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Krishna's romance imagery of Him sitting on a swing swinging with his romantic interest partner stuck in my mind and also mostly that sitting bench swing I use to enjoy so much in the evening and night on a large front porch in the Summer warm nights in the country as I swung alone in reflection of spiritual interests.


For a year now I needed my therapy swing to sit on to swing on in enjoyment comfort that I would reflect back on until one day I hiked a good long ways until I came to a lake and right across that lake was the swing I imagined to swing on. It was heaven. And as I walked over there the squirrels came up to my feet for attention while showing off jumping about in happiness. While a few raven and crows flew down to the waters edge.


I sat on that swing swinging away to my delight like a happy child finally getting that ice cream cone to enjoy on a hot sunny day. Romance is something imagined first. An attraction that draws two together to unit happily is the intention of a romantic relationship. How it is kicked off to begin with is another matter entirally.


First you conceive to perceive a lovely way and then you invite in the other through the laws of attraction however that manifests. If objects such as a swing comes first for Krishna's delight than that's about a lovely imagery story of two. Who his girl is would be worth investigating.


It just so happened to be a drawing print I uncovered with Krishna and his girl swinging on that swing happily together reminded me of my times alone in spiritual reflection and also the type of supernatural experiences I also would have was a stepping stone of learning and adjusting in environments.


Romance is about imagery ; a feeling ; attraction ; Pheromone attraction and so forth. It all unrolls through the laws of attraction in environments that relates to a consideration that could be out of time and space. That could mean it hasn't materialized yet. Or if it has it was an offical match and so there I go swinging back on that heavenly romance bench swing in consideration.


A setting is a lovely idea that is romantic to begin with an any environment. We are looking at attraction and romance and thoughts and feelings and we also know that out of time and space all good things happen. That we do not have control over living time or what transpires in that space. If it is romance you want than imagery is foremost to view. If you aren't ready than the objects are just there for viewing. A match made in heaven doesn't come easy.


If you are a present you are an object in a box to pop out to greet another. Love in romance is full of surprises and happinesses. Which should be that way and emotional support in consideration. The right match is a complicated situation between two. So we can go back to considerations of arranged marriages. And marriages or unions outside of that box for consideration.


The passion to love can be limited to cause and effect and also realistic views and even postponements. We don't have control over everything. You may fall out of love even over your laws that control you as two to four for considerations. That's about each person is really of x2 a physical person and a spirit person attached to their own body makes them 2x2 = 4. Two people add up to four from the Heavenly prints over a physical body they are alive in and a spirit body. 


Whatever materializes to manifest from two to be together in the physcial form is a matter we can reflect on for consideration. The heavens prearrange marriages and unions also. What materializes comes from the heavens with that romance is real or artifical for the attractions. How far that romance goes depends on the hearts and minds of the two together and the arrangements they have in physical related.


A pretty view is always a plus. A happy good feeling is always a plus. Fulfillment and content is always a plus to find with another. First find it with self than find it with another, perhaps. Whatever is meant to be will be in its own good time.


Imagery is important to take into consideration for the laws of attraction to work with the use of energies and that's focus. You will gain what you seek in life. Whatever happens whoever you are with was meant to be. We can do x2 positive and negative about Romance and its makings and if it is true by two or not.


View into your world physically what do you see? Are you waiting patiently for the laws of attraction to work at the right time? If you don't visualize with energies attached on the focus than you will be left alone by yourself in reflections about life or what have you.


The science advanced about Romance and the laws of attraction is a very interesting subject matter about opportunities while alive in the physical reality you are living in with your lovely resources you have at your disposal all play a serious disadvantage or advantage to the physical laws you live in.


Patience and postponements may be in effect and that means you aren't ready yet. The Heavenly arrangements however they are to playout positive  or negative in like of each other and what's in-between of that in neutral views is up for consideration. Are you right in the light of the situation? That's like a river running through the psyche on the viewing.


Romance is an interesting subject matter that takes a lot to add in to it for consideration. Advancements may be on another level for viewing. We can crack open Romance like a nut to see what's inside.


Kimberly Bunch, Seer

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