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Psychic Readings Offered Meaning

To define a program



For all my lifetime I have managed with complicatioins of the mind related to not only being alive in physical matter x2 about the body and the mind in separation of one another to be as that one by taking two factors to put together to make a third factor. And that's about your mind ; psyche connection to your body and to your soul ; spirit. You must recognize you are more than just a physical vessel alive.


If another controls your mind in an environment to overrun you physical in this world than you are at a loss about being whole to be put together properly adequately by two. And that is about your own psyche connection to your body for the best of health. But if you forget the third factor you lose out entirally and that's about the Spirit within your body that belongs only to you as you.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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