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Relationship Readings 



It is to my pleasure to be able to speak on to report about the type of work I do for people in general by using psychic abilities to assist in private psychic readings. Relationship readings consist of a person in person or through online means that has a current photo of themselves with another and one may ask questions about them two together.


I can read personalities right on through to know if a situation is healthy or not and details to predict about outcomes by reading each person's aura energy codes from the photo and answering the questions. Adding on someone else is about the first person purchasing the reading for what they need to know about another. Which is usually questions that they had about the relationship that went unexplained to them.


How I got started doing relationship readings by using my psychic abilities is because I had a psychic surge that enabled me incredibly enhanced spiritual gifts. To read energies to pull up on them to decode them about others through their aura and their connections to what they were speaking about.


It all started over conversations at gatherings where people would be talking about so and so and they'd ask me do you know this person? And usually I'd say no and they would go into a story about something that occurred. Regular town gossip. As people inquired about me and who I knew all while telling stories speaking about this person or that I was able to read through the energies of what they were saying about someone else to know if it was accurate or not and to explain further about it.


I started using it as a fun entertainment game to play with others over testing this new energy type of power I had acquired. I wanted to test it out. When someone would be talking about their girlfriend or exgirlfriend or boyfriend I was able to see through what they were saying to give them tips about that person.


I had gained a very interesting psychic ability called clairsentience connected to empathy, psychometry and to my clairvoyance. To access my psychic abilities to read people with extra-sensory-perceptions I'd say to someone I met ask me about anyone you know I can tell you all about that person just by you mentioning their name.


People were very intriqued and would even ask me "How did you know that?" Or they'd be deep in thought reflection over the informaiton they received that often was helpful to explain something that had puzzled them that was a complicated system to manage through.


I even warned a lady ahead of time about a predator and later on she confirmed the reports were accurate over harm to a child in reports related to that particular predator. She thanked me for having informed her so her child had been protected. I just knew something serious was wrong and in what way with a particular person. And then when I saw a certain lady I was aware that she'd encounter that predator and 


I forewarned her to protect her and her child. But it was out of my hands about the extensive freedom to prey on others as he went on to do seeking women out that had children to molest. That was just one person knowledge I had spiritually in predictions about the route that predator was traveling and around certain people.


I don't want to stir up trouble. I only like to help and solve problems. It's very rare and very difficult to inform someone about a child rapist ahead of time they will encounter. Or about some other terrible situation that preys on others I can pull through information to help protect people in all sorts of various situations and circumstances and ways just by them asking the questions. That will help them solve present, past, or immediate concerns in their lives on all levels imaginable just by asking questions about self and others directly for the reading.


It might be about a complicated relationship one has to another that they are inquiring about for answers. Someone can ask me for guidance about the future even what is to come about a relationship or if a relationship will work out.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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