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Reincarnation Complications

Reconnecting to your Authentic Self.





I'm really glad to have this opportunity to speak on such incredible matters. And it also reminds me of my seeking searching studies to find spiritual answers. That led me on decades long journey for spiritual truth quest seeking. Reflecting back is astonishing for everything that transpired afterwards.


When I was a child going through a schooling system they thought I was disabled in my mind which in a way I was due to complications with spiritual mediumship natural connections to my psyche. Due to being able to have visions, to see with a sixth - sense I had trouble in other areas about concentration to process english for acadmic success.


That said I will go on from there about the development of the psyche with the sixth -sense. And that is about energies mostly to see the invisible and even to hear 'rarely though' spirit speakout to me directly through an intelligent haunting sort of system. I see it more now as spiritual knowledge learning by important spirits on earth still to help teach us before they depart too. I am therefore aware of another type of system psychologically, mentally, factually spiritually and so forth.


It took me decades of my life until in my twenties before I felt so deprived spiritually that I wanted church service programs to attend. As I sought out answers to my earlier life knowledge with a sixth -sense and then trying to make sense of that I was supposed to be disabled in my mind when I would be praised by certain elders for having an incredibly good mind. Of course that was about love and care and respect for me that shined heavenly light more upon me to focus in on the good qualities I could find in life.


I started reading the Bible and Buddah information. I sure didn't leave out the New Age books either on my seeking quest. I also experimented with tarot cards and found it to be a basic teaching tool to enhance the psyche development creatively.


I also went to book stores seeking the best spiritual food I could find in a book. I joined a book club and orders me a VCR tape on Reincarnation to hypnosis you so you can remember past lives. I had watched television programs on reincarnation and also books that ended up boring me on the subject matter in discouragement at times over others critical imput to measure it in physical reality standard to rematerialize in their basic scientific schemes failure as the report went on the studies. Although at times I'd really find some serious links to understanding on a spiritual matter about the past life links.


I believed in it enough due to every sense I was five-years-old I had been able to sit up and walk outside my own body to see me there asleep laying in physical form while my spirit as myself stood there wondering what to do about it. 


Because I have had experiences coming outside of my body and then laying back in it as expected to be alive usually you would think. And also lots of sixth-sense experiences enough to believe I could recall past lives or at least I desired to be able to connect to that and so I put in the VCR tape and laid down on the couch with my head turned towards the television set as the Past Life ; Reincarnation hypnosis tape tranced me out by just relaxing me until I fell asleep.


While I was alseep I had a lucid dream that I was in another country. It looked like a foreign land. I was a man with dark features viewing a woman holding a child in her arms. I looked over at the town to my right as I stood there. I saw a location where there was no roofs on the ancient type housing sections. It was clearly Middle Eastern land terrain city location. 


My wife was holding my daughter in her arms to see me off before I was to travel away to a far place. I looked into my wife's eyes and saw the current man I was with in a common law marriage. I looked into the child's eyes and saw our son we have in this lifetime together.


Through their eyes I knew who they were in this lifetime.  I awakened and missed a beat thinking I fell asleep during the Reincarnation ; Past Life VCR tape. I only had a dream I thought. Then I started thinking more about that dream. Luckily I had been keeping track of my dreams in a dream diary.


The Past Life VCR tape never said anything about falling alseep to consciously remember but that's exactly what happened.




Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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