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Russia's Kardashions


The history of the Kardashion women comes out of Russia for our viewing with Italy connections. The Kardashian's remind me of traveling around the world impoverished begging Gypsies to gain their loot in fortunes. And with that said we see the demise of a country where they are established to overthrow and overrun everyone to ruin their way. That means no good whores get to speak to us from the White House about their demand request from our government officials. You pieces of dogshit to view.


Criminal industries at warfare against our people is what I see right back to the mother of the Kardashian ladies. A no good lousy wrong to harm people down for her own gains is what I see. I see the mother of the Kardashian's having a system setup where she could gain off others substantial income. To even recreate a man into a woman for show for our country. Which was one of her husbands.


Do you like black dick or white dick lady? I guess if you are a dirty rotten whore you don't care. Whatever works for the gains, huh? The interesting thing about the Kardashions is where their roots originated from. Armenia to Russia then to reside in the USA.


Kris Kardashian reminds me of a high rank prostitute ring leader that had a husband named Robert that was a lawyer while she was having a sex affiar with O.J. Simpson. She new his wife and was screwing around to influence him into a homicide situation that she'd see to it her husband won the case for O.J. Simpson killing off his wife and new white man boyfriend she had. It worked. They racistly setup a murder and won the case. Killing off two white people. Kris Kardashian had O.J. Simpson's funds and her husband's to play around with after O.J. Simpson murderered off two white people to Kris Kardashian's glee on gains. With her experience with the law from her husband's advantage point they won. O.J. Simpson got away with murdering off two white people with the help of Kris Kardashian over her jealouy over O.J. Simpson's wife she manipulated and encouraged him to create a demise for his wife wife and her new boyfriend. Kris Jenner was making sure she was going to rise in power financially any which way she could.


She had birthed daughters that men and women sexually desired in the country they reside in as their own birthlands. The Kardashian's remind me of a prostitution ring controlling laws to ruin. They manipulate the system to ruin. They create more disparagement and crimes they get away with.


They think they are smarter and more superior in the country to overthrow the country even through the laws, of course. That they abuse to manipulate with their great sums of money and new popularity fame. All while setting up white people to be brutally murdered off so they can have more gains and feel superior to control the lands. Go figure. They use the laws to destroy our country. They have help from trick Johns that buy up pussy even out of the courts of laws. Donald Trump is a sex predator that wouldn't mind buying up small meat to abuse sexually. They are in cohoots with people like Donald Trump that will buy up cocks, asses, and pussy of any size and age alike.


They teamed up to overthrow the country to ruin by using the laws and media to destroy the country before us all. Sex - Trafficking Murderers pretending to be righteously innocent great role-models.

Every since my childhood days out on the streets by forcing out of my control I learned about an incredible dishonest shadow government operating. To the point where the license department is giving fake license for profit out to invaders to the country to pretend they are legal and also Birth Certificates to gain to pretend you were born in the country.


I was subjected to all their superior crimes in the country for how they were toppling to overthrow the country so easily from all the office buildings back in the 1980s. Left and right they were giving out fake Birth Certificates ;  Social Security Cards, and licenses to those coming into the country to live that were truly really illegals in the country. They'd give out fake documents from office buildings using even dead people's backgrounds and social security cards and all to overthrow the lives of the people even for their sex-trafficking children crimes.


 They were passing off children as adults to easily pass on through adult courts of laws without detection of the sex - traffickers working right out of all the government office buildings for it. All so the predators invading the country and other crime rings to win, win, win.


 They created a system where people like Barach Obama could lie and say yea, I was born in the USA. And here we go with knowledge now how they are overthrowing our country and how.





Kimberly Bunch, Seer

Copyright Reserved, 2022