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Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes


Psychic Readings I offer are from a very long time of focus on recognition of individual energy fields ; aura informatioin to decipher to read through to comprehend incredible advanced scientific information. That unites reality factually to photon lights and Jesus Christ's crown rainbow to view. That's about recognition of Christ Consciousness mostly for all to consider that crown supernaturally. That also leads right back to who? The angels as messengers speaking from introdimensional time travel techniques and so forth.



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Manuscript : Roughdraft Notes




Psychic Abilities

My Traits.


For all my lifetime my consciousness has included heightened senses to navigate with along with my regular five - senses which really managed to complicate a methodical approach to take a clean sheet of paper to create something on it. That's similar to my version of experiences growing up through a controlling aggressive educational legal system. The branches of sciences have already been created by people mostly always rewriting manuscripts from prior sought material to be educated on.


If you are controlling minds through educational systems that are attached to laws that parallel a religion of beliefs than we see the spiderweb created in the system that strings along so many other departments in life to control everything through the laws even if you do not obey their system.


You could be punished for having a different type of consciousness in this world. It's proven through history we see terror and torture and taking others and forcing them through systems murderously over their own independent advanced minds spiritually.


We recognize an elimination game going on through the system that is prejudice and hateful and terrorizes people for situations both parties might be confused about.  That speaks about a lack of proper knowledge to guide the world out there properly in regards to accepting others that are different.


We see murder through laws to murder off those that have had spiritual talents from life. We see murder to control to gain over others lives everywhere on the lands to rule over ruthlessly through a system that is blurred in lines.


If you can't succeed through the aledged honorable system than you are more out to be scorned for life as failures and losers and harmed for being forced down into poverty mode for survival. All depending on your resources and opportunities.


For one thing you must have another type of mind to be able to accurately predict the future to see with psychic abilities connections to advanced senses and sciences to register for yourself. You can't help others if you don't know the system well enough to guide them accurately. I am a spiritual guide while alive.


 If your societies system all along is setup to control everything under the sun through a religion and laws and teachings for the land  of people through that system of control ; than we see failure to recognize one item from the other due to it all gets blurred on together.


I recognize a system that harms to death people like me that have psychic abilities prophetically. It's humilating the betrayal and criticism and judgments that are murderous and so slaughtering in hate crimes against real life prophetic messengers like myself.


 I have a sixth -sense that is about clairvoyance and I hear sound waves others cannot hear and that's about clairaudience. I have a bit more insight than most people in this world. Is that a reason to destroy my life? All I see happening is a system that terrorizes and forces people down to nothing that have real life gifts like myself that can accurately predict and bring through a spiritual harvest.


They want to compete in this world in dualistic exercises to bashdown those like myself with spiritual gifts to predict for others. I see frauds dominating in my place galore regularly thinking they can out smart everyone. So the corporate world setup a system where everyone is a saint and a prophet and a psychic, spiritual medium for a 1-800 hotline number you can call. All while they destroyed my life in the country to remove me from my spiritual calling work.  While honor frauds in my place ; like the Long Island Medium.


I recognize a system that did nothing but tried to force me into another line of work through treacheous laws that robbed me off my whole life through torture methods against someone that they shouldn't have been harming so termendously so readily for money more than anything else. They tortured me in mind, body  and emotionally and spiritually while demanding money for years and years while I was severely falling down down down as they had intended. All to control over to reprogram another their way.


 I am always learning from my spiritual abilities gifts related to spiritual mediumship training I go through on my own. It's due to my mind is different than a regular persons over the enhancements referred to as mind powers. For being so gifted all my life I was harmed very much for having a spiritually gifted mind. A psyche that can prophesy. They weren't having it. They demanded you obey five senses and their world of force you to do what they want for you to survive and that's a corrupt dishonest system.


I've been harmed so severely in my lifetime that the Great Spirit helped me gain incredible psychic abilities to predict the future of others. I am also a healer, and a pet psychic. I am also someone that sees energy fields with colors and forms and sounds to go with it to recognize advance sciences material.


After suffering termendously over and over again my psychic abilities increased tremendously to the point where I can predict the future for anyone anywhere around the world. I can tell them all about their life and the land they are on if something important is going to happen there. I can read land energies through time and space to predict the future and to accurately know the past at that target location.


 I can tell people secrets to reveal about their personality and others personalities related to them. I can even report to another about their private dreams to reference an important message to them about why they had that dream.


 I have supernatural powers to use to predict the future. It was a gift given to me to protect me by having precognition to see into the future. I've always had a connection to seeing with a sixth -sense and supernatural connections to my private life.


I've learned to manage on my own to teach myself to educate myself on such matters due to I was harmed and betrayed and mocked and humilated as someone dishonest. As someone possessed by the devil to exercise the demon out of. On and on for all my life not chasing after the mighty godly dollar and succeeding in material paradise to gobble, gobble it all up for myself.


Evenmore, I  was mistreated for not having that luxury lifestyle with a fancy automobile to show off to the world. I was harmed for not having that pretty house everyone admired. I was harmed for not having the career and gains that someone else decided I should have it their way for how they assumed my life should be made out to be.


So they handed down tons of harm to me all my life over my mind being so complicated they punished me for it over and over and overa gain.


Even though because I have a predicted mind to clear -see through events it appears that many others tried competively to destroy my life for it but I shall continue on giving Psychic readings for all my life due to that's my own mind and my own spiritual gifts to use while I am alive to help others.


Harming me termendously in the country over you corrupt laws and corrupt system isn't going to produce justice for anyone ahead over it. Not when you are harming down the truth to recreate it fraudantly for gains. And that's the type of overhaul overall system I see out there getting ahead ruthlessly and even dishonestly to gain over others competively by harming each other through the laws and doing wicked things to each other to destroy each others lives competively, I recognize your complete overall system out there.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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