands labor for hire roles for you to survive. And through that system is a spiders web to be trapped in physically for life.


That could be a good think to be positive or a negative thing that turns bad. All depending on the environments, production, support for each other. And the best of health in mind, body, spiritually, emotionally in fairness in groups dominating over lands to share production material with. And that is also about opportunities and resources for survival.


We look at mathematics ratio about labor force work ; how many hours can you work, human? That's about learning about reality and good health and fairness and opportunities physically in gains outside the environment of labor. As much as you may love your work the doctor ; the surgeon ; the lawyer must be able to be in good health and have the correct time to assist without over taxing the mind, body and spiritual wellbeing of that practitioner. No matter what you do in life you don't want an overflow in work where you cannot sleep or properly live or help people properly. That goes back to safety and better health focus for all.


Government must fund first in the country for their own people they are to govern over foremost. That's realistic, honest and in good intentions. If life is just about a war parties secret reign over physical matter through mass corruption concealed that overflows in obvious deceit crimes than it is turned up like the dog's bone in the yard he burid to retrieve.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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