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We sure can recognize spiritual rituals from religions easy enough by observation. We see the larger religious groups connected to Abraham Religions carrying their Holy Book(s) and sometimes they have sects that wear costumes for their rituals. And they may light candles and drink wine and eat bread to take in Christ into their body. So we can recognize one domination tactic through rituals streams back to beliefs by weaving together a religion of beliefs and actions in customs related to their rituals.


There's even funeral rituals to take into consideration and wedding rituals. We can look at the religious groups that wear outfits ritually for their spiritual religious roles and what meaning that serves to recognize. Then there's the hats in messages to consider. We recognize rituals in ceremonies and those celebrations.


We can take a peek at witchcraft religion where the true original word resides about who a real defined witch is from their own religion. It's a disservice to make broad references in terms to define someone a witch for viewing them in a negative light. That often takes place. We need to recognize a witch is part of a religion called witchcraft to be a real life witch.


Not everyone is a witch. A witch has their own religion and their own traditional rituals that are similar to other religions that put on a costume and have artifacts, tools to use to bridge to that spiritual calling connection work. Just like with the Catholics witchcraft religion uses costumes, candles, a hat and an alter and whatever else you can attach similarities too for the weaving in of religions similarities in rituals.


Not all religions are the same of course. But if you are talking about Abraham religion there's a tree to view and tons of branches and subbranches that go on and on forever rewording their books on their own upgrade material. Whose in charge of religions? Not I says the pope. Or does the pope think he is in charge of religions? Whose in charge of religions? Well that would be about the country the religion is going on in for how the religion and people in that religion are treated.


Christians use to terrorize the world to make everyone a Christian through the laws that allowed that religion to dominate over countries even to rewrite a system of physical laws to obey them through their religion and that goes back to rituals for how they are operating.


Witchcraft celebrates Halloween and so does Christians. Christians mostly all sects celebrate the Easter Bunny every year and Santa Claus coming to town and also the Leprechaun for Saint Patricks day in a parade even.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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