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Rotten Whores


The statement reminds me of words strung together written or spoken that others want to dominate over as a 'Hate Message' before the message is even heard. As though they want to protect something. Hiding the truth while using the term loosely would be why people don't speak publicly much about such matters.


We recognize perceptions and then we want to understand what makes a Rotten Whore a Rotten Whore. Well, I've had to endure quite a lot in my lifetime by forces out of my hands on the direction due to a disability and being harmed down and away to go disappear at best. Due to that I had to explore my routes in life not only logically but rationally, realistically, socially and so forth to seek out a way of life to have and people to be around really opened the door to friendships when I was a young girl enough to recognize throughout my life what type of person would be that Rotten Whore.


It's not an innocently dressing up in hopes to win a competition or in hopes to become famous. It's not someone that is forced into anything about being a whore. It's more about the personality betrayal of one to others that are more impressional that is a concern morally to consider. 


When you deliberately are harming people on purpose such as children and allowing others to harm children and others that are vulnerable and impressionable. And you know what you are doing and you don't care. Like setting up children to be molested or influencing such things. Arranging children to be molested by setting up systems that promote sexual perversion against children is one sick fucken bitch. And that could be about a man or a woman. A male or a female that preys on others to molest them and to corrupt them into emotional tramatic future life roles is something only a rotten whore would do in personality.


A Rotten Whore would be one that could be married and she or he always has affairs and hurts her or his spouse in user attempts to gain more heartlessly. Or the person that marry's for money and abuses their partner until they hop to another marriage or bed to gain that much more. It's about a moral decline that hurts others without care of what they are doing that's wrong. If you are deliberately creating havoc and hurting others to get ahead in life that's a Rotten Whore.


I'm not talking about survival mode whoredom for poverty that doesn't have much choices at times by being forced into bad ways for survival. I'm talking about the deliberate acts and messages from males and females that are Rotten Whores of life forms in secret perversion at a high level ; or that directly harms others sexually in motives to gain more without care about the damage they do.


Females and males having sex deliberately in acts in front of children is nothing but a Rotten Whores type of personality to harm children like that. A man can be a whore too in my book. Preying on children sexually is for the Rotten Whores of a man's world in attitudes to carry out sins against children in persausion of females or other males to go along with it for their Superior Sexual Liberation.


Allowing others to molest children because you don't care is nothing but a Rotten Whores type behavior in actions carried out. A rotten whore is going to not care about anyone else but his or her own gains financially even for the reasons why s/he doesn't care about the harm or poor influence setup.


Dressing children like prostitutes to send them off to school or whever would be another rotten whore of a mind to do such a thing. Sending your little children off to play stripper roles and exotic dancing dressed as adults for it would be a Rotten Whores mind to go all out to accomplish such a moral decline. Setting children up to be molested would be a Rotten no good whores mind to do such a thing.


You'd think the Rotten Whore would be the one sucking the married president's penis off at the white House but no to me the Rotten Whore is the one with the rotten mind that harms innocent impressionable ones on purpose. Or the wealthy Rotten Whore that always causes trouble to gain more while being perverse for large sums of money.


I'm not talking about the fe/male that sends her nude photos to a potential partner and in trickery the world of others gets to be apart of that private affair over some dishonest person. I'm not talking about the female that sends her / his sex videos to a potential parner or boyfriend online that others hack into or some other way get ahold of.


I'm not talking about the people forced into prostitution to survive. I'm talking about people that prey on children and others sexually and aren't any good type of people in their personalities overall. I'm talking about perversion and moral decline that doesn't care about who they are harming or destroying the life of to use and abuse them or to harm them or to ignore them about their emotional hurt. I'm talking about people that allow others to be sexually abused because they don't care, it's not them being harmed so they don't care.


It's the type of personality that stands out whether you are married or not. You could be a male whore that desires to try to influence a female or females to be perverse and to do things they shouldn't do over ethics. A declining morality system whores out children and they sure don't care about it. And that gets out of control. If fe/males don't care about children's rights and life while pushing them to fast to look like sluts as children that's a problem. Deliberately making children look like sexy women is a problem. Only a Rotten Whore would be banking off children that way.



Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022